A Quick Guide to Spying Methods

In this section I have collected all my guides related to spying on a mobile phone (both iPhone and Android). Additionally you will find the greatest methods on how to spy on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram account and read other conversations without getting caught red handed. I have picked the best software (the same software I use).

Spying on Phones

In this guide I have collected the 5 main techniques to monitor a mobile phone and track its location. I will discuss Social Engineering, malicious links, vulnerability software, Sniffing Wireless Networks and Spy cameras.

Spy on an iPhone

This guide quickly became the leading light for thousands of users who wanted to spy on their child’s or partner’s iPhone. You don’t need to be a computer geek or an experienced hacker to spy on an iPhone and in this guide I’ll show you the 3 simplest and most effective techniques.

Best Apps to Track Phones

Read this for a few options regarding easy-to-use phone tracking and spy apps popular in 2021. These will work for both iPhone and Android. Check it out.

Hacking Facebook

Within this guide I’ll show you the 3 best ways to hack a Facebook account: 2 medium difficulty (Keylogger and Phishing) and one much easier (mSpy).

Hacking WhatsApp

One of the most read guide in the world on how to spy on WhatsApp . You’ll find the best techniques for reading conversations remotely without accessing the victim’s cell phone.

Hacking Instagram

Within this guide I want to show how to get a tracker installed on someone’s Instagram DMs without them knowing. Check it out.

Keylogger Spyware

I will show you in detail what they are, how they work and how to use this spying technique. To date it is one of the most used and allows you to record every input left on your mobile phone’s keyboard.
Phishing Attack

Phishing Technique

Phishing is a hacking strategy not so easy to apply that is based on the concept of social engineering, that is the study of a person’s individual behavior in order to get useful information.
Spy on child phone

Spy on your child's Phone

In short, in this article I compare the four main Parental Control software that can read messages, track phone calls and geolocalize your child’s phone in real time.

Hi, It’s me, your best friend Frankie.

As you may have guessed by reading some articles in my blog I’m a fan of hacking philosophy and espionage techniques applied to mobile phones and social networks.

Since I was a kid I grew up with two legends: Gary McKinnon and Kevin Mitnick – called the Condor (the two greatest hackers in the world). I think I’ve read everything they’ve written, no exaggeration.

I won’t hide from you that in these years I have not only limited myself to reading their books, I have also tried some techniques. Nowadays I spend a lot of my time studying and testing new hacking strategies such as social engineering.

I don’t want to lie to you...

Most hacking and espionage techniques are very complex to accomplish, especially if you are not an experienced computer expert and don’t know the programming languages. Furthermore, both the new mobile devices – iPhone, Samsung, etc. – and the most used social networks in the world – such as Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. – are very hard to hack since they feature highly advanced CyberSecurity systems.

However, back to business…

If you are reading my blog it is certainly because you want to break into someone’s privacy and gain access to their virtual world.

Well, let me just say this: spying on a mobile phone, hacking a Facebook account or reading someone’s WhatsApp conversations without authorization is an offence in almost every country in the world!

However, since I’m a fan of ethical (or white hat) hacking, I’ve decided to share some of the best techniques for spying on a mobile phone and hacking social networks in order to help parents who care about the safety of their children (minors).

Monitoring the mobile phone of their minor children is not a crime and in most cases it is useful to identify forms of cyberbullying or paedophilia.


Frankie Caruso