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How to unlock WhatsApp

In this short article I will explain to you how to remove the WhatsApp ban and why your account has been banned to prevent the problem from recurring in the future.

Unlock WhatsApp

Hi – I’m Frankie, you have not been able to access WhatsApp for a few days now? Your account has apparently been locked for some reason and you don’t know how to restore it?

Don’t be in despair, there is still hope.

With a little luck, you might be able to remove the block and get access to your conversations with friends again.

Before you proceed, it is necessary to understand what type of lock has been applied to your account. Maybe you didn’t know, but there are two different types of locks:

  • Temporary. A warning from WhatsApp, in most cases they themselves unlock the account after a few days.
  • Permanent. You have violated their ” rules “, the procedure of unlocking is more strenuous.

So, first of all, let’s proceed accordingly and find out why your account has been locked, for how long and how to prevent the problem from recurring in the future.

Once that’s done, we can actually proceed to see how to unlock WhatsApp.

Note: The unlocking process is not always workable (especially in cases of permanent blocking), as the WhatsApp team may feel they have more than enough reasons to keep your account “frozen“.

Having said that, I’d say we can finally get started.

Make yourself comfortable, read the information you’ll find in the next few lines very carefully and try to implement all the suggestions I’m about to give you.

If all goes well, after this reading you should be able to know how to remove the block from your WhatsApp account. All that’s left for me to do is wish you a pleasant reading and above all, wish you the best of luck with everything!

Preliminary information

Before you get to the heart of the tutorial and find out how to unlock WhatsApp, it is good that you learn some preliminary information about the procedure of locking accounts on the famous instant messaging platform.

I don’t want to bore you but it’s important that you know this information.

In doing so, first of all you will understand what led to the locking and above all, how to prevent this situation from recurring in the future.

As already mentioned, there are basically two types of locks: the temporary and the permanent one, whose main features are listed below.

Temporary lock:

Can last for one or several days and is marked by a timer on the app’s home screen. You may experience a temporary locking of your account if you use unofficial clients to access WhatsApp, if you send too many messages to “unknown” people (who don’t have your number in their address book), if you create groups with many users who do not have your contact, if you are blocked by a considerable number of people in a relatively short period of time or if you send the same message to many people (without using broadcast lists).

Permanent locking:

This type of lock lasts forever, unless you can prove that it is as a result of an error on the part of the WhatsApp team. You may be permanently locked if you use WhatsApp to send advertisements, send spam, post illegal content (images, videos, and other material that is sexually explicit, offensive, harmful, violent or encourages hatred towards someone or something in particular), repeatedly use unofficial clients or continuously break the terms of use of the service.

So far so good? Well, then let’s take immediate action and see how to request the unlocking of WhatsApp … or at least try to do so, to the extent that is in our power.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and make sure everything goes smoothly!

How to unblock a locked WhatsApp

Now that you’re aware of the possible reasons that led to the locking of your WhatsApp account, I would say that you’re ready to find out how to try to remedy the situation, both in case of temporary and permanent locking.

Let’s see, then, how to unblock a locked WhatsApp.

Removing the temporary locking

How to get unbanned from WhatsApp

If your account has only been temporarily locked and you see a 24-hour, 48-hour or longer countdown on the main screen of the application, you can restore access to WhatsApp by removing the causes of the lock and waiting patiently for the timer to expire.

As we’ve seen before, the causes of a temporary lock on WhatsApp can be numerous.

If you’ve sent too many messages to “unknown” people or if you’ve been blocked by a large number of users in a short time, you don’t have to do anything at all except patiently wait for the countdown to reach zero.

When the countdown is over, you should get access to all your conversations again and to avoid being banned again, you should avoid sending messages to people who don’t have your phone number in their address book (which can make them report you).

If, on the other hand, you have used third-party clients (which are not officially supported by WhatsApp), remove them from your phone immediately, wait until the lock is over and reinstall the official application for Android and iPhone.

This is the correct procedure to follow if you have an Android terminal (the platform on which the “alternative” clients for WhatsApp are most common).

