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How to Make Free International (and Domestic) Calls

With this article, I intend to explain in simple words the best ways to make free Internet phone calls both internationally and domestically. If you intend to talk to your friends, or hold a conference call with colleagues, you could do so from any device including Android, iOS, PC, or Macs.

how to make international calls for free

It is Frankie here again, telling you today about a simple way for you to make free inter Internet phone calls, both international and local. Whether it is between networked devices or calling landlines and phone numbers, these tips can help.

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I can assure you of one thing: I’m not going to give you some infinite list of the software used to make phone calls from a PC, or the apps that allow you to make free international calls from one mobile to another. This would just drive you nuts.

I myself, hate those kinds of articles. It is lots of stories, yet a clear lack of transparency.

Instead, I have collected the best ways that I know to call and video call without a number from your computer or smartphone. Based on the different needs that you might have, several of these might work for you.

To make things simpler, I have broken down the best apps and software for online calling and Internet phone services into three easy categories:

  • Serial Caller Tools – this is for those who want to call any device
  • Chit Chat Lovers Tools – this would be for expert chatters with the keyword being free.
  • Serial Business Caller Tools – this is for those who see their work colleagues more than their own family.

Also, I have included a little gift for you.  

At the very bottom, you can find one paragraph that details how to make free calls online without registering. I’ve tried a couple of these services and they do work. I could show you the best one so you can have a look for yourself.

OK, now we are ready to go. 

Make yourself comfortable, because this article can be somewhat lengthy, but I promise you contains all that you need to know to be able to make your calls online.

How to make international calls for free (NO ISD) or low costs

Let’s dive right into the meat of the matter. As I’ve said before, I am not going to hurtle you into the endless void of VoIP apps and services.

Instead, I’m going to list a few of the good ones broken down into the listed categories.

If I were to give you the full list of all the services you could use to make calls through the Internet, you might finish reading it sometime next week.

Below, as I’ve told you above, you are going to find a short list of the tools that I recommend divided into the three simpler categories.

Clicking on the one that suits you, you can find my advice on what you need to make online calls. So again, the categories:

  • Serial Callers Tools
  • Chit Chat Lovers Tools
  • Serial Business Caller Tools

In the end, I will also provide my bonus tips that I don’t want you to miss.


Frankie’s Take:

All of the tools used for online calls that I will list utilized VoIP, which is a technology that allows users to make phone calls with an Internet connection instead of a traditional landline.

Best Apps for Serial Caller

Are you a serial caller?

If you are, you want to be able to reach anywhere in the world, to any device (computers, smartphones, landlines), at a low – or even free – cost. Better yet, you want to be able to do all of this from a single app, right?

Great! I’ve got just the tool for you.

A professional serial caller using his smartphone, tablet, or computer, has one of the following apps installed:

  1. SKYPE
  3. VIBER

With your smartphone, you can also find Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. I will discuss them with the section about Chit Chat Lovers.

You can actually find thousands of more solutions out there, but I personally believe that these are the best.

These particular apps allow you to make free online calls from one PC to another, 1 phone to another, or from a PC to a phone. Calls from these devices to landlines and mobile phones are paid services, but at reduced costs.

I took the liberty of detailing each of these apps and how they work for Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows devices.

1. Skype

Yeah, everyone knows the software. It’s a virtual dinosaur.

You can make voice and video calls over the internet using WiFi or 3G/4G/5G and other mobile networks without considerable trouble.

The Microsoft developers and owners ensure that the service remains functional and reliable for its users.

Calls made with Skype go into one of two categories:

  • Free – This occurs with two devices that both have Skype installed. Usually this is PC to PC, smartphone to PC, or phone to phone.
  • Paid – This takes the same voice calling service and allows it to get used for international and domestic phone calls, including landlines and cell phones. You need to afford virtual currency to complete these calls, but this starts as low as a few dollars.

This service also allows you to make group calls and conduct video conferences.

How Does Skype Work?

Skype is the same on every major platform and its interface is very user friendly.

All you need to do is download and install the application on any device that you wish to use it on. For example, this might be your Android phone, iOS device, Windows device, or even Mac OS.

  • Easy to use
  • Popular and widely used
  • Free calls between Skype users
  • Option to send messages or video messages in the event that your call recipient does not pick up
  • It doesn’t use end-to-end encryption (this means this app might not be the right choice if you intend to talk about extremely confidential stuff).
  • Webinar features are missing (e.g., a whiteboard, surveys, etc.).

Frankie’s Take:

I’ve been using this software for years, mostly when I’m abroad. I use it to call landlines and mobile numbers. This also gives you the possibility of having your own virtual number if you subscribe to the service.

2. Google Duo

Google is not a service to be outdone, so they have dived into the world of online calls as well. Through Google Duo and Google Hangout or Google Voice, you can now make voice and video calls over an Internet connection.

