4 apps to spy on WhatsApp chats for iOS, Android and Windows phones


There are several ways to spy on the WhatsApp messages. In a recent post, we analyzed the technique of Mac Spoofing, which is useful for operating directly on the phone. Now let’s see what the best spy apps are that allow you to monitor what other people do on WhatsApp. These are applications that enable you to read WhatsApp messages, videos, and pictures of another user, as well as when they connect and many other secrets of their digital activities.

app to spy on WhatsApp chats

These apps used to spy on the messages of other WhatsApp users are often used in several situations. Some managers want to check how their employees behave in their company, while some mothers want to keep an eye on their children to protect them and make sure they are safe. And some wives and husbands need to discover if their partners have been unfaithful.

Before using this application, it is good to read up on how they work and what happens on the targeted phone. Therefore, be sure to carefully study the instructions of any spy software you use and read the reviews from users that you can find on the net. Don’t forget that there are companies online that misinform customers to earn more profit. Unlike them, on this page, you will find only reliable information.

WhatsApp: 4 applications to spy on conversations

Let’s see in detail the four best app to spy on WhatsApp conversations of another user.

1. Mspy

Mspy is the most powerful phone tracking apps. Designed for monitoring children, employees or loved ones, Mspy is one of the most advanced software used to read WhatsApp messages as well as tracking phone calls.

2. Flexyspy

Flexyspy is an intelligent program that, once installed on a mobile phone, tracks whatever you are doing on that device. The spy app secretly records any actions, including text messages, calls, locations, emails, messages, chats, Skype, Facebook, and of course, WhatsApp.

Unfortunately is not as easy as Mspy to use.

3. Spyrix

Spyrix Monitor is a powerful multifunctional app for remote monitoring of user activities. You can also monitor keystrokes (keyloggers), activity on social networks (Facebook, Myspace, etc.), web-surfing, Skype, IM messengers (ICQ, MSN, etc.) and WhatsApp.

4. Spymaster

Spymaster is an economical but equally functional and has become popular in Italy in the last year. Among the various functions there is the one to spy to spy on WhatsApp. The program is simple to use and intuitive.

Some detail on WhatsApp espionage

Phone-tracking activities is a new technology. It was invented two decades ago, and since then its popularity has quickly grown. However, one question seems to not have a definitive answer: Do we need spying applications?

Many managers use phone-monitoring software in all company’s smartphones to spy on employees, including WhatsApp messages. As you can imagine, people love to use their mobile devices to play games, send e-mails to friends, surf the Internet and, therefore, get distracted during working hours, or worse yet, spread secret business information to competitors. Ultimately, it may be useful from a business perspective provided that employees are aware of the tracking app installed in their company phone, otherwise their privacy may be violated.

How to use the app to spy on WhatsApp conversations

Mobile spying apps work on almost all the main mobile platforms (iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile). But don’t forget, we are not in a spy movie! All applications must be installed directly onto a smartphone. In other words, you need physical access to the targeted device to install the monitoring software (and stealing, as you know, is a crime!).

When properly installed, the espionage application captures the data on the phone (or tablet) and sends it to a secure web portal. You can check your account at any time from any Internet-enabled device. The monitored person won’t know anything about what is happening as these apps work in stealth mode and people aren’t able to detect them.

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