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A Comprehensive Guide to Telegram: What Is It and How to Make the Most of It

Instagram has lit the social media world. Yet, it seems way too challenging for some people to use. In all its right, Instagram can be intricate if you’re less of a digital nerd. However, this guide will help you master and make the most of it.

Instagram has a lot to offer, which makes it one of the most sophisticated messaging apps. However, that’s only true if you aren’t well-versed in using it or can’t figure out how to make the most of it.

That shouldn’t be your worry anymore because I’m here to help you.

Dear friends, It’s Frankie again.

I’m your typical nerdy Italian messaging app enthusiast raised on spaghetti and Pizza and all social media platforms. As I’ve already informed you, I always have a solution for all your digital problems, and I’ll help you understand how to use Instagram to make the most of it.

Everyone is talking about Telegram these days, but what is it exactly? Telegram is an instant messaging platform that is quickly becoming the go-to for people all around the world.

It is a messaging service designed for speed and security, allowing users to send messages, photos, videos, and other media types quickly and easily. It is also packed with features such as bots, channels, and secret chats.

This comprehensive guide will teach you about Telegram and how to make the most of it. It’ll help you get the most out of your Telegram experience, from creating an account to finding new people and groups to join.

Plus, you will get tips on customizing your account and making it work. To help you quickly understand this article’s structure, here’s how I’ve organized it:

  • What is Telegram?
  • Benefits of Using Telegram
  • How to create a Telegram account
  • Exploring the main screen of Telegram
  • Finding people and groups to join
  • Creating and Joining Channels
  • Customizing your Telegram account
  • Tips and Tricks for Making the Most of Telegram
  • Integrating Telegram with other platforms
  • Security features of Telegram
  • How to delete a Telegram account
  • Frequently Asked Questions

So, let’s get started and explore the world of Telegram!


Frankie’s Take:

I recommend using Telegram for your instant messaging needs. Its quick speeds and robust security should calm down your privacy concern since that’s what this app is insanely good for.

Section 1: What is Telegram?

Telegram is a cross-messaging platform sought-after for its unbreachable security and incredible encryption features. It’s standalone and has no affiliations with other social media companies like Instagram and WhatsApp that Facebook own. s

That’s given it a name, an identity, and a place in the market as one of the most reliable messaging apps and social media platforms. Moreover, its compatibility with most operating systems and devices makes it a more versatile option.

Despite its increasing popularity, this application hasn’t been around for quite that long. It’s only a decade old, developed in Russia, and is seemingly taking over the social space.

But while we know it for all its sophistication today, this software has come a long way. And, while I want to tell you how it started, grew, and whatnot, I won’t bore you with all the history rigmarole.

Instead, I’ll tell you why you need to use this application and the benefits that tag along.

Section 2: Benefits of Using Telegram

Here’s the thing.

I adore all social media platforms and instant messaging apps. And I won’t roll head over heels for any, only for the sake of it.

I’ve dealt with Instagram and have worked around its corners to know precisely why you should use it. However, I have to admit that Instagram has an edge in certain aspects over other instant messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter.

So, what are the benefits of using Telegram?

It Offers Better Security

Every instant messaging app boasts of being impenetrable that their end-to-end encryption is second to none, and users shouldn’t worry about their security and privacy. WhatsApp, for instance, seems to reiterate that more often.

Facebook also claims to be sober in ensuring a secure social environment, which is true after its major scandal regarding the 2018 GDPR violations. The list is endless as it’s becoming more of a bargaining chip for companies trying to win over concerned users.

However, Instagram’s security is authentically second to none. Its end-to-end encryption has even amazed numerous specialists, most now recommending using this platform for more private and sensitive convos.

It Offers an Expansive Cloud for Storing Files

Telegram offers cloud storage to hold your essential files, including videos, images, and audio, unlike other instant messaging apps. You can also store your messages, so you can rest assured that you can recover them whenever.

The best part is that this storage’s capacity is infinite, and you can store almost anything, whether large or too large. And what’s more appealing is that you can access these files from any device you log in to using your Telegram account.

