How to delete Facebook Conversations and Individual Messages


By the time that you are done reading this article, you will have a firm grasp on deleting single conversations, entire chat histories, and even single messages from Facebook Messenger. This will work if you use the app or use your computer.

You might find that there are plenty of reasons that you want to delete entire conversations or single messages. With just a few simple steps, you can completely remove any of the unwanted messages you have in a thread from your chat history.

delete facebook messenger conversationsWhile these steps are going to remove these conversations (or portions of them) from your phone forever, this sometimes is not enough. With the introduction of 👉easy to acquire spy apps, there is no avoiding the possibility that someone is creeping on the messages you have written and received. They could still read the deleted messages and conversations, to put it plainly.

But since there are only a handful of people that know someone willing to constantly keep tabs on their chat history, let’s just focus on deleting messages that you want gone.

Deleting Chat On Messenger

You might be surprised to learn this, but there are actually three different ways of doing this. You can delete these conversations from the app itself, from the Facebook website or from the website for Messenger.

Let’s break them down one at a time:

1. Deleting Conversations With Android or iPhone

These steps will delete an entire chat from your list, and in doing so, will eliminate the entire chat history as well.

  • Open The Messenger App
  • Long Press The Conversation You Want To Delete
  • From The Pop Up Menu, Select “Delete Conversation
  • Confirm Your Selection

Deleting Conversations With Android or iPhone

It really is that simple to get rid of conversations from the app, you’re all done!

What’s The Difference Between Archiving and Deleting A Conversation?

In the above listed steps for deleting a conversation, you will see that a pop up menu appears from long pressing a conversation. While you can select to delete the conversation from this menu, you will also have the option to archive a conversation you have selected.

Archiving a conversation means that you are hiding it from the inbox until the next time that conversation is active, while deleting removes messaging history from the inbox completely.

So, to be as plain as can be, to completely delete a conversation and its history, you must select to a delete a conversation and not to archive it.

2. Deleting Conversations With Your Computer

You can delete a chat (and its history) using your computer with these steps:

  • Open Facebook and sign into your account.
  • Click on Messages in the top right of the screen.
  • Open all of the threads by choosing “See All In Messenger” at the bottom of the pop up.
  • Locate the conversation you want to delete from this list.
  • Click the small gear next to the recipient’s name.
  • Click to “Delete
  • Confirm Your Selection.

Deleting Conversations With Your Computer

Once this is done, the conversation should be deleted from the list of conversations permanently.

3. Deleting Conversations on

You might be someone that frequents instead of signing into Facebook on the main site, but with these steps you can delete conversations here as well:

  • Go to
  • Highlight the conversation you want to delete.
  • Click on the small gear beside the recipient’s name.
  • Click on “Delete” from the pop up menu.
  • Confirm this selection.

Deleting Specific Conversations on

That’s all of the steps necessary to delete conversations.

Deleting Specific Messages on Messenger

If you are interested in just removing a specific message from a thread, here are the steps to help you do this (again, broken down by platform):

1. On iPhone or Android

  • Long press the specific message to delete.
  • The bottom of the screen you can see a trash bin, clicking this will delete the selected message.

Deleting Specific Messages on Messenger

This is going to likely vary slightly depending on the device, but it will be very similar.

2. On Facebook and

If you are going to delete a single message from Facebook, follow all of the steps. For those that are just using, start with the 4th step and proceed to the end.

  • Open Facebook and sign into your account.
  • On the top right of the screen, click on messages.
  • Open all of the active threads by clicking “See All In Messenger” link at the bottom of the pop up menu.
  • Find the conversation that you want to delete a message from within this list.
  • Find the message you want to delete.
  • By hovering your mouse over the message, you can see a small menu appear. Look for three small horizontal dots – click on this. If you are deleting a message you sent, the menu will be to the left of the message, if it is someone else’s message, this menu shows up on the right.
  • Click on this icon with the dots and hit “Delete”. Then, confirm your selection.

Deleting Conversations on Messenger

For your informationthe mobile Facebook page will not allow you to delete individual messages, nor are you able to even look at message from the mobile Messenger website. Instead, utilize the mobile Messenger app with the steps above to delete conversations and individual messages.

That’s all you need to do! If you have any trouble with the steps, or find yourself struggling to get it done, leave a comment below so I can get with you and help you through it.

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