Keyloggers and How They Can Spy on Your Messages

In this article, I can explain how some bad apples can spy on a smartphone and read all of the messages you write on Messenger, iMessage, and other applications with a keylogger technique.

Keylogging Spy method

Hello, Frankie Caruso here again talking about more information that you need to keep yourself safe. Today it is all about how people can spy on smartphones and read all of your messages with keyloggers.

By reading through this thoroughly, you can:

  • Figure out what a keylogger is and how it works
  • Determine the pros and cons of using one
  • Learn the best keyloggers apps on Android and iPhone

You might have different reasons to rationalize spying on someone’s cellphone:

Whatever your reason for doing this, I am not going to judge you for it. I want to give you the clearest picture of the possible situation.

But that’s enough chatter – let’s get to the meat and potatoes of this post.

What is Keylogging?

Keyloggers are effective tools (either software or hardware) that can intercept and record keystrokes from a keyboard of a device.

They can log all of this data, including passwords to access social media networks, internet searches, mail, and chats (i.e. Facebook Messenger).

There are two types of keyloggers: hardware (literal device) and software (program).

Let’s look at each of them in detail

Hardware Keylogger


  • The target must have a desktop PC (Mac or Windows) which has a USB port. This device is one that must get used to access social media, surf the internet, and send any emails.
  • You must have access to this device.
  • PC must be connected to the keyboard (Wi-Fi or cables are fine)

Now that you’ve been informed.

This is a small electronic device connected to the cable that inputs the keyboard to the computer. In many instances, it looks like a USB adapter.

Spy on Facebook with kaylogger hardaware

How Does It Work?

It is actually surprisingly simple:
  1. Connect the device to a USB port between the keyboard and the PC (if the keyboard is wired, connect its cable to the device – if you have a Bluetooth keyboard, connect the reciever to the device instead.
  2. The device automatically collects words and characters types to the keyboard. These are saved to the internal memory on the device in a digital document (often a .txt file).
  3. Read the data collected using the data reading software (supplied with the device).

I have tested this on my Window’s PC and I must say it has worked as advertised.

Now, it is not the only one available. If you have time to spare, you can really search around for the top of the line. If you trust me, though, I can assure you that this one worked.

I know you are excited to use it, but let’s set aside the eager enthusiasm that you have to spy on someone else and realize that this device is not without some limitations.

Limit 1: It is only going to work on desktop PCs and laptops, not smartphones.

Limit 2: Being a physical device, it can be noticed (and therefore disconnected). This is especially true on PCs with visible ports.

Limit 3: Data that gets collected is not easy to read – it is usually one single file that can be challenging to decipher

To give an idea, I’ll share a screen with a portion of the file I extracted:

Keylogger hardware file log example extracted

If, for example, you want to get the login credentials for someone’s Facebook, it might take some time before you find it.

Limit 4: Let’s say you find the information you are looking for (Facebook login), you might not be able to use it. Many social media networks now rely on two-factor authentication to protect its users. If you try to enter these credentials on a device Facebook doesn’t recognize, it will email the target to warn them of suspicious activity.


  • Ease of Use – 6/10 – You need no special computer skills or talents. You only need to plug in a device to a keyboard.
  • Risks of Getting Caught – 8/10 – With this being a literal device attached to a computer, it can and often will get discovered.
  • Speed of Information – 2/10 – Not immediate. You might find that the victim takes several days to login and provide the information you seek.
  • Remote Control – 1/10 – most devices have no remote control features, leaving you doing all the legwork on your own.

Frankie’s Take:

This is a technique that only works if you can access a victim’s computer and ensure that it gets used often. If you only have limited time to gather the information that you need, this is not the ideal choice for you. Also, it is important to note that the use of keyloggers is a crime in many states.

Software Keylogger


  • Access to the victim’s desktop/laptop/smartphone
  • Must install software to this device

Keylogger software

Software for keylogging, gets installed to the hard drive of a computer and works similarly in capture features to what you expect from physical devices.

At one point they could only get used on PCs and laptops like the physical units, but these days, there are options for smartphones as well.

On the internet, you can find dozens of options and price them all out. Be careful, many will get caught by the antivirus. If you follow my advice, though, you can stay on the safe side.