That pins an advantage over other messaging apps, and you don’t have to overwhelm your device with too many files that eat its space.

Self-Destruct Timers

As you’ve seen with WhatsApp’s disappearing messages feature, self-destruct timers are becoming the mainstay. Instagram’s self-destruct timer works similarly, allowing your messages to only exist within your determined span.

The good thing is that this feature offers more versatile options, allowing you to choose between a second and a week before your messages disappear.

However, you should know that you can never retrieve your messages once they self-destruct – Unless you back them up on your Telegram cloud.

It Enables You to Send Larger Files

I’ve come to love using Telegram because it lets you send colossal file sizes. It’s something no other instant messaging app can do or can perhaps do shy of what WhatsApp can.

Telegram supports file sizes up to 2GB and various formats, including zip, doc, and MP3, which are unmatched. You can benefit more from this feature if you have a channel that requires you to send such huge files limitlessly.

You Can Communicate with Numerous People Through Telegram Channels

Telegram channels allow you to sell your ideas and products and share information about anything with many people. The Good thing is that you can have as many as 200,000 members, which should be enough for virtually any small enterprise or a themed group.

These groups also let you be in control, which means you can decide virtually every aspect of how it operates. You’re the guide, the solicitor, and always the man of the hour.

Section 3: How to Create a Telegram Account

Creating a Telegram account requires downloading the app from Google Play Store or App store. You can also get it on your laptop or PC from the software’s official website or Microsoft store on Windows and App Store on Mac PC.

You need a high bandwidth internet for a quicker download that spans three to five minutes. The good thing is that the file isn’t usually large, so you shouldn’t worry about consuming excessive space.

Here are the steps you should take to create your account once you’re done with installing Telegram on your phone or PC.

Step 1: Open the Telegram App

  • Your Telegram app should appear on your screen when installed. You can browse through the app log or search it on the bar. Tap to open it.
  • A blank screen should appear with the “Start Messaging” option displayed. Click it to advance.

Step 2: Provide Your Phone Number and Register It

  • You might receive a prompt box asking you to allow the app to receive calls to automate phone number detection and confirmation. Click “Continue”
  • On the screen that appears, enter your current and functioning phone number. While Telegram might automatically detect your country code using your IP address, you might select it from the box labeled “Country.”

That should automatically insert your country code in the box below. Another way of doing it is to enter your country’s code in the box below straightaway.

  • Enter your phone number and click on the right-pointing arrow.
  • Telegram will want you to confirm if the number you’ve entered is correct or if you want to edit it. Click on the blue circle with a check to continue if you don’t need to make any changes.
  • Telegram should display a dialog box asking if they can read your call log to enter the OTP code they send you automatically. Click “Continue.”
  • Telegram should automatically detect the OTP code and fill it.

Step 3: Enter Your Details and Proceed

  • Enter your first and last name, which you can change later when necessary.
  • Add a display picture (DP). You can add more details as the app prompts you.

Your account should be ready to use from here, and you can send messages, photos, videos, and other media to any of your contacts.

Section 4: Exploring the Main Screen of Telegram

Telegram offers a lot to explore, and you can do anything as much as you find fun. Telegram’s main screen doesn’t provide feeds as you’d see on Instagram or Facebook, but it’s a straightforward interface. Please don’t expect anything complicated.

Remember, Telegram usually asks for your consent to access your contacts, which you should have done by now. As an instant messaging app, it’ll display them all on the main screen.

You can click on any contact and start a conversation, and you should feel assured that your messages will be end-to-end encrypted.

Alternatively, you can find out more about the Telegram app’s settings, reset your profile or do much more by clicking on the three-line icon at the top left corner of the screen.

Section 5: Finding People and Groups to Join

You can find people to start a conversation with and Instagram groups to join by searching for them. However, you must identify them by their usernames to make your search easier.

Typing your topic of interest on the search bar can also do it. The good thing is that most Telegram groups identify by specific themes, whether football, health, fitness, or any that intrigues you.

Generally, here’s what you should do to find people and groups on Telegram.

