How to Spy On Someone’s Instagram Messages without them realizing

But have you ever stopped to wonder how you can anonymously spy on someone’s instagram dm? Sounds crazy I know, but what if I told you it is possible?

How to spy on Instagram account

Hello everyone, it’s Frankie here. And today we switch focus to the most popular socializing app, Instagram. With an estimate of 119 million users as of 2020, worries are rive as to how safe the app is.

Over time, assertions have been levelled against the app with magazines awash with captions such as “Track Someone’s Instagram DM Without Letting Them Know” and blatantly claiming that Instagram messages can be hacked.

Social media platforms are addictive, complicated and entertaining to both children and young people. Understandably so, because the marketing, ease of use, access and technological orientation has often targeted the youth who are considered tech savvy.

Parental concern and curiosity therefore has naturally kicked in, driven by no ulterior motives, parents have tried to keep tabs on their children with the simple aim of keeping them safe.

Probably from harmful content or even predators. If you are a parent therefore, you definitely are concerned about what your child does online.

Valid reasons as to why you may want to secretly flip through messages they send and receive.

I am no mind reader, but I know that you have good reasons to track someone’s Instagram DM without letting them know. Top among those reasons may include:

Breathe easy for contained herein, is a magic solution. Magic for not only will it render you invisible, but will also grant you access to those messages that you so badly want to read.

Hold your horses for a minute first and note this, I do not advocate the use of this information for criminal activities.

Remember stealing other people’s information is an offense and worst still, it can happen to you, leading to identity and finance losses.

3 Ways On How to See Someone’s Instagram DMs without Them Knowing

An Instagram account is relatively secure if you have a strong password and maintain excellent security habits.

Does this mean it is not hackable?

No we insist, for up our sleeves are a few tricks.

Want to know how? Read on.

  • Use of an Instagram spy app
  • Resetting the account’s password
  • Use of a phishing page

With these three tricks you need not be an ICT guru to spy on people’s DMS.

For anyone, whether on iPhone or Android, they can quickly learn how to hack someone’s Instagram Account and Password.

On edge already on how to do it? Keep reading!

1. Stealing Saved Browser Passwords

Hack Instagram stealing password

Stealing passwords saved in browsers is one of the easiest ways to spy on Instagram messages. I will take you through simple steps on how to hack messages and quickly get the password.

Additionally, the guide will tell you how to read someone’s Instagram messages discreetly.

Sounds good?

Let not past trial failures deter you.

Get the target phone, sounds obvious don’t you think?

Now proceed as follows:

Step 1: Once you have the gadget, open the Instagram login page.

Step 2: Click on “Forgot Password

Step 3: Enter the email, phone number, or username associated with this Instagram account. You can also use the “Log In With Facebook” to access the account on an Android phone.

Step 4: Go to the user’s email or use the phone number to reset your target’s password.

Step 5: Congrats on your new hack, now login into the Instagram account using the new password and read their messages.


✅ No app is needed

✅ No costs are incurred

✅ Easy and quick

❌ You must have the target’s phone

❌ You must know the person’s details such as emails and Facebook

❌ Impossible if you cannot access the phone


Frankie’s Take:

If you don’t have the target’s phone and the person’s details such as emails, there’s no way you can spy on Instagram.

2. mSpy Instagram Tracker

mSpy Instagram Tracker

Instagram creates a perfect environment for children and adults to share their life online. This makes most people fall victim to predators online that befriend and lure them to a meetup.

I found the mSpy Instagram tracker easy to use to secretly read messages sent to your child. It is easy to install and navigate and can be done remotely without touching the target’s phone.

Some of the things you can track with this app include:

  • Read private messages
  • Check GIFs, photos, stories and videos posted
  • View followers of the target
  • View who they are following
  • Monitor comments and like
  • See all pictures where your target is tagged
  • and much more…

Shocked to see how easy this Instagram app tracker is? What is even pleasing is; it is compatible with both Android and iPhones users.

You can therefore monitor a lot of necessary information using mSpy.

It is not only ideal for parents, but also for businesses who want to know what their rivals are doing.

Mspy is a trusted and best Instagram spy app and brings out the true colors of every relationship. To track your target regardless of their geographical location, proceed as follows:

mSpy has personal and business packages. Select what suits your needs.


Take mSpy for a test drive by logging into the FREE demo: CLICK HERE for more information.


✅ Downloads in less than a minute

✅ No monthly charges; it’s a one cost app

✅ Perfect for both iOS and Android devices

✅ Allows remote monitoring

❌ Costly

❌ Must be installed in the target’s device

❌ Requires iPhones jailbroken and Android devices rooted


Frankie’s Take:

If you are looking for something that is both effective and efficient, you want the reliable software mSpy. You do not need technical prowess, and it is a nice fit for any reason you might need a little espionage.

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3. Social Engineering

instagram Phishing

Social engineering can be used to spy the Instagram activities of someone without being detected. It involves manipulating a person to make them give out their confidential information unknowingly.

One of them is phishing, it makes finding out a password easier than hacking it.

Phishing is mostly associated with the stealing of sensitive information such as credit card numbers. It can be manipulated to be a means on how to check someone else’s DM on Instagram, Facebook, and iMessage.

Important to note though is that phishing is a cybercrime punishable by law. So you have to responsibly use it when protecting your loved ones.

Most phishing schemes include the creation of a fake Instagram login page, and once your target enters their account information, the credentials are sent to you.

It is a simple way to spy on Instagram activity for it raises the least suspicion.

