4 Apps to Help You Spy on WhatsApp Chats for iOS, Android, and Windows Devices


By reading this article, you can learn about four of the best apps for your iOS, Android, or Windows phones for spying on WhatsApp.

Best Applications for Spying on WhatsApp

By now you are aware that there are several ways to spy on WhatsApp messages. In the last post we discussed some popular techniques to do this such as Mac Spoofing.

Some of these 007 techniques might work very well, but might not be the easiest to accomplish.

Fortunately, there are much simpler routes to take when spying on someone’s phone in order to monitor their WhatsApp account in real-time. All you have to do is get one of the WhatsApp tracking apps, and you are ready to go.

It really is that simple.

With these applications, you can read messages, see videos and pictures, know when they connect, and have access to other secrets of their digital life.

So, let’s not waste any more time and see what these great spy apps are so you can get right to spying on WhatsApp.

The 4 Best Applications for Spying on WhatsApp Conversations Right Now

I won’t keep you on your toes for the entire article and instead tell you quickly the apps that are the best for spying on individual users on WhatsApp. Right after this, however, we need to have a quick word.

1. Mspy

mSpy for Whatsapp

Currently there is nothing better in tracking apps than Mspy. It is the most popular and powerful for a reason.

It does much more than just reading WhatsApp messages.

It is a professional piece of software designed for a person to constantly monitor all phone activities of their children, employees, or loved ones. This makes all types of chats able to get spied on as well like Facebook Messenger and iMessage, but can also provide vital information like GPS locations.

Pros: Very easy to install, more than 25 helpful features, 24/7 support.

Cons: Basic version cannot monitor WhatsApp

2. Flexispy

This is an intelligent program that can track whatever happens on a device once you install the software on it.

It is a worthy opponent to the largely popular mSpy.

This application can record all of the actions, including calls, texts, locations, emails, messages, chats, Skype, Facebook, and of course, the activities of WhatsApp.

Pros: Has nice features such as ambient recording.

Cons: Difficult to use and pricier.

3. Spyrix

Spyrix Monitor is a multifunctional app that has a lot of power for remotely monitoring the actions of a user.

This is ideal for advanced users.

You can monitor down to the keystroke (keyloggers), you can monitor actions on social networks, see web-surfing behavior, Skype, IM messengers, and of course, monitor WhatsApp as well.

Pros: You can also obtain social network passwords with this software.

Cons: It is pricier and requires the user to be familiar with tech.

4. Spymaster

This is an economical yet equally functional option that has become increasingly popular throughout Europe over the last few years. Among the various functions you can opt to spy on WhatsApp activities.

The program is very easy to use.

This is less of a professional spy tool that’s as easy to install as mSpy, but for the lower costs, the flaws balance out.

Pros: 10+ interesting features and is very inexpensive.

Cons: Not as easy to install on platforms like Android.

So, who is the winner?

It depends on the needs that you have and the resources you are willing to spend to satisfy those needs. MSpy is the best solution, in my opinion, for both price and performance.

Are There Any Free Apps to Spy on WhatsApp?

Unfortunately, there are none. While you can find an occasional “free trial” for a limited time, it also limits the features throughout this sampling period.

There is a lot of work that goes into the creation of a functional spy app, so who is going to do that work without making some money from it?

The answer is no one.

Even if you root your Android smartphone or jailbreak your iPhone, you cannot find a reliable tracker for WhatsApp beyond the options that I’m telling you.

The only other options you have available to you are choices like Mac Spoofing with WhatsApp Web as was explained in the other article.

Why People Use Spying Apps

There are many reasons that apps like these might get used for WhatsApp and other applications.

Many reasons are acceptable, if you look at motivations.

Managers, for example, want to know who their employees behave in their company or parents want to keep an eye on their children to keep them protected from the dangers that lurk on the internet.

protected children from the dangers of internet

Some reasons are a little less justifiable.

Namely, when wives or husbands want to find out if their partners are being unfaithful.

But as they say, all is fair in love and war.

Whatever your reason, before you ever decide to start using a spy all, it is good to read up on how they work and what happens to the phone that gets targeted.

You can carefully study the instructions of any spy application software you might use and read the reviews from those that have already used it before you.

Be Advised: Spying is illegal in most countries across the globe. Ensure that you are not violating the laws of the country you live in.

Using the App to Spy on WhatsApp Conversations

Using the App to Spy on WhatsApp Conversations

Mobile spying apps work on nearly all types of platforms and devices.

It is not a spy movie though, so remember that whatever you do, you are going to have to install this software directly to the phone in question.

You are going to need physical access to the target’s phone (unless you have an iCloud or Play Store credentials) to install the monitoring software (stealing, as you well know, is also not legal).

Once you have installed the software with the instructions you read, it can begin to capture data immediately and send it to a secure web portal for viewing.

You only need to check you account from any internet-enabled device or computer.

The person being monitored will remain unaware, as these apps operate stealthily to avoid detection.

Preventing Someone from Hacking Your WhatsApp Account

There are many things that you can do to avoid allowing someone to spy on the device you use to access WhatsApp.

In particular, you can use three things to help avoid someone installing malicious tracking app software on your phone.

Just take a quick look at this short video for those precautions:

And that is all you need to know! If you have any questions or concerns, fell free to reach out to me and I can get back to you quickly.

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