Step 1: Tap the search icon at the top right corner of the main screen and type the name or topic you’re interested in.

Step 2: Tap “Show More” to expand your results and select the contacts and groups you want to join. Your results should display the person you want to start a conversation with or the group you want to join.

Step 3: Tap the “Join” button once you find your preferred group. You can also tap on the contact you’re looking for to start a conversation.

You can also join a group or channels through a redirecting link. These links usually start with the format: https://t.me/. You can find these links from social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook.

Please note: You can add “Chat” to your search and narrow your results to groups if you want a specific group. That should make things more manageable. Also, please remember that the above steps apply to PC searches, whether Windows or Mac.

Section 6: Creating and Joining Channels

Creating an Instagram channel is similar to forming groups. The only difference is you do it straightaway with groups instead of creating links.

Overall, the process isn’t as challenging as you think, as you can only do it in a few steps.

Here are the steps for creating a Telegram channel.

Step 1: On your phone or PC, Open the Telegram app

Step 2: Click on the “Pencil” icon at the bottom right corner of the main screen.

Step 3: Select “New Channel” on the window that opens.

Step 4: On the new window that opens, type a channel name and the channel’s description

Step 5: Choose whether you want your channel to be private or public. Telegram usually creates a directory path for private channels. However, you must make or buy one through bidding if you opt for a public telegram channel.


Frankie’s Take:

Buying a telegram link can be daunting, but I recommend doing it if you can pay. However, a perfect alternative would be creating a Telegram group and sharing the link with whomever you want to add.

Section 7: Customizing your Telegram account

You can customize your channel and give it the appeal you want. That includes editing your profile, changing your notification sounds, and much more.

You want your telegram account to feel as personalized as you wish, and customizing it should do the trick. Please understand these the paths can vary between Android and iOS, but it’s usually a little nuance that won’t make much difference, in my opinion.

Here are the two general steps to help you open the command page before choosing the settings you want to twitch.

Step 1: On your phone or PC, open the telegram application.

Step 2: Tap on the three-line icon at the top-left corner, find and select “Settings.”

The open page should display all commands you need to customize your telegram account.

You can alter your notifications and sounds, privacy, and security, call, language, chat and folder settings. Also, please note that the interphases can vary for phones and PCs, but the difference is only slight and shouldn’t be confusing.

The Telegram theme is one of the most popular settings that users prefer to alter. The good thing is that it’s usually the easiest, and you can find it by:

  • Tapping on the three-line icon at the top-left corner,
  • Roll down to the bottom and toggle the button to vary between night and day modes.

Section 8: Tips and Tricks for Making the Most of Telegram

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned Telegram user, there’s always a trick or more you’ve never known about. Telegram lives up to the hype of a modern instant messaging app and therefore rolls out new features to improve it every day.

Knowing these tips should help you make the most out of Telegram. As an ardent Telegram user and an expert, I believe the following tips should help you make the most out of this application.

Editing Sent Messages

You’ve just sent a cringe message that makes you pray to the heavens that your recipient doesn’t view it. Fret not, since you can edit messages and swerve through this texting mishap. One way to avoid all the embarrassment is to delete it. But it’d save you time if you edited it instead.

You only need to select the sent message by long-pressing on it for about two seconds. Then, find and choose the pen-shaped icon at the top part of the chat screen. You can edit the text from here and hit send.

Leveraging the Chat Folders Feature

Not so many know and use the chat folders feature that much, but it’s one of the most helpful features to help you make the most out of Telegram.

A little organization can help you clear the headache, and you can feel that using the application is more frictionless. Remember, the chat log can seem quite disarranged and needs a little spiffing.

Chat folders are your cheat codes and should group your chats using various levels. On the settings menu, find and select “Create New Folder,” name it and choose the conversations you want to include there.

You can also choose the chats Telegram should keep out of your created folder. That should clear your space, and you can create as many folders as you want to organize your chats better.

Message Scheduling

Telegram also lets you choose the time you want it to deliver your message to your recipient. The messaging scheduling feature should be handy in this case.

