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Hiding Apps on Your iPhone or Android Phone

With this guide I want to show you how to hide apps on both your iPhone or Android device. Certain apps, like dating and social networking icons, will then disappear completely from your phone’s home screen.

how to hide apps on your iPhone or Android

Hello everyone, it’s Frankie Caruso here again. I am a messaging app and smart phone hacking expert at your service. Welcome to my blog.

Today, I will show you the secrets of hiding apps on your iPhone Android device. Other than this being one of my favorite tricks, it is also something most requested by the blog readers.

There are several reasons why you might want to hide an app from your phone. You might be trying to hide work apps from little fingers that could mess up your progress, or dating apps from nosy family members and friends. No matter what the reason, I’m here to help you achieve your goal.

Let me be honest: on both of these types of devices you are able to hide apps so they no longer appear on the home screen, but that does not make them entirely invisible. Anyone who knows how to fiddle with the phone a bit can find them without much incident. Your objective is to make this search as challenging as possible.

So, I have given you the best techniques so hiding apps is not a complicated procedure and place them in order of their effectiveness. This means the time it takes an experienced user to find this hidden app on the device. More time spent looking for something, the more effective this technique becomes. I will insert a value of the Discovery Time (DT) on each of these options as we continue.

For simplicity, I have split this guide into two parts, the first being dedicated two iPhone users and the second part to Android device users.

Without further ado, let’s get down to it.

How To Hide Apps on Your iPhone

There are some things you need to know before we begin:

  • There is no official method that Apple provides to hide apps on their devices. Your options involve storing apps you wish to hide in a folder and shielding it from view by keeping it from the home screen.
  • Folders on these phones support many ‘pages’ of apps, so you can hide any sensitive icons in the last of these pages for additional security.
  • You can change settings in your iPhone to no longer make it possible to search for apps you have installed.
  • If you want to take the step further, you can jailbreak your iPhone and use software like Springtomize 3 to fully hide these apps.

The ability to arrange apps according to your needs visit user-friendly approach that Apple has provided its users. Creating folders and grouping apps by their type allows you to navigate the interface quickly to find what you need. The only thing that you cannot do, yet, is to fully hide any sensitive or embarrassing apps from view.

Because of this you can never make an app 100% invisible to strangers or those that might have access to your device.

There are tricks to make them harder to find, and below are some of the best strategies to accomplish this.


Frankie’s Take:

Let me remind you quickly that all of the listed options below will come with the Discovery Time (DT) value attached so you understand its effectiveness.

1. Hide Apps Within Home Screen Folders (DT 3 min.)

This first option encourages you to hide the apps you don’t want others to find among many other applications you already have installed on your device. Icons are not hidden completely in this way, but it is a more tedious process for a nosy friend with only a limited amount of time to locate it.

At first, this might seem trivial, but if your iPhone is already full of apps this might be a good solution to bury these applications out of sight. Even more importantly, this strategy requires no technical expertise and can be completed quickly.

Let me explain how you can accomplish this:

  1. First, choose a folder that already exists on your iPhone. It is best to choose a boring one that is least likely to attract attention from those perusing your device.
  2. Choose the icon of the app you wish to hide and hold it until it starts to shake.
  3. Drag this app into the folder of your choosing.
  4. Continue to drag the app to the right within the folder to place it on a 2nd page or later, as only the first page of apps are visible from the home screen.

Do you really want to hide apps deep into your folders? You might be interested to know that you can create up to 12 pages in a single folder as long as each of these pages has an app. Essentially you can have a folder with 11 pages of apps that you only sometimes use, an objective to hide the app of your choosing on the last available page.

how to hide apps on iphone with folder

iOS 14 (or Later) Update

If you have the latest iOS software update installed on your iPhone, you have likely noticed that a new section exists called the App Library.

This is a section where you can find every installed application on your iPhone automatically divided into folders according to their type. For example, social apps have a folder called Social Network, and so on.

You can set the iPhone to remove apps you want to hide from the home screen and leave them in the app library folders to make them less visible to prying people.