Much like Skype you can make VoIP calls and video calls using your Internet connection without losing much quality.

I must say, in some cases, it is even more fluid than Skype!

Calls made through Google Duo are always Free directly via the web.

Using this service, you can continue to make group calls and have video conferences.

How Does Google Duo Work?

Premise: First and foremost, you need a Google account. Using it from your PC, you will not need to install any app to access Google Duo with your browser.

On Android and iOS devices, regardless of whether it is a tablet or smartphone, you need to download an official app to use the service.

  • Cross platforms
  • Free
  • You can create a group of up to 32 participants
  • Secure: makes use of end-to-end encryption
  • Interacts with Google Home
  • Although everyone knows it, it is not widely used
  • Not free to call landlines, only other Google Duo account

Frankie’s Take:

I like the fact that you can access hangout directly from a browser without installing any apps. It can give you the possibility of owning a virtual number. The rates for calling fixed numbers are very convenient.

3. Viber

Viber Has been around for quite a few years now, and they have taken a good share of those interested in voice calling over the Internet with low subscription rates to reach out to numbers of all types.

You could also use this service mostly anywhere in the world.

With Viber, you can make VoIP calls and video calls over an Internet connection that rarely slacks in quality.

I would say that this seems to be better than both Skype and Google Hangout.

Calls made with Viber can be one of two types:

  • Free – this happens between devices that has Viber installed. This could mean PC to PC, one smartphone to PC, or other potential combinations.
  • Paid – This is a service that can be transferred and used to access national and international numbers. this could mean fixed and mobile numbers, but requires the purchase of virtual credits to achieve.

How Does Viber Work?

The way that this app works is similar for all of its platforms, which features an easy user interface and helpful functions.

You need to download and install the application on the device you wish to use it, for example on your Android or iOS phone, or your Windows PC or Apple Mac. Once installed, you need only login.

  • Widely used around the world
  • Unlimited free calls between Viber accounts
  • Ease of use
  • Secure (end-to-end encryption)
  • Excessive data drain (but very high voice and video quality)

Frankie’s Take:

I have always been a fan of Viber for multiple reasons. I personally believe that this is one of the best apps because it is reliable and can save you money. If you are trying to call someone anywhere in the world, using landline or mobile numbers, this offers few limitations at reasonable prices.

Chit Chat Lover Apps

If you love the chit chat, and your goal was to constantly speak with your friends and family, you need an app they can accommodate this request. You also need it to work anywhere you are in the world.

Excellent – I have just the thing for you.

Professional chatterboxes like you use smartphones, tablets and computers. You have one of these three apps installed, as well.

  4. FACETIME (Only iOS users)

Honestly, there are thousands of other solutions out there. I personally think these are the best. Below, you could find details on each of these.

All these apps allow you to make free online calls from one PC to another, one phone to another, or from a PC to a phone. You cannot call landlines or mobile numbers using these services.

All of these apps run on Android, iPhone, Windows PCs, and Macs.

1. WhatsApp

One of the most used apps in the world right now is WhatsApp. This allows you to keep in touch with your friends and relatives abroad, but is also effective for business solutions. I honestly do not believe it needs much of an introduction.

This app allows you to make national and international voice and video calls completely free. You can even make group calls with up to four different people.

Best of all, it is easy to install. But it also has a major drawback that you should know about.

You cannot make any calls from your PC via the WhatsApp application, or even through WhatsApp web. The only workaround to this issue, is installing an Android emulator for your PC.

  • Second most used messaging app in the world
  • Limited data drain
  • Extremely safe
  • Easy to use
  • Sound quality is not outstanding
  • It cannot be used in the U.S. to call emergency numbers such as 911

Frankie’s Take:

Because it is one of the most popular apps over the world, it is one of the most convenient to use. Many use this WhatsApp service to make voice and video calls with their phones and tablets. Because it cannot get used from a PC in this way, the app is somewhat limited.

2. Facebook Messenger

Because it seems that almost everyone has a Facebook account, sadly even the pets, this makes Messenger one of the most popular ways to call for free online.

You can make national and international voice and video calls completely free with up to 50 users.

It is easy to install, but like WhatsApp, there are limitations.

Over the most recent years, Facebook has not been held in the highest of esteems when it comes to privacy. Honestly, I cannot say for certain if the conversations I’ve had on Messenger are actually private.

  • The most widely used messaging and VoIP Call app in the U.S.
  • Great video and audio quality
  • Secure and privacy-friendly
  • Unlimited free calls
  • You must have a Facebook account (and so does your counterpart)
  • It drains a lot of data to provide optimal sound and video quality

Frankie’s Take:

I use Messenger most for video calling my friends. Because it feels like everyone has a Facebook account, you rarely need to ask someone to install Messenger to get in touch with you.