To schedule your messages, select the chat and enter your message without hitting send. Tap and hold on to the send icon and choose “Schedule message” from the options. Set your desired date and time.

Send Silent Messages

The silent messages feature allows you to send messages without distracting recipients. Their phones won’t vibrate, and they can go on with their meetings or attend to their busy schedules without disrupting them.

Select your preferred chat and type your message without hitting send to activate this feature. Tap and hold the send button for about a second and select “Send Without Sound” on the list of options that appear.

You can do more to get the most out of your Telegram account. You can use the messages self-distract feature, set reminders, and use the slow mode to help you organize messages and block spam in your group.

You can also edit videos, add stickers, and delete the sender’s messages, all features that most other instant messaging apps don’t offer.

Section 9: Integrating Telegram with Other Platforms

I haven’t seen many apps that integrate seamlessly with other platforms like Telegram. Instagram and Tinder, however, do combine effortlessly, which are the only two apps I can commend for.

However, you must use various third-party software to integrate your Telegram with other platforms since the app doesn’t provide that option.

I find options like Appy Pie, Kommo, Zapier and Apiway more practical. This software usually links your Telegram with other platforms, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

Section 10: Security Features of Telegram

I’ll keep reiterating how secure Telegram is, much so that crypto companies use it prefer using it.

Some of the best security features that genuinely amaze me include the following:

Self-Destructing Messages – This feature has only been available on secret chats, but you can now find it in everyday conversation. This feature should help eliminate all messages you don’t want people to find out about.

Log-In Security – You can rest assured that no one will access your account without you knowing it.
While I commend this platform for being the most secure, it’s possible that, at some point, you may unknowingly give your credentials away without knowing it. The app lets you know when and how this login has taken place. Besides, it provides the culprit’s phone number and email.
That way, it’s easy to report the case to Telegram management.

Two-Factor Authentication – You can only log in to your Telegram account using two-way authentication, which adds an extra protection layer of security to your account.

Section 11: How to delete a Telegram account

You might want to obliterate your Telegram account and delete it from existence. That’s possible and pretty straightforward. You should note that you can’t delete your account from the application but on the app’s website.

Here’s how to delete your Instagram account

Step 1: Open the Telegram web portal on your PC mobile or Tablet browser using the link https://my.telegram.org/auth.

Step 2: Enter the mobile number from the account you want to delete and click “Next.” You’ll receive a confirmation code from the Telegram app and not through SMS.

Step 3Enter the code and click “Sign In” to continue.

Step 4: On the page that opens next, click “Delete account” out of the three available options. Telegram should roll out other options you might consider, but you can continue by filling in the boxes and clicking “Delete My Account.”

Step 5: Finally, agree to delete your account by clicking the red box “Yes, delete my account.”

Please note: You can’t retrieve your Telegram account once you delete it. Therefore, please consider your options and reasons for doing so before getting on with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

As an instant messaging app expert, I’ve come across people asking about using Telegram across my social media platforms, and I’m glad I’ve helped everyone. I’ve therefore decided to extend the courtesy by pinning a few of the most asked questions to offer insight.

Why Do People Use Telegram Instead of Just Texting?

Instagram is sought-after and most preferred for its robust security and privacy over texting and other instant messaging platforms. Its encryption features are top-end and allow communication for larger groups.

Can People See My Telegram Number?

Your phone number should be visible by default to your contacts. That’s possible if you give the app access to all your phone contacts when creating the account. You can, however, create a username that your contacts should see instead of your phone number.

Can I Have Two Accounts on a Similar Phone Number on Telegram?

You cannot create two Telegram accounts using the same phone number, at least not conventionally. Some people get a residential privacy IP address with various locations to register a second account, which may only lead to violations of the Telegram user policies.


That’s a wrap for today, and I hope this guide will help you navigate through the app like a pro.

If you have any second thoughts about using Telegram for your messaging needs, please don’t, because it’s a secure and more convenient platform.

Have any questions or concerns yet? Please share your piece of mind in the comment section below.

You can also read more about how to create telegram channels on any device and gain a proper understanding of how to navigate this application best.

Cheers friends.

Frankie Caruso.

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