How to Change WhatsApp Chat Wallpaper on iPhone and Android


There are times where you just want to mix things up a little and change the wallpaper of the chates you have on WhatsApp. By the end of this article, you will be able to easily do this with any image using your iPhone or Android device.

You can customize a lot of things using WhatsApp. Depending on your mood or whim, you can change the wallpaper in a WhatsApp chat as often as you might like to.

While there are likely thousands of high resolution wallpapers you can choose from on the internet, you can also choose an image or picture that you already have in your phone storage as well.

Here is a step by step look at changing the background of a chat screen for all of your contacts.

Setting A New Universal Wallpaper

iOS iconSteps For Changing Wallpaper On An iPhone

  1. Start by opening the WhatsApp Messenger
  2. Go Into “Settings”. Tap “Chats”. Then tap “Chat Wallpaper
  3. You now have 3 options: you can choose from default WhatsApp wallpapers via “Wallpaper Library” you can pick a solid color background with “Solid Color” or you can choose “Photos” to use your camera roll to choose an image

You can also restore the default background by choosing “Reset Wallpaper”.

android iconSteps For Changing Wallpaper On An Android

  1. Open the application.
  2. Choose the three dots at the bottom of the screen
  3. Tap on “Settings”, then “Chats” and finally “Wallpaper
  4. You have the same three choices: Wallpaper Library, Solid Color and Gallery

To restore the default background, just click on “Default” in step 4.

Can You Change Backgrounds For Each Thread?

While this might be an option that exists in the future, currently it is not possible.

Can Anyone Else See My Wallpaper?

No one online can see the custom background but you, unless you show them on your literal device.

Hopefully this was able to shed some light on how to change a WhatsApp chat background. If you have any questions or concerns, we can be reached through the comment box below.

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