How to Know when Certain Contacts Come Online in WhatsApp

This article is meant to show you the best methods to learn when someone signs in on their profile for WhatsApp. There are three main methods for this, one that is just for Androids, one that is just for iPhone, and one option that works on any platform.

how to know who is online on WhatsApp

Hello everyone! It is your dear friend Frankie here, “the Boss of WhatsApp” (I kid). If you want to overcome end-to-end encryptions and encrypted call connections and learn when certain contacts connect to WhatsApp, you can find it here – even if they are trying to keep this information a secret.

There is little that users can do to hide their presence completely on WhatsApp. Even with specific tricks people use to become invisible on the service, apps I am introducing you to can bypass these tricks and give you the information you want.

So, let’s not waste any more time.

Let’s begin with viewing someone’s last seen information – even if they have taken measures to hide it.

3 Working Methods to Monitor Contacts on WhatsApp on iPhone or Android

What I have listed below is what I believe to be the best options for monitoring activity on WhatsApp. You can even get a daily report of their activity for some of these options. For your information, none of them are entirely effective, except for the final app listed at the end.


Frankie’s Take:

I have personally tested these options. I’m always looking for alternative techniques, so if you have found any on your own that you are sure that work, you can share it with all of us and it will be greatly appreciated.

Method #1 – OnlineNotify (Jailbroken iPhone) [80% Reliable]

I should start this section by saying that there is no way to get alerts and notifications about your WhatsApp contacts activities without jailbreaking your iPhone.

Apple does not permit apps into their devices that allow this kind of clandestine action, so instead of scouring the internet and wasting your time, believe me when I say there is no option that comes without jailbreaking.

If this ever changes, I will be sure to let you all know immediately as I discover it.

Note: If you don’t know what jailbreaking your phone means, allow me to put it very simply. This takes away limitations on your iPhone set in place by Apple. You are essentially cracking the operating system (iOS) and allowing your iPhone to install third party apps from locations other than the one App Store. Jailbreaking does not damage the device, but that does not mean that the process is easy to do, either. I have included a link to a detailed guide to help.

There are certain steps to follow using OnlineNotify. On your now jailbroken device, open Cydia and search OnlineNotify. The app costs $1.99, but this is a small price for the sensitive information it can provide.

This program was created by BigBoss and allows the user to track information about specific WhatsApp contacts. Some of the possible notifications might include when the contact signs in or exits, or when they are typing out a new message.

This program works fairly well for the most part, although those using the latest version of iOS might notice some possible glitches or issues. Should any problems arise, you typically just need to wait a couple weeks to allow the team to correct the bugs.


✅ Effective solution

✅ Continuously updated as WhatsApp versions change

❌ Requires jailbreaking your iPhone

❌ It is not free ($1.99)


Frankie’s Take:

There are many applications allowing you to see when nsomeone iis online (or the last time they opened WhatsApp) Some of the other popular options include: WhatzTrack, Watusi, and others. These can all be found through Cydia on your device.

Method #2 – WhatsApp Trackers (Android) [30% Reliable]

The next method is only for those using Android phones.

Yes, you can root this device similar to jailbreaking an iPhone. However, there are options that can be tried before this more intricate and complicated process occurs. There are apps available without rooting, but there are undoubtedly drawbacks.

Among the biggest issues is how readily they show up and leave the Google Play Store. One day you have an option, and then suddenly the app is non-existent.

It is also possible because they cannot rack activity that notifications do not occur for every instance where they occur.

There are a few names that work for right now, and they are able to be installed (at this time). WhatsDog (not available all over the world), WhatsAgent and Family Track – Online Status.

Note: in most of cases you will not find them on Google Play but through alternative app locations. Sadly, apps like these do not get updated frequently, meaning that they might not always work on all Androids (especially new and updated Samsung devices). Still, it might be worth giving it a try.

Many of these apps are similar in look and function. Attach a phone number and you can get most updates about the activity of them coming and going from WhatsApp. If you are choosing free options, prepare to face some ads.


✅ Most of the time these apps are free

❌ They are not always effective

Method #3 – mSpy WhatsApp Monitoring (Both Platforms) [100% Reliable]

This is unlike the previously discussed methods in that this is 100% safe, working, and reliable.

This is one of the most popular spying apps ever created. It is simple to install and operate, and features a user-friendly interface for collecting information as it arrives.

Even better, the software works with a continuous available customer service team accessible through email and chat 24/7.

mSpy works on iPhone and Android platforms, and does not require secondary actions like rooting or jailbreaking to accomplish.

You can have the software installed in a matter of minutes, even without technical skills. Here is what you have to do:

  1. Purchase the license from the mSpy official site (and by clicking HERE you can get an additional 15% off – it’s the best I could do)
  2. Access the target device (both platforms) and install the app. It is possible to install remotely on iPhone if you know iCloud login credentials.
  3. Settle in for a lot of information to know what your target is doing and when – no matter where you might be in the world.

Hack WhatsApp with mSpy

Learn more about the installation through a step-by-step guide I wrote about mSpy – the Best Cell Phone Tracker App. Inside you can find a discount voucher for the software exclusive for readers of my blog.

Note: mSpy is completely invisible, so your target will know nothing about your spying.

Once the software gets installed, you can have access to a substantial amount of information. You can learn about their WhatsApp activity, track SMS, see internet browsing history, emails, saved media, instant messaging information, and much more.

If there was a drawback to mention, is that it might work TOO well. Many of relationships and marriages have been ruined by discovered information.

If you want to learn a bit about this software, you can see a free trial to learn the dashboard and get introduced to the features.

This has to be what you are looking for, right?

25% OFF

mSpy – The Best Cell Phone Tracker App

mSpy is a leading parental control app for smartphones that allows parents to monitor text messages, calls, current GPS location, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and much more.

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✅ 100% effective

✅ User-friendly interface

✅ 24/7 Support – (you can also choose mAssistance for them to install the program for you for a fee)

❌ Fee-based

❌ Only tracks the one target phone and not multiple contacts

The Take Away

You now have a much better idea how to get the information about your friends and family getting online with WhatsApp.

But, let’s do a short recap just to be safe.

There are essentially three main ways to know when a contact is getting online using WhatsApp.

The first of these is with a program called OnlineNotify, an iPhone app accessible through Cydia once you have jailbroken your iPhone.

The next method that was discussed was using programs like WhatsAgent, WhatsDog, or Family Track – Online Status on your Android device to track activity. You cannot typically find these in the Google Play Store, but rather alternative download sites. WhatsApp does not like these programs and works to block them when they are discovered.

Last but not least is mSpy. This is tracking software that lets you know when contacts are online, but also read their conversations and a host of other features.

That is pretty much it.

If you are struggling getting these options to work or want more information, you can always reach out to me for some help.

A hug,

PS – Take a minute to read the complete guide I wrote on spying on WhatsApp Messages.

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