Muting a WhatsApp Chat in a Few Quick Taps

For this guide, I wanted to show everyone how to mute WhatsApp chats on both their iPhone and Android devices with a few simple steps.

Mute WhatsApp Chat

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. I’m Frankie Caruso, and I am an instant messaging app expert and an enthusiast of hacking techniques.

Today’s guide is all about teaching you how to manage notifications on WhatsApp. Specifically, I want to talk about how you mute and unmute individual and group chats through the service. After this, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions on the topic including what happens when you mute someone on WhatsApp? Or how do I know if I’ve been muted?

I would like to be completely honest with you. Muting conversations in WhatsApp is very simple and does not require any skills. It can happen in a matter of seconds regardless of the device that you use.

Let’s figure this out.

There are many reasons why you might want to mute a conversation or group chat through WhatsApp. Most of the time it is just one annoying friend who has nothing to do but blow up your phone all day sending messages. Or group where you cannot engage in the current conversation and they keep sending pictures, memes, invitations, another messages Ledger draining your battery with all the notifications.

If any of these are your reasons, you have my complete sympathies. I hate receiving messages all the time, especially nonsense.

In other cases, muting chats on WhatsApp can be a great move to hide something from someone else.

Allow me to explain. Perhaps one of your contacts is a “special friend“and you don’t want this flings messages to get broadcast on your phone when you are with your partner.

In this case, you might want to take a look at the guide that I created about preventing being caught cheating with WhatsApp.

Without any more explanation, let’s get your phone out and teach you how to mute your conversations in WhatsApp.

Mute and Unmute WhatsApp Chats on iPhone

Let’s begin with the explanation of the iPhone.

I want to show you how to mute a single chat, a group, and finally how to unmute both of these should you change your mind.

Let’s get started.

Muting WhatsApp Chats on iPhone

If you’re using an iPhone and wish to mute just a specific contact, here’s what you’re going to do.

  1. Open WhatsApp and the specific chat you want to mute.
  2. Tap on the name of the contact underneath their profile picture.
  3. Once you have done this, you are at the contact info page, and you can choose there to Mute them.
  4. There are lengths of time that you can choose to silence their notifications, beginning with 8 hours, 1 week, or Always.

How to mute whatsapp chat on iPhone

Now, isn’t it extremely easy as I said?

A few things that you might want to know: I should remind you that muting a chat only stops notifications about the conversation. You are still very much able to view the entire conversation by opening up the application fully.


Frankie’s Take:

If you really can’t stand this contact anymore and don’t want them appearing on your active chat list on WhatsApp, you can always archive the conversation after you silence it. If you are not familiar with this process, I’ve put together a guide on archiving chats on WhatsApp.

Muting a Group Conversation in WhatsApp on an iPhone

As I mentioned before, you can also mute an entire group. Often, groups get very annoying when it comes to notifications on your phone.

Here is an easy way to solve this problem.

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Open the group conversation you wish to mute and then click on the name of the group.
  3. Tap on Mute.
  4. Choose a length of time that you wish to mute the group, including 8 hours, 1 week, or Always

Muting whatsapp group chat on iPhone

Congratulations, from now on you will receive much fewer than 1000 notifications per hour.

Just like single chats, silencing the group does not delete it. You only deactivate notifications with this process. If you open WhatsApp, you will find this group in your active chat list.

Unmuting Chats on WhatsApp with an iPhone

Once you mute a WhatsApp chat, this is not irreversible. It is always possible to go back and change your mind and reactivate notifications as you please.

I will show you the three simple steps involved in doing this, and it works the same for both single and group chats.

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Open the chat or group you want to unmute and click on the name.
  3. Tap Muted and then Unmute in the popup window that appears.

Unmuting whatsapp chat on iPhone

From this point, the chat will resume sending text notifications every time a new message comes in.


Frankie’s Take:

There’s no limit to the time that you can mute or unmute conversations. I would suggest but if contact is sending you a lot of messages, you can block them if you no longer wish to receive them. If you don’t know how to do this, or if you just want to learn more about it, you could take a look at the guide that I made about how to block a WhatsApp contact.

Mute and Unmute WhatsApp Chats on Android

So, let’s move on to Androids!

As before, I want to show you how to mute notifications of a single WhatsApp chat, a group, and finally how to unmute them if you change your mind.

Muting WhatsApp Chats on Android

Meeting a conversation on WhatsApp with an Android device is just as simple as using your iPhone that I just explained.

Now that your smartphone is out and ready to use, follow these steps.

