How to Know when Certain Contacts Come Online in WhatsApp

This article is intended to explain the best methods to be notified when someone comes online through the WhatsApp Messenger. In total there are 3 methods, one exclusively for Android, one exclusively for iPhone and finally, one method that will work for either platform.

How to Know when Certain Contacts Come Online in WhatsApp

Hello to everyone, I’m your friend Frankie – The Boss of WhatsApp (I’m joking eheh). Through end-to-end encryption for secret messages or encrypted call connections you can see when someone connects to the service (even if they are trying to hide this information).

There really isn’t much that anyone can do to hide their presence on the service. Even with the tricks to be “invisible” on WhatsApp, the apps that I will introduce you to should bypass these measures to provide the information you want.

So, without further ado, let’s look at how you can see someone’s “last seen” information, even if it has been hidden.

3 Methods for Monitoring Contacts using WhatsApp through Android and iPhone

The below listed options are the best possible methods to monitor someone else’s activity on WhatsApp, even getting a daily report of their activities. None of these are 100% effective, with the exception of the premium app listed last.

Method #1. OnlineNotify (Jailbroken iPhone) [70% Reliability]

To start, there is no way of getting notifications about WhatsApp contacts on an iPhone unless you jailbreak it.

Cydia Apple will not allow apps into the store that does this kind of job, and so instead of beating your head on something tirelessly searching the internet, trust that there is no solution that comes with a standard iPhone.

If and when a solution exists that does not require a jailbroken iPhone, I will (of course) let you know immediately.

On your jailbroken iPhone, open Cydia and look for a tweak called OnlineNotify. While this costs 1.99$, it is a small price to pay for the information the tweak provides.

The tweak was developed by BigBoss and allows a user to see information about a specific WhatsApp contact that they choose. They can be notified of logins and exits, as well as when that contact is typing messages.

While it has worked fairly well for most users, those with the most recent version of iOS have noticed some glitches and bugs.

Method #2. WhatsApp Trackers (Android) [30% Reliability]

While you can root a device, similar to jailbreaking an iPhone, there are apps available for standard Android devices that do not require this. Of course, there are some drawbacks to choosing these options however.

One of the big problems is how easily they come and go from the Google Play store. One day they are there, and suddenly **poof** the app is dead.

Secondly, they cannot rack the activity of your contact exactly so it’s possible some connections do not get notified.

All that being said, I am going to give you a couple of app names that work (for now). They are WhatsDog (not available in all country) and WhatsAgent.

Basically, many of these apps are very similar. You can tack a phone number and keep track of when that contact comes online or leaves. Prepare for some ad dodging in the process for free choices.

Method #3. mSpy WhatsApp Monitoring (iPhone & Android) [100% Reliability]

Spy whatsapp with mspy

best choice whatsapp monitoring It is easy to see that this one of the most popular spy apps that have ever been created. It is very simple to install the app and to interact with its user-friendly interface.

Not only this, but there is constant customer service available via email or chat anytime of the day.

This solution is available across all platforms Android and iPhone (does not even require jailbreaking your iPhone to use).

Installation only takes a few minutes, and you do not need any technical skills to do it. You can learn more about installation in this guide I have written: Step-by-Step Guide to mSpy – the Best Cell Phone Tracker App. Inside you will also find a discount voucher (it’s a gift reserved for readers of my blog).

Once mSpy gets installed you can see everything you might want to know about a contact. You can find out when they are on WhatsApp, call logs, SMS messages, internet browsing history, emails, media, instant messages (on all major services) and many other avenues of information.

If you want to know about the main drawback, its that the app is too good for its own good. Many relationships and marriages are ruined because of the information provided by this app.


Now you know how to get the information you seek about knowing when certain friends or family members are getting online with WhatsApp.

Just a quick recap.

There are three ways to know when a contact is online on WhatsApp.

The first way is OnlineNotify, an iPhone app that you can download from Cydia (the alternative store to Apple’s App Store). To use this app you need to Jailbreak your iPhone.

The second method requires the use of WhatsAgent or WhatsDog. They are two exclusive apps for Android phones – you can find them on Google Store. I have discovered that these apps often don’t work. WhatsApp doesn’t like them and occasionally blocks them.

The third method is called mSpy. A WhatsApp Tracker software that not only tells you when a contact is online, but also allows you to read conversations.

Now it’s pretty much everything.

If you are struggling with any of these options, feel free to drop a line below so I can help you through it.

A hug,

PS – You should take a minute and read the complete guide to spying on WhatsApp Messages.

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