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Creating Fake WhatsApp Conversation Without Installing Apps

Have you wanted to make authentic-looking WhatsApp chats to fool both friends and family? You have come to the right place to educate yourself. No matter what you use to access the program, I have tips that can help you fake some chats right now.

Fake WhatsApp Chats

Hello everyone! Frankie here again to teach you another dirty little trick to help you master WhatsApp. Today it is about creating snapshots of chats that look exactly like real WhatsApp conversations.

You only need to sit back, relax, and get ready to read through these details.

You might find that there are multiple applications for faking chats on WhatsApp, especially if you find a need for a good alibi for something you are trying to hide.

Imagine spending excessive time on WhatsApp chatting with your lover or current fling. This poses a concern because your partner might get suspicious if you are consistently online and want to know who you are chatting with.

You could answer that suspicion with saying you are talking to customers or to your friends. By sending a screenshot of a fake chat, you would fix this problem and put your spouse’s mind at ease.

In truth, you would now have a perfect alibi.

You might not always need fake chats to hide some nefarious activity. You can use this to trick friends, make jokes, or perhaps even generate a cool conversation with someone important.

No matter what reasons you have, you can accomplish this easily.

There are many apps that can help you to quickly and easily create fake conversations for WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, SMS, and other apps. These are authentic in every conceivable way.

Within this article, I can show you the best apps to create and send fake WhatsApp conversations, but also a way you can do this without installing an app. I call this method the “WhatsApp Shell Game

These are solutions that I have tried myself and achieved excellent results.


Frankie’s Take:

You might be surprised at how real this looks once you see the results. If you are used to sending voice messages instead and need an alibi, I would suggest you take a look at this article about How to have a fake background sound effect in your chat.

Best Fake WhatsApp Programs

Below, you will see the top apps to create fake chat screenshots quickly and easily.

1. Fake WhatsApp Chat Generator

WhatsApp Fake Chat

Fake WhatsApp Chat Generator is the best app on this list. In truth it isn’t even technically an app yet, but available on the web, so you don’t need to download anything to your phone.

It has everything, absolutely everything! Also features a user-friendly interface that makes navigation easy.

I personally believe that the program is so simple, I should not even need to explain it to you.

With this application you can set a profile picture of the fake chat recipient (all you need to do is screenshot it from WhatsApp), time on your phone, telephone operator, battery levelblue ticks from read messages, and much more. You can add the message you want to be seen as well, of course.

Once you have finished creating the fake app, you can download the image and send it to your partner.


Frankie’s Take:

It is very likely the best option around. Being a web app (or a website, really), you only need an internet connection to access it. There might be situations in which you don’t have connection. In this case there are viable alternatives in the form of actual apps from the app store. I will tell you more about these options below.

2. Fake Chat Maker (Only Android)

Fake Chat Maker is an app for Android is software that allows you to quickly and completely organize a fake WhatsApp conversation.

The interface you use in the app is simple and easy to navigate, allowing you to accurately reproduce every facet of a WhatsApp chat. You overlook no details – this includes the contact, chat window, and the chance to falsely use features.

Here are some of the things that you can do with this app:

  • create a fake profile
  • send fake chats
  • add a fake status
  • use emojis accessible in WhatsApp
  • insert media (photos, videos, and audio)

It is even possible for you to fake calls, capture screenshots and share them, have fake phone records, send video in the chat, and make/receive video calls.

In short, you get all of the features of the instant messaging service. After giving it a try, we can assure you it is one of the best available.

Available for free for Android.


Frankie’s Take:

In my opinion, it is the best app for Android to create fake conversations. It has no in-app purchases, making this software 100% free.

3. ChatsFake for WhatsApp (iPhone)

ChatsFake for. WhatsApp is an iPhone app capable of creating convincing fake conversations and chat images from WhatsApp. It can be completely customized, enabling changes in multiple parameters.

The fake contact profile (or group) can get modified in any area – picture, status, and chat window status as “online” or “typing

In replicating the conversation, you need only type the text and identify if it is sent or received.

This makes creating fake WhatsApp conversations quick and easy. You can use emojis, photos, videos, and GIFs.

You will also find a fake audio note button. In addition there is a chance to mimic call history and every other WhatsApp detail that might need replicating.


Frankie’s Take:

Unfortunately, some of the features of this app are premium. If you consider all of the benefits the app can offer, it is worth spending a few bucks.

WhatsApp Shell Game: How to Forge WhatsApp Conversations without Apps

WhatsApp shell game

I would like to share with you one more way that perhaps requires a little more work than some of the earlier mentioned strategies, but is equally effective.

I have taken to calling it the WhatsApp Shell Game because of how it reminds me of street scammers that can work to cheat money from people.

You can very easily create a fake WhatsApp chat by using a trusted friend’s phone. Say you have a friend named Joanna and want to create a fake conversation with her.

All you have to do is follow these few steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp, you can then select your conversation with your friend Joanna, tap her name and save the profile picture.
  2. Take another phone if you have one, or ask a family member or friend to borrow theirs for a moment.
  3. Send Joanna’s profile picture from your phone to the borrowed phone.
  4. On their phone, open WhatsApp, change the profile picture with Joanna’s (temporarily)
  5. Take your phone and save this family member’s contact as Joanna.
  6. Carry on a chat between these two phones, and it will appear as though you are having a conversation with Joanna.
  7. When you have finished, you can take some screenshots of this conversation, and restore their profile picture to the original image. Then return their name to the family member’s name on your phone.

You’re done! You now have fake screenshots of conversations without installing any applications.


Frankie’s Take:

I was once a victim of fake WhatsApp conversations and used this method to show my girlfriend “I didn’t talk to any prostitute“. I used my sister’s phone to create a fake conversation with my girlfriend and told her that these were the words you said to me last night. She realized the conversations must have been faked.

Can You Identify Fake WhatsApp Screenshots?

You can be assured that the apps or even the WhatsApp Shell game can gool your friends and even you with its authenticity until you reveal the truth.

The only way that you can often tell real from fake is through typographical errors – so make sure that this is something you are checking on yourself before taking the image.


Within this article I have showed you the best apps out there to generate fake conversations as well as the WhatsApp Shell Game approach to avoid any app installation.

Don’t forget as well, that the Shell Game method can also show someone that you can be a victim of fake WhatsApp conversations. If you missed that, read over that part of it again.

Looking for some more tricks you can play on your friends? I have a large collection of pranks you should check out.

If you are trying to hide an affair, know that sending fake WhatsApp chats is only one of the possible steps that you can take. If you need a 100% reliable alibi, and you do not want your partner getting suspicious while you are with your lover, make sure you are doing all you can.

Here are some other ways to protect yourself:

That’s all I have for you today. If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment below so I can get back with you.

A hug,

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