Follow these simple steps:
  1. Go to the Android drawer, which is the screen that lists all the applications installed on your phone;
  2. Locate the alternative WhatsApp client you used to access the service. It may also be called WhatsApp or a similar name (e.g., WhatsApp+, WhatsAppMD, WhatsApp Reborn, or WhatsApp);
  3. Press and hold your finger on the app icon and drag it to the Uninstall button or trashcan at the top;
  4. Press the OK button to confirm the deletion of the application;
  5. Wait for your WhatsApp account to be temporarily unlocked;
  6. Re-install WhatsApp, follow the initial application setup procedure and you should be able to access your conversations again.

This is the right procedure to perform on an iPhone (although it is less common to run into third-party clients for WhatsApp on “bitten apple” smartphones).

Follow these simple steps:
  1. Go to the iOS Home screen and open the Settings app (the gray gear icon);
  2. Tap the alternative WhatsApp client icon for a long time until it begins to “dance,” then press the (x) button that appears on it and click Delete to respond to the message that appears on the screen.
  3. Wait for your WhatsApp account to be temporarily unlocked;
  4. Re-install the official WhatsApp app, follow the initial application setup process and if all goes well, you should be able to access your account again.
  5. In the unfortunate event that your account is still locked when the countdown expires, try sending an email (written in English) to one of the following addresses.

You must choose the one for the operating system installed on your smartphone.

With a bit of luck – if you have not violated the terms of use of the service – access to your account will be restored within a few days. For more information about WhatsApp’s contact methods, please visit this page on the service’s website and also take a look at my guide on how to contact WhatsApp.

Removing the permanent lock

Reactive WhatsApp after ban

Unlocking WhatsApp after your account has been permanently blocked (when the main screen of the app displays the message “Your number is no longer enabled to use our service“) is not easy at all.

The only solution you can attempt to use is to send an email to WhatsApp technical support and request a more in-depth analysis of your case to prove that you have not committed any of the violations that lead to a permanent ban on your account.

Support email addresses to which you can send a message (in English) are listed below. Choose the one for the operating system installed on your smartphone.

For more information about WhatsApp’s contact methods, please visit this page on the service’s website and read my guide on how to contact WhatsApp.

Warning: If you can’t prove your “innocence” and the WhatsApp team don’t agree to unlock your account, don’t give in to the temptation to turn to applications and services that promise to unlock WhatsApp!

You couldn’t make a bigger mistake.

There are plenty of such solutions on the web that promise to unlock permanently blocked accounts and/or speed up the countdown for temporarily blocked accounts.

Well, at best they don’t work, but much more often than not, they’re a carrier of malware, so I encourage you to stay away from them!

Other useful information to unlock WhatsApp

Has your account not been locked by WhatsApp? In this case, you may want to have additional information to unlock WhatsApp, for example, if you have requested deactivation, if you have deleted your account, or if you are not allowed to access your chats because the version of WhatsApp installed on your device is obsolete.

In this case, you should resolve it by simply reinstalling WhatsApp.

If, on the other hand, you have been blocked by a user, all you have to do is see if they really blocked you and then contact them to request activation.

A tip for all of my friends in India, Nigeria, or Pakistan

Many write to me from these countries, which has brought me immense joys. For this, I would start by saying thank you.

Back to the problem here, though, I have noticed a similar issue with all of you. You get blocked when you said the same message to several contacts at once.

This can happen a lot when you have groups for work, school, or you are a shop owner that is reaching out to customers with mass texts often.

In these counties, the privacy of users is sensitive, so if you are compiling a work group or exchange numerous photos and videos, I would recommend not using WhatsApp. A suitable alternative is Telegram.


If you have any doubts, questions or clarifications do not hesitate to leave a comment in the box below and I will respond as soon as possible.


PS. – Please do not comment on this articles asking me to reactivate your number. I don’t make miracles yet 😇

PS. II – Still can’t unlock your account? I recommend reaching out to WhatsApp through some of these addresses.

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