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How to contact WhatsApp Customer Service

Are you having problems with WhatsApp? Do you wish to contact them for business inquires? Here I will explain how you can contact WhatsApp quickly.

how to contact whatsapp support

Hi, I’m your friend Frankie. In this guide I’m going to tell you how to contact WhatsApp Customer Service.

Like with any successful app, there are high chances of running into technical issues. But fortunately for you and the other 1 billion users, the American proprietary has placed a WhatsApp Customer Care department at its users’ disposal. You can also contact them for business inquires or legal issues.

The ways to contact WhatsApp or submit a request for assistance vary.

However, before looking for a WhatsApp company number (there is no way to contact them by phone), I suggest you visit my homepage and use the internal search engine to see if we have already tackled the problem you’re facing.

WhatsApp Customer Service: the 3 ways to contact them

Let’s see how to contact WhatsApp.

There are three different ways to contact the American company, and are based on the kind of question you want to ask them.

The following is the WhatsApp contact information:

Product Support: support@whatsapp.com

Business Inquiries: bd@whatsapp.com

Corporate Address
WhatsApp Inc.
650 Castro Street, Suite 120-219
Mountain View, California, 94041
United States of America

How to contact WhatsApp from your Android or iPhone

To receive technical support on WhatsApp, there is a faster method. It works on any smartphone, regardless of whether it is iOS and Android.

Simply do the following:

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Tap on Help.
  4. Tap on Contact Us.

Contact WhatsApp custumer service

There is also the option to attach a screenshot to show developers the error that occurs.

This method is only applicable for technical issue. Say what’s not working and what error messages you receive. WhatsApp support will want to know when you’re experiencing the issue and if it can be reproduced.

For example, you can write: “My number is banned please unbanned WhatsApp number *************

Another example of an inquiry could be, “My phone keeps telling me I have WhatsApp messages when I don’t. It started about a week ago telling me there was one. This is happening every day now. How do I fix this?

Let them know you’re looking for messenger support for your specific model of phone or for the desktop app.

Don’t ask a question that’s answered in the FAQ section. Customer support prioritizes reports of issues and will not answer a question that is answered by the FAQ.


If you have any doubts, questions or clarifications do not hesitate to leave a comment in the box below and I will respond as soon as possible.


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  5. I am totally unsettled because my phone was stolen and all my WhatsApp messages are open so anyone can see them. I desperately want to delete them but I need your assistance.. Thank you

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