How to be Invisible on WhatsApp While Chatting

Below is a definitive guide that can explain how you can remain invisible on WhatsApp, no matter what device you happen to be using. 

How to stay Invisible on WhatsApp While Chatting

How’s it going everybody? Frankie here again, this time to tell you about how to appear offline in WhatsApp.

With this approach, you can be just like Slimer the ghost when you use WhatsApp.

You might not even know what I’m talking about, and that’s okay.

Slimer is the green ghost that appears in the popular 80s flick The Ghostbusters. I took inspiration from this character for naming this method of ghosting’ on WhatsApp.

The Slimer Method can hide your WhatsApp online status, despite the fact that you are chatting with your better one so that no one else can bother you.

Wait a second!

Some of you are looking to this as a way to hide an affair, and if that’s the case, you should read this other article.

If you are someone that is way too morally straight for anything more than charity work and fundraisers, I suggest the Slimer Ghost Method.

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Before we can explain in too much detail about how to make you a ghost on WhatsApp, you first need to understand an important fact: there is no option available that allows you to make yourself invisible to specific contacts.

So now you wonder – what could I possibly have to teach you?

Actually, quite a bit. There are 6 parts to the Slimer Method that can allow you to disappear from everyone on WhatsApp:

  • Hides Your Online Status
  • Hides ‘Last Seen’ Data
  • Read Messages Without Blue Ticks
  • Block Contacts You Are Avoiding
  • Hide Your Status
  • Hide Your Profile Picture

This method assuredly has its advantages and disadvantages, so let’s look more closely at whether or not this is right for you.


Frankie’s Take:

If you are attempting to keep conversations private from your partner, and they install a  WhatsApp tracker on your phone not even God can keep you safe.

Becoming a Ghost on WhatsApp with the Slimer Method

Becoming a Ghost on WhatsApp with the Slimer Method

Alright – let’s be real for a second.

I would want you believe in ghosts for a second, and more to the point, that you can become one (without a trip to see God), but I also need to be honest.

There is no app that can alter your online status that won’t get you banned from using WhatsApp. Going out on a limb here and saying that might defeat the purpose of what you hope to achieve.

Let that sink in for a minute.

WhatsApp will not allow the installation and usage of any application that could alter the functionality and interface of the messaging app.

Using these could lead to you getting banned. Want more information? You can always read about their terms of service. 

Back to our ‘paranormal’ approaches, let’s see how you can become invisible on WhatsApp without tipping the balance into behavior to get you banned.

The Slimer Method: 6 Ways To Set Your Online Status Invisible

The Slimer Method

Assuredly by now you have noticed that WhatsApp is nothing like the old MSN Messenger which had a very literal Ghost Mode option.

I also wish it were this simple, but unfortunately, that’s never going to be the case.

While it might not be this simple, it also does not mean that you are out of options, either.

Whether you use an Android or iPhone, here are several approaches to become invisible on WhatsApp.


Frankie’s Take:

I can explain below how to do these individual methods as well, but understand that chat settings and layout might differ slightly between devices.

1. Turn On Airplane Mode

By turning on the airplane mode on your phone( you can see how to do it on iOS or on Android devices) you can then read all received messages to that point without appearing online when you enter the application.

You can also reply to these messages as a ghost.

When you turn off airplane mode, if the app is still open, you become visible to anyone online. Make sure that you exit the application completely before you reactivate your internet connectivity.

This mode on your phone also impacts and severs your connection to mobile data.

Because of this, you can read all of the WhatsApp messages without changing your ‘last seen’ status or ever indicate that you are online.

Important to note, though, that activating airplane mode prevents all notifications and messages from other applications, and completely disconnects you from the available phone network.


Frankie’s Take:

I have certainly used this workaround to access and even reply to messages without affecting my online status, but it can become tedious to constantly activate and deactivate airplane mode to receive messages.

2. Blocking a Contact

Honestly, this is one of the easiest available methods for hiding WhatsApp status to a particular person you don’t want knowing that you are online.

In some instances, it is easier to block this contact rather than preventing calls and texts to your phone while you cruise WhatsApp Messenger in airplane mode.

Blocking a contact works for you on many levels, including that these individuals can no longer see when you are online, your ‘last seen’ data, blue ticks, your profile, or send you messages.

If you are wanting to do this on a smartphone (iOS or Android), just open WhatsApp then Settings. Choose Account > Privacy > Blocked > Add New.