In this post, I wanted to only include the best options that I have personally tested and approve of – what works 100%.

One of these is mSpy.

Keylogger software

It is compatible with Android and iOS, Windows, and Mac computers.

It is not picked up by the antivirus protection and it is considered to be among the best keyloggers on the planet.

mSpy is an app that allows you to spy on anyone’s smartphone. The app is designed to help you monitor the activity of children, your employees, or find out what loved ones are up to.

It has advanced software that can intercept WhatsApp messages, monitor Facebook Messenger, and even track phone calls.

Among its primary functions, you have:

  • Spying on SMS
  • Social Network access (Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, etc.)
  • View WhatsApp conversations
  • GPS locations
  • Calls
  • Media on Phone
  • Email
  • Learn even more features and how it works by clicking here.

Its real strength? You have assistance available 24/7 and guides that can help you through the installation process. I happened to need to ask assistance and customer service a question, and they always gave me fast and reliable information.

It costs around 12 dollars/month (with annual subscription) and according to customer reviews, it boasts a 98% satisfaction rating. I personally would say I’m 100% satisfied.

Imagine being able to discreetly monitor anyone’s smartphone remotely. You can read conversations he is having on WhatsApp and Messenger, and you can know who he is in contact with, check for new photos, and monitor what calls are coming into the device.

No one has secrets to keep from you then.

That being said, even mSpy (and its competition) have limitations. You need to have physical access to the device initially. With security updates, it is no longer possible to install mSpy (or ANY espionage app) from a different device.

I’m here to help you. After all, I didn’t write this guide to cause more problems. 😉

If you do not know how to get their cellphone, I have provided a link here to take you to a video I made with three infallible reasons you can get their smartphone without raising suspicion.

Obviously, if the person you want to spy on does not live anywhere near you – there is no way that you can spy on this device unless you visit them directly or hire a private investigator to follow them around. 😔

How Does Mobile Phone Monitoring Work?

Once it is installed correctly, mSpy stores data on your smartphone (also PCs and tablets) and sends it to a secure server. You can check your account at any time from an internet-enabled device to access this data.

The person getting monitored knows nothing about what is happening. This app works in stealth mode, meaning it stays hidden on your phone and they are unable to detect them.


✅ Free 24-hour assistance

✅ 100% Safe and Reliable

✅ Complete (More options than other spyware)

✅ Cheap (€12 per month if you pay the annual subscription)

❌ You must have physical access to the victim’s mobile or PC

👉 You can try the demo and get a discount clicking here

Keyloggers FAQs

Now, I imagine you have a million questions racing through your mind.

I will try and read your mind and see if I can eliminate some of the doubts that you might have.

If I install mSpy on a smartphone or PC, does the victim notice?

Never. Both the smartphone app and the PC software are completely invisible. They leave no trace and are almost impossible for a victim to notice.

Are there free keyloggers?

Yes, there are. But the question is – would you trust your own phone or relationship to software that gives you no guarantee? I wouldn’t.

How much is this going to cost?

Really, you are looking at a range of 12-70 dollars depending on the package that you decide on.

Is it easy to use?

Very much so once you have the program installed. You will have access to a dashboard where you can remotely monitor what happens in real time.

Can you use it on all devices?

I cannot speak for all apps, but mSpy you can.

How long before you can see results?

Immediately upon its installation.


  • Ease of Use – 9/10 – no particular skills are needed, and like many softwares of its kind, you can expect 24/7 assistance and video tutorials about installation and data collection.
  • Risk of Getting Caught – 1/10 – Espionage software leaves to trace or presence on devices (no icons, notifications, logo, etc.)
  • Speed of Information – 10/10 – You can get information immediately upon installation and continue to see it coming in in real time.
  • Remote Control: 10/10 – You can monitor this information from a distance. Once the app is installed, you can spy on someone continents away.

Frankie’s Take:

This is ideal if you have access to a smartphone or PC of the victim. It begins working immediately, so if you need fast information, this is the app for you.

If you are wanting to learn more about this subject, you can check out an article I wrote about How to Spy on WhatsApp. If you have any questions, concerns, or doubts – leave a comment below so I can help you.


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