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A Guide to Using Two Phones Simultaneously for WhatsApp on iOS or Android

This guide will help you learn how quick and easy it is to use the same WhatsApp account on two different devices. The methods you learn here will work for either Android phones or iOS devices.

how to use one whatsapp account on two phones

Hi everyone! It is your good friend Frankie here again to teach you another little trick to help you master the messaging world through WhatsApp.

Today’s lesson is about using the same WhatsApp account on two devices at the same time.

There is no mistaking that as time goes on, your smartphone is getting smarter with every new model.

Nowadays, people rely on them for everything that they do. It has become so complex that many do not have just a single cell phone and SIM card anymore.

As a result, many have looked to getting phones with dual-SIM functionality, or at least have two separate phones altogether for different reasons.

One would typically be a personal device while the other is reserved more for business. In some cases, it could even be hiding very literal affairs!

The reasons that you might need two phones or dual SIMs can vary significantly, but it does beg a serious question:

Can the same WhatsApp account be linked to these different phones/SIM cards? Will you need to make a separate account for each device?

The article here is going to give you a little more information about what to do. You do not need to be an expert to take care of your problem. With following the later-listed steps, you can have your WhatsApp account on two different phones.

No time to waste – let’s begin.


Frankie’s Take:

You can look to this article to provide a detailed account of necessary steps to perform. Yes, the procedure itself is simple and quick, but some in-depth explanations help you to understand the process better. You will be able to complete these methods on either an Android or iOS device.

#1 Method: Run WhatsApp on Both Devices with a Multi-Devices Feature

A short while ago, the developers of WhatsApp rolled out a new helpful feature known as Multi-Devices.

As the name suggests, the feature allows a single user to put their account on multiple devices, up to four. Each of these can stay synced to the messaging app.

More impressive than this even is that the devices did not need to maintain a steady internet connection to function like work arounds of the past with WhatsApp Web.

Everyone can appreciate why this was beneficial news!

If you want to take advantage of this function in WhatsApp, here is what you need to do:

  1. On the original phone connected to WhatsApp and linked, go into the Settings
  2. Click Linked Devices and then Multi-Devices. A window will then appear showing you a QR code you will need to scan.
  3. On your second device, you should be heading over to WhatsApp Web. Here, you will need to use the ‘desktop site’ feature which will be more intricately explained below.
  4. Take your camera and scan the first device with the second, and after a few moments of transferring account data to the second device and link the two.

Spy on WhatsApp with Multi Devices feature

That is really all you will need to do!

If you were able to follow the steps as described, WhatsApp will remain available to both devices. You will not need to maintain an active internet connection with the host primary phone as you have had to in the past.

Granted this is not the same as physically installing WhatsApp again and connecting your account, but it will allow you to engage in chats, get notifications, and a slew of other features.

If you are not entirely keen on this approach, you are not out of luck. Below I will discuss a method of allowing WhatsApp on both devices without the need for WhatsApp Web QR code scanning.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important to note that this process will not work if you do not enable the desktop site of WhatsApp Web. When you reach the site, choose the ‘aA‘ icon (iPhone) followed by Request Desktop Site. If using Google Chrome, access the menu (three dots) and pick the same option.


Frankie’s Take:

You will also be able to use this approach if you wish to permit WhatsApp access to a tablet device. With this feature, you can keep active accounts for WhatsApp on your phone and tablet simultaneously.

#2 Method: Use WhatsApp on Two Devices without WhatsApp Web

Clearly one of the largest drawbacks of using WhatsApp Web to achieve multiple device connections to your account is not having a standalone app with its full features and functions, right?

Each time you want to send a message or reply to a chat, you have to login through the browser on the second device. That’s hardly convenient.

Not to worry because I have a trick you can use known as WhatsApp Business.

Use WhatsApp on Two Devices with WhatsApp Business

What is that?

This is a free application for both Android and iOS devices designed exclusively for small business owners.

The app is a way for these business owners to interface with their customers and take advantage of a multitude of other helpful features.

Users are able to create a profile for their small business and add details for the customer like a connected website link, physical store address, and other pertinent contact information.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of all is that it allows you to download the app on up to four separate devices using the same phone number.

Even better: WhatsApp Business is all but identical to the standard app you are using now.

Really, the only differences I can find are the logo and some extra features designed specifically to help the company and customer interaction happen more smoothly.

You will not need an actual business to install this app, it is available to everyone.

To get it, just go to the App Store and Play Store and click Install and it is available for iOS and Android.

Now, you just need to install it on all the devices that you want to use it on. Once you set it up with the same number, you have a WhatsApp account working on multiple devices with the full functionality you expect.