3. Telegram

The service is much less known than its counterpart WhatsApp, but does have more in the line of secure features with encrypted calls and a smoother delivery with video chatting.

It allows you to make both national and international calls, and even group conversations, with a maximum of five people.

This app is also easy to install, but like the others, has a limitation.

You might not find a need to ask someone to install WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, but chances are, Telegram must get installed on your recipient’s device.

  • The world’s most secure calling and video calling app
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Unlimited free calls (group calls included)
  • If the contact does not respond you can write him a message
  • All callers must have the Telegram app installed and an active account

Frankie’s Take:

I love Telegram. This service offers very interesting features, and a much higher level of privacy than I’ve come to expect from WhatsApp and Messenger. Its biggest limitation is that not many people in my area are using it.

4. FaceTime (best choice for Apple devices)

FaceTime is the best app for voice and video calls on iOS.

It is embedded in Apple’s operating system so you don’t have to install it. This makes it extremely easy to use.

It allows you to make international and national calls for free with one or more contacts using the Internet (WiFi or mobile Data).

It is extremely flexible because you can call your friends from your iPhone and they can answer you from their iPad or Mac.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: If you’re running iOS 15 or later, you can also invite Android and Windows users to calls already in progress with a special join link. Here is Apple’s official how-to guide.

  • Free audio calls and video calls and texting
  • Secure: end-to-end encryption
  • Option to add effects and filters to video calls
  • Great video and audio quality
  • works between Apple users (if you want to invite an Android user you start the conversation)

Frankie’s Take:

I regularly use it to call my friends and family. In my opinion – if you own an iPhone – it is the best option to make phone calls for free.

Serial Business Caller Tools

If you consider yourself a Wizard of the conference call, or maybe you would like to be 1, you might want to start by getting online meetings organized quickly. You can do this from anywhere in the world, on any device, using low cost services.

Sounds like something you would like to do? I have the right tool for you.

A true conference call professional has one of the following apps installed on their smartphone, tablet, and computer.

  • ZOOM

It is possible to find upwards of thousands of other options out there, but I believe that these are the best. I have listed details of each of these apps below.

Using any of these apps, you can make online calls from one PC to another, one phone to another, or a PC to a phone. The exception for this is Skype for Business, because you cannot call landlines and mobile phones.

Each of these options can be run seamlessly on Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows devices.

1. Skype for Business

You can look at this service as a “beefed up” version of Skype. Of course, this requires you to spend some money, but you will hardly go bankrupt in the process.

This software was specifically designed for companies that have employees and collaborators across the planet.

Now, you can either call these people on your computer or smartphone for no charge, or to their landline or mobile phone at convenient rates.

Rates to reach landlines and international numbers are around 2 cents a minute, while local numbers and foreign mobile phones usually feature higher – but still manageable – rates.

Why is this a handy service?

Now, you are only using one tool to call whoever you want. Whether you need to reach a computer, smartphone, landline, mobile phone, or any other device, you now have a series of helpful tools to help you get the job accomplished.

With the use of Skype for Business, you can:

  • use a blank whiteboard which allows you to insert notes, draw, and edit a presentation as if you all of you were together in the same place.
  • participate in meetings using any device. These meetings are unlimited, and can include up to 250 people.
  • you can share PowerPoint presentations where participants can interact with the displays to add notes, highlight parts, and even share their own screen to help.

For its simplicity, and completeness, this is one of the most useful tools to bring businesses together around the world.


Frankie’s Take:

If you need a service that allows you to call your colleagues or coworkers often, then Skype for Business is a tool that can allow you a lot of helpful features and functions to do as you please.

2. Talky

This is a much less complete, actually almost homemade, service. It does, however, have one distinct advantage.

Unlike all of the alternatives, Talky only works from a browser. This allows you to make free phone calls over an Internet connection without downloading any application. Now, you might be thinking, “So what?

Well, allow me to explain. Listen up – this is where it gets interesting. 

Typically, when we have to make online calls to several people at the same time, it can be a very taxing process. You have to manage who has what service available.

For example, Mike has Skype, but Paul needs you to install it and he doesn’t want to. Messenger is not an option because if Mark’s wife sees that he is online, she will believe he is talking to a lover. Viber, well who knows anything about Viber. See what I mean?

With Talky, you solve a large part of this problem.

Through this one singular service, you could make a virtual room to design a video conference. Then you merely send the link to all of its participants.

Once they click, they can enter the virtual room and enter the conference. now that everyone is connected and ready, you can have a much faster business talk without all the hassle.