Here is how you can do that:

  1. First, find an app you wish to remove from the home screen and long press on the icon.
  2. When a popup window appears, choose to “Remove App”.
  3. Next, choose “Remove App from Home Screen”. The app will now be hidden from the home screen and moved into this app library exclusively.
  4. To access this library, keep scrolling to the right until you reach the last page. Here, you can use a search bar to find particular applications you wish to locate quickly.

how to hide apps on iphone


✅ Quick to apply

✅ Access the hidden app at any time so you do not have to spend time looking for it

❌ Despite being invisible on the home screen, the app will show in recently used lists and suggestions from Siri

❌ If you have a partner that does not trust you and investigates your phone for specific apps, it is easy to do with the convenient search function

2. Hide Apps from Being Searched on the iPhone (DT 10 min.)

I mentioned before that hiding apps in the folders is a good way to make them challenging to find but is anything but secure. A nosy person could just use the iPhone’s search function and find them within a few seconds anyway.

I have a solution to this problem.

You might not realize this, but you can hide apps from being searched on the iPhone. You need to disable each app’s appearance, one at a time though.

Here are the steps you will need to follow:

  1. Open the settings menu and click on “Sire & Search”.
  2. Scroll down until a list of apps appears. You can choose from this list the apps you wish to hide.
  3. Choose to toggle off “Learn from this App”, “Suggest App”, “Show App in Search”, “Show Content in Search”, and any toggles for “Suggest Shortcuts for App”. Some of these toggles might disappear on their own based on your choices, but this normal, just follow this list to make sure all of those accessible have been handled.

To hide multiple apps, you need to repeat this operation for each one. There is no way to hide multiple apps simultaneously at this time.

Note: to find and unhide an app from this search function, you should repeat these steps in reverse order by accessing Siri & Search and toggling suggestions back on.

If you wish to access the hidden app, you will have to search for it in the folder where you’ve hidden it.

Even with all of these measures, this application will still not be completely hidden from view. He knows the person with enough time could find it hidden in the folder of your choosing. Until Apple gives you a way to truly make apps private, this is the closest option to making something hidden from view.

Tip: if the app you are hiding is a social or dating app, it is vital to turn off notifications, so you do not reveal its presence unnecessarily.


✅ Increase security and privacy with a path more difficult for snoopers

✅ Quick and easy to do

✅ Knowing where it is, you can access a hidden app quickly yourself

❌ If a nosy person searches the Apple Store, the app will show in the Purchase History

3. Hide Apps by Jailbreaking the iPhone (DT 40 min.)

Undeniably, this is the most effective path to take. The only downside is that you have to jailbreak your device to accomplish it.

Jailbreaking is a process that removes limitations and blocks set by the iOS programming to allow you to install apps not officially created and meant for use in the Apple store. You are cracking your phone’s software by doing this.

Jailbreaking is never a good idea, particularly because you expose your iPhone to malware and viruses. However, for some people, this is worth the risk to hide what needs to be hidden.

Jailbreaking is not easy to do or something that everybody can accomplish. I have attached a link to a great guide made by my friends at Digitaltrends that is comprehensive and easy to follow.

Having said this, once your phone is jailbroken, XB-Hide is the appropriate app I would suggest for a free and effective hiding of your apps on Cydia (the unofficial jailbreak App Store.)


✅ Truly makes apps invisible on your iPhone

❌ Requires jailbreaking the device

❌ Time consuming to accomplish and requires some technical skills

In Summation

To give you a quick recap, here are the best (current) methods for hiding iPhone apps from the home screen:

  • Hide them by placing them into folders full of apps to make them invisible initially from your home screen and more challenging to find among pages of other applications.
  • Hide them from an iPhone App Search to make them invisible to Siri.
  • Performing a jailbreak on an iPhone and using suggested apps like XB-Hide to fully and completely make them invisible.

Hiding Apps on Android Devices

What you need to know before:

  • You can hide apps from mostly all Android phones’ home screens or app drawers so that you would need to search for them to find them.
  • Hiding apps prevents friends, family, or children from accessing these programs without permission.
  • If your phone does not permit app hiding, there are options to help with third-party applications and launchers.

If you own an Android smartphone, things are easier in this regard than those who use iPhones. On Androids, you can hide apps easily, and in most situations, without the need for downloading additional programs or services.

Let’s not waste any more time. Here is how you can hide apps on some of Androids most popular brands: Samsung, Honor/Huawei, and more.

Samsung (DT 10 min.)