Frankie’s Take:

I am someone who uses this version of WhatsApp personally and can attest that it is the same one you are already using with added features. So, if you need some business functionality to go with the conversations you have with your friends, this is the app to choose. You also have an added bonus of features designed to help you manage some unsavory people.

Will Messages Be End-to-End Encrypted with WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Business?

As stated by WhatsApp itself, “all of your personal messages, media and calls are end-to-end encrypted.”

Safety should not be a concern for you. Messages will stay invisible to everyone but the intended target, unless they physically have access to your phone and can read the conversations.

While from an IT standpoint the security of this app does not change, the more widespread your access in terms of multiple devices having connected WhatsApp accounts, the more likely that nosey people might find a way to view your content.

It is not difficult to forget to make certain accounts inaccessible, mainly by leaving WhatsApp Web or a device logged in at home or work. Be sure to keep these devices under a passcode to eliminate the threat of intrusion.


Now you have the information you need. Before we go, I want to take a moment and briefly recap to make sure you did not miss anything.

The first thing I showed you was that it was possible to have an account on two devices with a WhatsApp Web work around.

Second, I introduced you to WhatsApp Business and was able to show you how this would allow you to access this content across multiple devices.

As of right now, these are the best two options for achieving this goal. It is not the only remaining option, though.

You might also consider using the app Join.  You can find out more about that in this guide I wrote about how to access WhatsApp with another phone using Join.

I hope that you have been able to appreciate this information and found it helpful. Check back with me as I intend to continue updating the website as new methods are discovered or features get added to the service.

If you have any questions or comments about this guide, see the comment section and leave me a message. I will respond.

Let me also direct you to the helpful content you will find on my YouTube channel. You will find multiple videos about the messaging apps you are using every day. Let me know you are out there by taking a minute to like us on Facebook too.

A big hug,

Frankie Caruso

PS – I am pleased to be able to provide you with a revolutionary guide that is sure to improve your use of WhatsApp. I have compiled tons of tricks for WhatsApp that almost no one knows It just might be worth it to take a look.

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80 thoughts on “A Guide to Using Two Phones Simultaneously for WhatsApp on iOS or Android”

  1. I have WhatsApp on 2 phones if I want to delete the WhatsApp from 1 phone will it also be deleted on my other phone?

    • Hi Craig! Unfortunately not! You can use WhatsApp Business on your mobile device and ONLY on 1 PC at the same time.

      • Hi frank, I used my webWhatsApp on my iPhone however the screen does not fit the screen and must scroll right to left , how could I adjust the webpage on my iPhone. Also another important question, if I wanted to migrate my whats app history to the iPhone and use my iPhone as my primary WhatsApp app how could I restore from blackberry which is android to the iPhone.

    • If i use two phones same number whatsapp i send i share live location from 1st mobile and kept at home i took my 2nd mobile to other place but now which location it will show.mobile no 1 or mobile number 2

  2. I have a problem… The device using WhatsApp web is correctly showing all my conversations and looks mostly the same as the WhatsApp scree on my phone, but the message entry box is missing the two icons for uploading pictures or files. The odd thing is I’m sure they were there when I first tried it yesterday. What is going on?

  3. every time we have to scan QR to connect each phone ?

    can it possible that if 2nd phone internet deactivated and when activated its show the same whats app features

    • Hi Ajay, absolutely not! You don’t need to scan the QR Code every time. Sorry, I don’t really understand the second question… can you explain it better?

      • I do not agree with this answer. Every time I try to use WhatsAppWeb via a browser, I *do* have to go through the tedious process of creating a QR code on one device and scanning that from the WhatsApp app on the other.

  4. I can NOT get on the whats app desktop site from my mobile browser. How do i do that? Please help, much appreciated

    • Someone is using my account he has created it after getting verification code from me can I deactivate my account by using my phone???

      • Hi Dania, You can do it using two-step verification. Two-step verification is an optional feature that adds more security to your account. To enable two-step verification, open WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Two-step verification > Enable.

  5. Does this mean that on the second phone you have the app bit don’t actually use it – I.e. Go through the website only?

  6. if i install using device 1 now in desktop.
    later start using different device 2 keeping both d numbers same. will d desktop watspp stop?

  7. I used this trick once. but If that person is far from you that this trick wont work. You should be in the coverage of whatsappweb

    • Hi,
      I have two iPhones with different numbers and one laptop.
      Can I use two WhatsApp desktops on one laptop (both iPhones have different numbers)?


