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Are you looking for a collection of Merry Christmas messages or images with inspiring quotes to share on social media networks like WhatsApp and Facebook? If so, you are in the right place! I’ve created an amazing series of text messages and free images for you to wish your special ones a Merry Christmas.

Be original and creative! Wish Merry Christmas to your friends in a ground-breaking way! I’ve gift-wrapped the best collection of messages and free Christmas pictures with inspiring quotes. Don’t just send the traditional, formal message.

Touch the hearts of your family and friends in a way that they will always remember.

The best Christmas gift your loved one can receive from you is not a new iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, or an extravagant, digital camera– but a gesture of affection!

The following are the best Merry Christmas messages and images with quotes to place under the Christmas tree and share on the Holy Night.

Get into the spirit of Christmas and spread your love!

Christmas quotes

  1. Give me a smile, and my Christmas will be perfect! Merry Christmas!
  2. Your heart is full of dreams and desires for a special life. May all your dreams come true this Christmas. Merry Christmas!
  3. I hope you receive many presents under the tree and even more love in your heart. Best wishes for Christmas!
  4. I remember our long, winter evenings and those intense moments spent amid waves of laughter and joy. I recall our crazy nights out as well as afternoons both calm and serene. For all the good times you gave me, I want to wish you a wonderful Christmas!
  5. I hope Christmas brings you lots of fun, surprises, and everything you want! Merry Christmas!
  6. My gift for you is a box of peace filled with joy, wrapped with love, signed with a smile, and sent with a kiss. Merry Christmas!
  7. When you receive this message, close your eyes and remember all the happy moments of your life– because a life filled with happiness is my wish for you. Merry Christmas!
  8. Do you know why I don’t need any candles at Christmas? Because you are my light! Merry Christmas!
  9. Christmas is not about opening gifts but opening our hearts!
  10. The Christmas season may freeze hands and feet, but it especially warms hearts! Best wishes for Christmas!
  11. At Christmas, love triumphs when you open your heart. Never stop dreaming! Merry Christmas!
  12. With all the love my heart can hold, I wish you a Christmas full of happiness!
  13. With you as my light, I never need any Christmas candles! Merry Christmas!
  14. Christmas gives you a smile and makes you happy. I wish you much serenity and peace this season. Best wishes for Christmas!
  15. May your house be blessed with the love of God and filled with joy, happiness, and serenity! Merry Christmas!
  16. Christmas is not about what you find under the tree, but who you see around you. Merry Christmas!
  17. Those who do not have Christmas in their hearts will never find it under a tree. Merry Christmas!
  18. At the Christmas season, all roads lead home. Merry Christmas!
  19. Finding someone to donate your heart to is the best gift you can give. Merry Christmas!
  20. Baby Jesus is the star that guides you through the desert of this life. Merry Christmas!
  21. The true lights of Christmas are the shining eyes of happy children. Merry Christmas!
  22. Making a Christmas tree requires three things: a tree, ornaments, and faith in the future. Merry Christmas!
  23. The fir scent and magical atmosphere of the Nativity scene can bring happiness for many hours. Merry Christmas!
  24. The most beautiful and precious Christmas gift of all is having you close to me! Best wishes, honey!
  25. There are no strangers on Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas!
  26. Christmas is not a date but a state of mind. Merry Christmas!
  27. Christmas is a day of joy and charity. Merry Christmas!
  28. All I want for Christmas is you! Merry Christmas!
  29. May the spirit of Christmas fill your home with peace, joy, and love.
  30. Wishing you a beautiful holiday with lots of cheers and gifts. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas images


merry christmas



merry christmas



merry christmas quote



merry christmas is coming



merry christmas season



merry christmas tree



merry christmas quote in the tree



merry christmas spirit



merry christmas rock



merry christmas let it snow



merry christmas to everybody



merry christmas happy holidays



merry christmas holidays



merry christmas ball



merry christmas quote



merry christmas place love joy



merry christmas ball



merry christmas quote



merry christmas hope quote



merry christmas quote



merry christmas and happy new year



merry christmas quote



merry christmas quote



merry christmas



merry christmas mistletoe



merry christmas quote



merry christmas



merry christmas tree



merry christmas with love



merry christmas quote



merry christmas quote



merry christmas santa claus



merry christmas quote



merry christmas quote



merry christmas quote



merry christmas with snowman



merry christmas santa claus



merry christmas santa is coming

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