But can you unlock them once you have made this decision?

Absolutely! All you need to do is open up the app and go to settings again. Long press on their name in the blocked contacts listing and choose from the available menu to unblock them.


Frankie’s Take:

This might seem pretty drastic depending on the circumstances, but highly effective if you are only looking to hide from a couple of people particularly. You can then chat without the arduous airplane mode activation.

3. Disabling Timestamps

This is a very popular option for those using the app.

You would be surprised at how many people would like these stamps removed from the messaging app, and hiding this information is not difficult.

Deactivating this feature involves opening the app, then choosing Settings > Account > Privacy > Nobody.

This feature is ideal for preventing anyone from seeing the last time that you were online, but it does not prevent your WhatsApp contacts from identifying when you are online.

You can look to points 1 & 2 for information on hiding your status.


Frankie’s Take:

I am like many that do not wish to share my timestamp presence on WhatsApp with my contacts or anyone else. Be aware, though, that this does nothing to prevent the visibility of your online status.

4. Deselecting Read Icons

This is another popular option among a large grouping of WhatsApp users.

You might not even realize that you have the opportunity to modify settings and not inform contacts that you have read the messages they’ve sent.

Unsure of how these notifications and stamps occur and how to identify them? You should take a minute and read the complete guide about WhatsApp ticks.

This is also pretty easy to do. All you need to do is open up WhatsApp and follow these steps: Settings > Account > Privacy > Click on Read Recipients.

As with most things, there is a downside.

If you decide to disable this feature, it prevents you from seeing when someone else receives and reads the messages that you send as well.


Frankie’s Take:

It is important to note that too much playing with this feature can lead to you getting banned, so pay attention. This enhances your privacy level, but not without drawbacks like no longer receiving read notifications for outgoing chat messages.

5. Hide Your Online Status

Hiding Your Status on WhatsApp

This is helpful information for many users, as well.

This approach prevents others from accessing information like your profile status, and you have multiple options that you can choose once you decide on going this route.

Accessing this menu is simple, just follow this path: WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy > Status. You can now choose among three available options.

  1. My Contacts – Only share status with trusted friends and contacts.
  2. My Contacts Except – This shares your profile and status with all of your friends except those that you have placed on a list to remain in the dark.
  3. Only Share With – This keeps your profile information from everyone, but the handful of contacts that you select as the exceptions.

If you are looking at all of your options side by side, 2 and 3 are among the most effective at hiding information from unwanted parties.


Frankie’s Take:

The status that you can input on WhatsApp is not as important or frequently read as other social media apps like Facebook, but you might not want the whole world able to see it either.

6. Hiding Your Profile Photo

There is a lot of clear merit in keeping a profile picture hidden from the contacts and users of WhatsApp.

This is a very easy thing to do.

You can start by heading into WhatsApp and choosing Settings > Privacy > Profile Photo > Nobody.

If you choose this option, no one can see your profile picture at all anymore. There is an available option that keeps it visible to contacts, if you so desire.

You should take a minute and read the complete guide about hiding picture from specific contacts.


Frankie’s Take:

Because your contacts can always save your profile picture in the phone easily, make certain your profile picture is only accessible to contacts.

The Ghostbusters Method – Catching Ghosts on WhatsApp

The Ghostbusters Method

Wouldn’t the world be a boring place if everything was just handed to you?

Behind all of the ghost activity, there is seemingly always a dedicated Ghostbuster standing in the background looking to catch it.

With WhatsApp ghosts, there is enough technology and software that would make Peter, Ray, Winston, and Egon blush. If you don’t know that’s the Ghostbuster team, seriously, watch the movie.

If someone who wants to catch you hiding your presence or activity on WhatsApp with the right software, there is no one that can save you.

I wrote an article about WhatsApp Spying and how you can protect yourself.


I have laid out all of the finer points of the Slimer Method and how you can successfully become invisible on WhatsApp.

The first two points on this list are dedicated to allowing you to chat freely while hiding your online status. The others, enhance your privacy on the app altogether.

I have also taken a minute to divulge Ghostbuster Methods that can track WhatsApp and all phone activities, even if you are invisible. You can (and should) learn more about these to defend yourself.

You should always work to stay up to date and knowledgeable on maintaining and understanding privacy settings, as well as general features available through WhatsApp.

If you cannot successfully drop of the grid and struggle with making yourself invisible to detection on WhatsApp, feel free to drop a comment below so I can help.

A hug,

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