  8. I left my phone in another country with a family member. How can I use whatsapp on my new phone if I dont have that phone on me to SCAN the QR code (Remember: I want my account to stay active on the other phone, but also be able to use it on my new device as well)? Thanks…

  9. Hi nick
    i m using my whatsapp on first phone on parallel space and in my laptop i have downloaded bluestacks and i wanted to use whatsapp on laptop also. I have scanned the qr code but what do now ???????

  10. I have whtsapp on my andriod device. I just got a second wrok phone (Iphone) and would like to add my whatsapp account to this second phone while keeping it on the first phone as well. I tried to follow the steps above but when I go to web.whatsapp.com on my Iphone, it just goes to the mobile version. There is No QR code. I even downloaded Chrome and tried with that n the Iphone and same thing. How can I see the QR code on my phone and is that what I need to do or am I understanding the steps wrong?

  11. hello Lia,
    on the first phone, open WhatsApp, go to “Settings” and tap on “WhatsApp web.” At this point, you will see on the screen the QR code scanner. Now, scan the QR code that appears on the screen of the second phone

  12. When doing this will it the allow me to see the text messages (SMS) from one phone on the other phones WhatsApp ? I have a WP and would really like to forward my text to my Andriod. Or at least have them both places in an app.

  13. I’m having the same problem that someone else mentioned below. It all went fine, but now when I go to web.whatsapp.com it reroutes me to just whatsapp.com. If I click the “whatsapp web” button it reloads the site. It seems like its blocking my phone from using the web platform. It all worked at first though.

  14. i want to know if i can read messages sent and received by 1st device (phone)on d other 2nd device(laptop).
    to have a check on someone.

  15. Hello.
    I have an issue with my whats app account on Web.whatsapp.com
    I have connected my whats app account on Phone 2 and it’s work fine ( after scanning code) but after sometime (10-15 mints) it gets disconnected and goes back to home-page although i was connected to same WiFi and signals were full, after that when i open web.whatsapp.com there is no CODE to be scan, showing whatsapp download. Also i am not able to be signed in as i have marked KEEP ME LOGGED IN.
    In Phone 2 i have whatsapp with a different number and also been Rooted.
    Plz let me know, how can i use whatsapp account of Phone 1 in phone 2 on google chrome (any browser that can solve my problem) by scanning the code only once and then using it on whatsapp web.

  16. Hello.
    I have an issue with my whats app account on Web.whatsapp.com
    I have connected my whats app account on Phone 2 and it’s work fine ( after scanning code) but after sometime (10-15 mints) it gets disconnected and goes back to home-page although i was connected to same WiFi and signals were full, after that when i open web.whatsapp.com there is no CODE to be scan, showing whatsapp download. Also i am not able to be signed in as i have marked KEEP ME LOGGED IN.
    In Phone 2 i have whatsapp with a different number and also been Rooted.
    Plz let me know, how can i use whatsapp account of Phone 1 in phone 2 on google chrome (any browser that can solve my problem) by scanning the code only once and then using it on whatsapp web.

  17. Hello Sloan,
    On iOs (Safari), go to web.whatsapp.com, and tap on the share button (the arrow). You will see two menus with different options. Swipe the lower menu to its right and tap on “Request Desktop Site.”

    On Android (Chrome), go to web.whatsapp.com, tap on the settings menu in the upper right corner and then select “Request desktop site.”

    On Windows, open Internet Explorer > More > Settings > Website preference.

  18. Hi i have different set of phone contacts on both phones. Since im using 1 number on both phones im wondering if my contacts from other phone will see me online if my 2nd phone is online and the other phone is not?

    • Hello Lindsey,
      From your phone, if you go to Settings > WhatsApp Web you will see if your WhatsApp is logged into another account

  19. what will happen if new version is available for whatsapp and i update the same in first phone but keep old version in second phone .can i still run whatsapp on both of the phones or i will have to do the same process again

    • Hello Sunny,
      you will update WhatsApp only in one of the two phones as the other will use WhatsApp web. Therefore, in case of update you can still run WhatsApp on both of the phones without doing the same process again.

  20. if i have different contact numbers in phones than can i receive the massage on whatsapp in second phone

  21. Hello there,
    unfortunately the only way to use WhatsApp on to devices is only through WhatsApp web. We hope it will be possible directly through the app soon

  22. Hello Marc, yes it’s possible. The only requirement is that both of the devices must have an Internet connection available.

  23. Hello Geoff,
    Could you tell me what kind of devices you’re using? Anyway, from Phone 2 open https://web.whatsapp.com/ in “desktop site” mode. Once you’ve successfully activated the desktop site mode, a QR code will appear on the web page. With the Phone 1, go to Settings > WhatsApp Web and scan the QR Code on the screen of Phone 2. Then, you should be able to use WhatsApp on the two devices at the same time.


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