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How to Enable Two-Step Verification with WhatsApp

Hello everyone! It is your dearest friend Frankie here to help once again. The tip I have for you today is about enabling two-step verifications on WhatsApp to increase your security. This guide can help those with both an Android or iPhone device.

Enable Two-Step Verification WhatsApp

It’s Frankie once again with great tips and tricks that enhance your phone’s privacy.

Do you know about two-step verification through WhatsApp? Take a minute to soak in this information as it is live saving. This feature makes the usage of WhatsApp safer by adding in a further step to verify who is using the app.

So now you are thinking: how does the two-step verification even work?

I can start by telling you that. The enabling of this security measure prevents unauthorized access to your account by requiring anyone signing in with your phone number to enter a secret 6-digit code before being allowed in.

Now, with this implemented, no one can access your WhatsApp account without your knowledge – other than your phone number and by inputting the secret passcode you’ve created. Sounds like a pretty great way to protect your privacy, wouldn’t you say?

Let’s consider an example: Let’s say that your partner suspects that you have been unfaithful and would like to login to your WhatsApp account with their phone (or from the computer) to spy on the conversations you’ve been having.

Scary, right? Fortunately, because of two-step authentication, you can rest a little easier at night. When you use this feature, it is impossible for them to accomplish logging into your account unless they know your secret code.


Frankie’s Take:

Two-step verification increases the security of your WhatsApp account. There is spyware capable of bypassing this added security measure. One of these is mSpy, which works on both iOS and Android.

Within this article, you can learn to:

  • Enable the two-step verification feature using iPhones or Android devices.
  • Turn off this feature on your WhatsApp account when needed
  • Increase your security and privacy on WhatsApp

Ok, great. Got your cellphone out? Then let’s get started.

Setting up Two-Step Verification on WhatsApp for iPhone and Android

Enabling this feature in WhatsApp using an iPhone is not a complicated process. To do this, you must:

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Go to Settings > Account > Two-Step Authentication > Enable
  3. Choose a six-digit PIN for this feature, and also, an email address.

If you have an Android device, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Login to WhatsApp
  2. Click More Options (Three Vertical Dots) in the top right corner, then Settings
  3. Choose Account > Two-Step Verification > Enable
  4. Choose your six-digit PIN and add an email address.

Wait – what if I forget the PIN and I haven’t set an email with the account?

Unfortunately, I have some bad news. The email address that you are asked to link to the verification feature is to protect you in the event that you forget the code.

Without a code or the recovery email address, you will not have access to your account anymore. Make sure it is something you can remember.

In an effort to encourage users to remember their code – and also to raise awareness on the importance of keeping it fresh in your mind – WhatsApp regularly asks users to enter the code. For more information, read this FAQ page on WhatsApp.

I would suggest that you write down the code somewhere as well, but be sure that you do not leave it too accessible or two-step verification is worthless.


Frankie’s Take:

I have always been a fan of two-step verification for any phone people are using (Android or iPhone). Doing this keeps people from seeing your account and can make spying on WhatsApp conversations nearly impossible.

Turn Off Two-Step Verification on WhatsApp

The process to turn off this feature once enabled is the same as you took to turn it on in the first place. The only difference is at the end of the steps, you have to choose to disable.

So instead of overcomplicating the process with excessive chatter, I can give you the direct line of steps.

On iPhone: Open WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Two-Step Verification > Disable

Android: Open WhatsApp > More Options (3 vertical dots) > Settings > Account > Two-Step Verification > Disable


Frankie’s Take:

In my personal opinion, I am unsure why anyone would turn this feature off once it is on. It does not become a nuisance and it can keep your account safer.

Steps to Maximize WhatsApp Security Levels

Two-step verification is a great system for protecting your account, but there are other additional steps that can bring you closer to 100% security with your profile.

Here are some options to consider:


Through reading this article you have learned more about setting up the two-step authentication and verification using WhatsApp.

You can utilize this feature to protect your account from anyone who wants to spy on your conversations. As long as you are not leaving your phone unattended, no one should be able to see your messages.

That’s all you need to know, really. If you have any doubts, concerns, or questions, make sure that you leave a comment below so I can get back with you.


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