There are three interesting things that you can do with Talky:

  • you can start an online video conference with up to 15 people and that is completely free.
  • You can create a ‘room’ and choose your URL that you want to share with its participants. I personally love this feature.
  • You can protect access to this room with a password. This ensures a higher level of security for your conversations. Even if an intruder were to leak the URL of the video conference, it is still impossible to access without this password.

All in all, this is a very helpful tool that can solve problems. When you have the video call among many people for the first time, Talky can help. Best of all, it’s free!


Frankie’s Take:

I use this all the time so that I can video call all of my friends or colleagues. I can create a room, send them their link in the email, and within a few seconds, you are in a video call.

3. Zoom

Zoom is a little different than both Skype and Talky.

This allows you to access international and domestic calling like other VoIP services, but this is primarily designed exclusively for video conferencing.

You can liken it to a class. The professor speaks, while others quietly watch and listen.

It should go without saying that if your video conference requires everyone to participate, this might not be the tool that you are looking for.

In these situations, you can use the Skype for Business or Talky.

Unlike some of the other platforms, Zoom does not have a built-in address book to save friends and colleagues to start your conference.

Members asked to participate get invited via a like you send them in an email, or through other services like WhatsApp, Messenger, Signal, or Telegram.

To me, Zoom has three features that I find very interesting:

  • You can manage your ‘audience’. Use tools to activate or deactivate video and audio of participants like you are a digital dictator.
  • Share a screen and record the video conference call. This allows others to rewatch if they need to – whenever they need to. This is useful for forgetful people or slower learners.
  • You can activate a transcription of the conference in the Business version. This is a sort of virtual secretary following along with the presentation.

Zoom is perhaps one of the best conference apps on the market right now.


Frankie’s Take:

This service is designed to make online conferences with one primary speaker, and everyone else is just listening. If you need a roundtable forum style of conferencing, you should choose a different app.

Calling from Abroad? Use a VPN

You now have a much better idea of which apps and software can help you make calls and video calls using an Internet connection.

There’s one more thing that should not be missing from your arsenal if you are attempting these calls from abroad – a VPN.

What the hell is that? 

I don’t want to get overly technical here, but this is a service that allows you to make a website or app believe that you are in one place rather than another. A VPN also protects all of your valuable online data.

Allow me to give you an actual example. 

Let’s say you are in Dubai, and you want to use VoIP services to make online calls. You cannot.

Yes, you read that right.

In Dubai, much like China and Qatar, VoIP services to make online calls our banned. Why? They would rather be able to spy on you, and the apps you use, than to protect your privacy.

This is where a VPN comes into play.

When you connect to a private VPN for America, VoIP apps will work again, because they believe you are in the United States and not in Dubai. Sounds quite simple, right? 

Also, as I mentioned before, with a technique called Tunneling, all you precious data traveling on a network stays protected. This is vital in public areas that you are not familiar with, for example, the airport.


Frankie’s Take:

Personally, I have always used NordVPN. It is reliable, simple to use, and is a very good value for the money. You can find hundreds of other services by Googling if you are not keen on that one.

Bonus: Calling Without Registering Online

There are a few types of people that want to make online calls without having to register:

  • the hardcore haters of online forms (which I get)
  • those obsessed with privacy (sorry there is no place for you in the world)
  • criminals or bad guys (you’ll get caught eventually)

As for the last two categories, Dante once wrote, “Abandon hope all ye who enter here”. Privacy is something that doesn’t really exist anymore, and criminals are bound to leave traces of their actions behind.

Unless of course, you are a criminal mastermind. You’re not though – since you are reading my blogs.

Anywaylet’s get back on topic. You can make calls online without needing to register beforehand. I’ve listed a few of these services below.

Let me explain something. 

It is important to note that while these services are here right now, they might not be tomorrow. Who really knows?

I can tell you how it works. 

You can connect to the service, and authorize the site to access your webcam and microphone. The platform generates a URL link for you. You only need to send this link to the conversation recipient to begin your chat.

As soon as the person receives their link, they can click on it to begin the call with you.

The service that I know, and have personally tried, is one called Jitsi Meet.


Frankie’s Take:

Sure, the services might be here today, but God only knows if they will be there tomorrow. I would recommend you use one of the serial call tools mentioned earlier. This allows you to access landlines or mobile phone numbers for very little cost, and are much more reliable then these other services.


Unfortunately, the time has come to say goodbye.

If you read through the entire article, you have assuredly learned about many apps that can help you make voice and video calls to your friends. You have also learned the best VoIP business phone services for your conference calls with colleagues.

I also showed you how to make a call on the go without having to register. This also means the need to download any apps or software as well.

Hopefully, you have grasped the importance of having a VPN when you are abroad. This can help you to protect your data when you connect to unreliable networks, but also have a wider range of apps you can use in restricted areas.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to leave me a comment below and I can get back with you as soon as possible.

Frankie Caruso

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