  1. Go to “Settings” (Gear Icon) and click “Display”.
  2. On this menu, scroll until you see “Home Screen” and click it.
  3. Tap “Hide Apps” and select the programs you wish to eliminate from your home page.

That was easy, right?

Honor and Huawei (DT 10 min.)

You are going to have a similar procedure with both the Honor and Huawei devices.

  1. Head to the home screen on your device.
  2. Make a ‘zoom out’ gesture by bringing two fingers towards each other on the screen.
  3. Select “Add”.
  4. Choose all apps you want to hide from this screen or app drawer and you are done.

And with that, you have successfully hidden your private apps on Huawei and Honor smartphones. To access these apps, you get to this hidden menu by the same ‘zoom out’ gesture you used to add them.

Other Android Devices (DT 10 min.)

For those using Oppo mobile devices, click here for a guide.

For an unofficial yet highly accurate guide updated regularly for Vivo devices, you can click here.

Hiding Apps on Android with a 3rd Party App (DT 60 min)

Another way that you can achieve this result is through an alternative launcher for the Android device.

I should explain. A launcher is software that allows you to manage or change the interface for Android phones. Most of these come with an option to hide apps.

Personally, I do not recommend using this option. We waste a lot of time trying to understand how they work and it’s one more app that requires installation on your phone. Remember the popular adage, less is more. If you cannot live without it, let me show you how it works.

Likely the most commonly used launcher available from the Google Play Store is Nova Launcher.

First, you will need to download the app by choosing the free version for a couple days to test the waters and see if this option is for you.

To urgently hide something, you can download the free version and then immediately after the download completes open the launcher. You need to download the Nova Prime package to hide things right away.

Next you must set Nova Launcher as the default for your phone. This is simple to do, just go to the settings and the home page option come up and take the box next to Nova Launcher.

Go to the home screen and access the Nova Launcher settings by long pressing the screen and selecting the Settings option that appears.

When the screen opens, press “Apps Menu”, and then “Hide App”. Put a tick next to the icons for apps you wish to keep hidden from anyone accessing the device.

When you finish this, press the arrow at the top left and return to the home screen. A quick look can show that these apps are no longer accessible from this area of your device.

Should you decide that you no longer need or want to hide something, the process is easily reversible by returning to the “App Menu”, selecting “Hide App” again, and removing the ticks from those apps.

That’s not hard, right?

Nova only hides these items while you use this launcher and its features. If you return to the normal user interface, these applications resume being visible wherever they were last located on the home screen.

Many of the available launchers in the app store have these types of features, though Nova is arguably one of the most stable and most-frequently downloaded across the world.

But there is yet another alternative that I can offer if Nova is not what you are looking for.

Apex Launcher is another service allowing you to hide apps for free. When downloaded and installed, see the Settings menu, Drawer Settings, and then Hidden Apps to add programs you wish to hide from nosey folks.

This is not a bad alternative to change the user interface and provide efficient potions for hiding apps. Unfortunately, I don’t personally believe Apex is as safe as Nova – but that’s your ultimate choice.

In Summation

The best ways that you can hide apps from Android devices includes:

  • Hiding them from your home screen with built-in privacy features provided by Android on most popular smartphone brands like Samsung, Huawei, and OnePlus.
  • Use a third-party launcher application like Nova.

The Take Away

Now that we have reached the end of the guide, I would hope that you are better equipped to handle the questions you had about hiding sensitive apps on your devices.

Before we depart, let’s go over this quickly one more time to ensure that you did not miss an important piece of information that could help you.

We learned that it is possible to hide apps from both your iPhone or Android devices, it is just the process that changes based on this operating system.

Because Apple has not released a credible way to hide apps officially, users have to resort to tricks that make finding particular apps more challenging for snoopers. You can hide apps inside of existing folders, prevent Siri from finding these apps when searching, and even jailbreak the device to install unofficial solutions.

Those using androids often have an official method for hiding their apps that changes slightly based on the brand and model. You also have an option to install a launcher program to accomplish this.

That’s all I have for now, but you can always return for more helpful tips and tricks. You can also follow on Facebook, Pinterest, and the YouTube channel for access to lots of information and helpful content. If you have any more questions or concerns, you can comment on the post below here and I will get back with you as soon as I am able.

A hug,

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