  1. Open WhatsApp and click on the chat that you wish to mute.
  2. Choose the three vertical dots in the right top corner of the screen and tap on them.
  3. Choose Mute.
  4. Make your selection of how long you would like to mute this contact and this conversation. Your choices are 8 hours, one week, or always. You will be asked to confirm the selection.

Muting WhatsApp Chat on Android

Depending on the Android phone that you are using and its particular brand, the information regarding the tabs and available options might change slightly. For instance, “Mute” might be listed as “Turn off notifications.” Completing this tutorial, I was using an updated Samsung Galaxy S20 with an Android 10 operating system.


Frankie’s Take:

Remember that muting a chat is not deleting and blocking it. He will only stop receiving notifications. Accessing the chat list on WhatsApp, you will find it easily among your active conversations.

Muting a Group Chat in WhatsApp on Android

Much like silencing a single chat, silencing a group with your Android phone on WhatsApp it’s just a simple. The steps are in fact very similar to one another; however, it is worth mentioning for the slight differences.

Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Open the group that you want to mute and click on the name that shows up.
  3. Tap on mute or similarly labeled options.
  4. Choose the length of time that you wish to mute these notifications (8 hours, one week, or Always) and then confirm by tapping OK.

Now that you have done this, I am pleased to inform you that you no longer have to endure millions of notifications from the WhatsApp groups that you are connected to. Your phone battery will also thank you!

Unmuting WhatsApp Chats on Android

The same is for iPhone, Android also allows you to unmute chats on WhatsApp as you please. You can always go back and unmute a conversation after temporarily disabling notifications.

Let me show you how to do this.

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Open the thread or group that you have muted.
  3. Click the contact’s name or the name of the group – or if you prefer the three vertical dots in the upper right hand corner.
  4. Tap on Muted and then Unmute.

That’s it.


Frankie’s Take:

If you want to mute a chat or WhatsApp group again, it is always available for you to do. There is no maximum number of times that you can mute or unmute a particular conversation.

What Happens When You Mute a WhatsApp Contact?

It is important to know what happens when you mute someone on WhatsApp, so that’s what I will show you.

If you choose to disable chat (or group) notifications from a thread on WhatsApp:

  • the contact will still be able to send you messages as normal
  • they will still see your status and last access information
  • they can still see your profile picture as well

What does happen, is that you no longer receive alerts like sound and vibrations from the person sending you a message.

It will also see that this person’s messages only become visible to you when you open the app. This silenced contact or group will have a crossed out the speaker icon to indicate that they are muted.

It really is not a decision that you have to spend a lot of time fretting over. You are the only person who will ever know that you muted the conversation. If you can manage to not spill the beans about it, and let everyone know that they’ve been muted, you will be fine. Otherwise, you will have some explaining to do. Of course, I will know, but I’m really good at keeping secrets.


Frankie’s Take:

By meeting a contact, you increase the privacy level experienced on your phone through applications like WhatsApp. In certain situations, this feature might not be enough for what you need. Most take additional precautions to better secure their device and private information with messaging applications.


How do I know that I’ve been muted on WhatsApp?

I’m sorry to say but there’s no real way to know that you’ve been muted by someone without them telling you directly.

What’s the difference between blocking and muting someone on WhatsApp?

Ultimately, the objective might be the same and avoiding someone who is getting annoying. There are some differences between blocking or muting a contact on WhatsApp. Muting only disables notifications while blocking cuts off all forms of communicating between the two parties. The block contact will not be able to send you messages, see your status or profile picture. If you wish to block a contact, but you’re not comfortable doing so, you might want to take a moment to check out the guide on how to block (and unblock) WhatsApp contacts.


It did not take long for us to reach the end of this guide, and hopefully the information that you have provided you with the help you needed. I’m sure you now fully know how to mute a chat on WhatsApp with just a few simple clicks.

Before we say goodbye, let me give you a short recap on what I’ve said in the guide to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

In the first part, I explained in detail on how to mute single chats and group chats with your iPhone and Android. I also took some time to explain on how to reverse this process should you want to change your mind.

And the second part I’ll let you know what happens when somebody is muted on WhatsApp.

I took a moment then to answer some of the most asked questions about this topic to ease your mind.

Now, we really are done. If you have any doubts, questions, or concerns, feel free to use the comment box beneath this post to reach out to me. I will be happy to get back with you as soon as possible.

A hug,

PS – As I mentioned before, muting somebody on WhatsApp is often not enough. If you need more drastic measures, I suggest you take a look at how to block someone on WhatsApp instead.

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