If you are curious, I have already put together a full article about phishing, and you can read about it here.


✅ Low chances of getting caught

✅ It’s freeYou remain invisible

✅ You get information immediately

❌ You cannot access an account with a two-factor authentication safety feature

❌ Most people treat URLs suspiciously

❌ It is an old technique and mostly ends up in the spam folder

❌ No possibility of remote control


Frankie’s Take:

This method is free, but it is also complex to set up the trap and risky. You have to know some HTML coding and PHP language, not to mention understand some basics of the internet. I would not recommend this approach unless you don’t hire someone online to set it up.

How to Protect Your Privacy and Stay Secure On Instagram

How to stay secure on Instagram

While Instagram is one of the best social media apps you can have on your phone, you shouldn’t forget that opportunistic people are lurking everywhere.

You have to protect yourself online just like you do when offline.

Being social animals though, we triumph and best enjoy life by sharing jokes, pictures, and much more. But, you cannot trust everyone because someone might be interested in reading your Instagram messages for devilish reasons.

But here’s the kicker, using these simple steps you can now stop someone from spying on your Instagram account?

1. Never give your phone to someone else

Now, if you are always granting easy access to your phone, your Instagram account has a higher chance of being hacked.

Most people will install spyware to monitor your online activities and read your messages once they have access to your gadget. Besides, they can change your password and use it to sign in using another gadget.

Always check privacy settings and pay special attention toLogins,” “Logouts,” “Stories Activities” and “Password Changes“.

2. Avoid Connecting to a Public Wi-Fi network as it puts you at risk

Using public Wi-Fi may sound like a good idea, and you might have used it at some point. Lucky for you, you know better, for public wi-fi may not be the most secure place to engage in various online activities.

Someone else can quickly pick up passwords and a lot of other private details. For truth be told, it takes a few tools to hack your Instagram account when you are on public Wi-Fi.

Ridiculous you may say, but hackers have been known to set up hotspots with which they tempt you with. Connect and boom, your data is a click away.

Does this then mean you should not use a public wi-fi? Well yes, but if you must adhere to this.

  • Use the two-factor authentication step
  • Avoid sharing or accepting files in public Wi-Fi
  • Mask your IP address
  • Learn to identify your genuine network

If you need more information about this, I recommend reading this article about the simple steps to protect yourself on public Wi-Fi.

3. Check your iPhone for Spyware

Sounds scary? Yes, but it is possible to have spyware in your phone.

Hackers have upped their game and are now opting to use spy software to access your smartphone, with the intention of stealing confidential details.

If you suspect someone is accessing your iPhone, try to figure out how they did it and eliminate this threat.

Proceed as explained below:

  1. Get an anti-spyware for your iPhone to scan and delete malware programs.
  2. Always keep your iOS updated as it fixes bugs and eliminates any spyware on your phone.
  3. Restore the device often to erase and get rid of different contents and data, which include spyware.

If you are curious, I have already put together a full article about the process of scanning your iPhone for spyware, and you can read about it here.

4. Create a Strong Password (and Remember It)

The most critical step is to create a strong password that you can always recall.

A well-curated password will keep you safe, but you must not reuse it on any social media page. You can have a patterned way of creating your password, but you can be confused as you sign up more and pages.

Luckily, you can use a password manager that will save the passwords for you. Alternatively, you can use the voice identity, add more symbols, or combine words that are easy for you to recall.

Avoid saving your password and if you must do so, hide the characters.

5. Activate two-factor authentications

Instagram may prompt you to add the two-factor authentications or 2FA. You are shielded by a strong password and second confirmation step before you can open the account.

This procedure enables you to confirm that you are the one trying to access the account. It can be a text to your cell phone number or email address.

Any attempts to log in will be stopped if you fail to verify the sign in. If you keep the secondary protection step with yourself, no one can access your Instagram account even if they have the password.

Activating your cell phone or email address for your account verification is an easy step, and it is accessible to everyone around the world.

6. Secure your phone’s lock screen

Most of the time, your Instagram is open on your phone. Persons who do not respect privacy can get access to the phone and log in to your account.

Since your mobile phone is private, you can create a screen lock that does not allow anyone to access your device.


This certainly feels like the end of a long journey, and I hope that I haven’t bored you with all the information that I’ve provided.

Before we officially say goodbye, I would like to give a quick recap of what I’ve explained during this article to ensure that you haven’t missed anything important.

In the first part of the guide, I showed you the three ways on how to see someone’s Instagram DMs (and not only) without Them Knowing. Let me quickly recap these:

  • Use of an Instagram spy app (I consider this to be the best option🥇)
  • Resetting the account’s password
  • Use of a phishing page

Finally, I showed you how to protect your privacy and stay secure on Instagram.

Apart from online hackers, if someone steals your phone, they can get passwords for your social media accounts.

But a secure screen lock that has a fingerprint, face recognition, or even a pin code will keep your phone contents safe. As long as you are the only one who can unlock the screen, your Instagram account will be safe.

Keep your loved ones safe by spying on their Instagram messages online invisibly and helping them know how to use the app safely.

Your Instagram account can get hacked at any time, but you can prevent it.

If you would like to increase your privacy level for your phone, I would suggest that you take a look at my guide on how you can remotely spy on someone’s phone and how to defend yourself from these situations.

If you have any questions or comments, you can feel free to use the form below. I will happily answer any of your questions as soon as I am able to.

Best of luck!

PS – I bet you could also like my guides on how to spy on a Facebook account and how to read someone else’s WhatsApp conversations and how to hack a Snapchat account.

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