How to delete all WhatsApp photos and videos in one tap


Do you need space on your phone? Have you noticed that WhatsApp media is taking up too much space? Here I’ll tell you how to delete photos and video from WhatsApp on iPhone and Android in just one tap.

How to delete all WhatsApp photos and videos

If your smartphone doesn’t have many Gigabytes of storage, you’ve probably found yourself with your phone asking you to delete files to continue receiving content on more than one occasion.

Deleting all your images and videos one by one from every conversation is a true pain in the neck. Fortunately, there is an app that, once installed, will let you delete all media from WhatsApp in just one tap.

I’m talking about Magic Cleaner, a great app for iOS and Android that allows you to get rid of any files, photos or videos from WhatsApp easily.

Simply download and install it on your phone and with a couple of taps you will be able to free up space on the device, removing all the content you have received from group or single chats.

The interesting thing about the application is that it analyzes your WhatsApp and shows only images that it considers to be garbage. It shows you all images divided by categories, and you simply select the ones to be deleted.

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