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12 Clues To Look Out For On Your Unfaithful Partner’s Phone

Nothing can feel as betraying as a cheating partner, and often, trying to establish that isn’t always a breeze. But what if ways to ascertain that your partner is cheating existed? This article offers digital clues to a cheating spouse to clear any uncertainty.

12 Clues To Look Out For On Your Unfaithful Partner's Phone

It’s widely said that cheating usually happens by choice and can never be by coercion. The code of union and a principle that two people committed to each other should uphold with no compromise is staying consistently faithful.

Unfortunately, partners sometimes cheat, and they do that out of choice. While it can be hurting to find out, it’s pretty good on your part since it lets you decide your next move with a much clearer mind. So, how about we get right into it ASAP?

Folks, it’s me again, Frankie.

I’m your typical nerdy Italian raised on Pizza and Spaghetti, a social media enthusiast, and a messaging app expert. Today, I’ll offer more practical digital clues to a cheating spouse if you think your partner is unfaithful that you perhaps never knew much about.

I’ve organized this article into the following main subtopics to make reading more enjoyable.

  • Why your partner may hide things from you
  • 12 most surprising digital clues to look out for in a cheating partner
  • Frequently asked questions

Let’s delve into it without further ado!


Frankie’s Take:

Cheating happens by choice and never by coercion. It’s your right to find out and your liberty to decide what to do. And the good thing is you have many ways to help you find out.

Why Your Partner May Hide Things from You

Your partner or spouse may hide things from you out of fear of disappointing you. Or worse, your spouse may dread seeing you let go of their infidelity. They can even go the extra mile, leveraging help from tech-savvy professionals to keep things from you.

But, a few more ways to find out exist, which should be tell-tale signs that your partner.

It would help if you didn’t always rely on the basis that your partner is hiding things from you as a way to find out that they’re cheating. While technology may work to its advantage, it still offers you options.

You can quickly tell that your partner is cheating from their phone contacts if they appear strange and you haven’t got an explanation about who they are. Or, something as simple as their browser history or phone battery usage could give them away.

But don’t mind; I’ll explain that in detail in this write-up to better equip you with this helpful knowledge.


Frankie’s Take:

I usually take no prisoners when exposing cheaters through the phone. I’ve been keen to tell you everything about catching your bursting spouse. I hope the tips below will help.

12 Most Surprising Digital Clues to Look Out for In a Cheating Partner

Now for the fun part; what are the surprising digital clues that your partner is cheating on you?

Let’s find out.

1. Apps to Hide Photos, Videos

Most people are privy and will hide virtually everything on their phones as long as it doesn’t guarantee access to their privacy. Your spouse may not be the exception.

However, a point comes where you have to draw the line.

If your spouse has seemingly gone way overboard, it could make you suspicious, and rightly so. The chances are that they’re cheating on you, which should urge you to stay on alert.

They could hide some steamy media from the other mysterious person you hardly know about. Or perhaps, they could be doing so to hide more intimate messages that they fear could stir the pot once you find out.

I mean, it’s a basic instinct to hold back the hurtful things that you feel may disappoint the person you love. Or should I say, the person you once loved?

So, hear it from me.

If your partner has things they don’t want you to know, they’ll hide them from you. They’d do everything they might to make you feel secure, and trust me, if they’re versed in it, you’ll never find out.

iOS and Android have ways of making some magic happen, and your partner can hide vault apps in plain sight. Even as convincing as it may be that your partner isn’t hiding anything, don’t stop at that.

Most hiding apps can disguise as calculators or call log applications that don’t raise suspicion. If possible, please keep a keen eye on they frequently use them more than they usually should.

2. Strange New Contacts

Have you seen a strange contact on your partner’s phone lately? And has it been nagging your spouse in the dead of night, but they’d rather receive it elsewhere than around you? They haven’t told you about the “guy” or “lady” messing up with their peace, have they?

I’d hate to break it to you; your partner is possibly cheating.

It could be that they’re still forming a course relationship and are developing the affair from scratch. Or perhaps, they could be way down with it for yonks. It can be challenging to tell, but the bottom line is your spouse is cheating on you.

I won’t preempt it all since they may be going through a rough life patch and don’t want to bother you much.I won’t preempt it all since they may be going through a rough life patch and don’t want to bother you much.

But, it’d help to be all ears and keep a keen eye on how your partner responds to the phone ringing from the strange contact you’ve been so suspicious about.

If they appear to jump out of their skin when their phone rings or perhaps try to find a safe space to receive it, something fishy could be going on. Terminate the call immediately after the phone starts ringing; please take it as a sign of everything they could do to make you not discover their affair.

3. Secret Messages and Online Documents

Direct messages (or what you could hear as “DMs”) are what people conventionally use to communicate. As much as the developers created DMs for good reasons – to efficiently communicate – your partner could be using them for all the wrong reasons.

The bad thing is that some apps can be more inclusive, hiding text, media, and contacts. App developers have become incredibly savvy to make that quite a breeze.

That’s the bad part.

The good thing is that technology, which has created these incredible defenses, can shoot itself in the foot. If you find any savvy technicians, please ask them to offer tips to break into these vault apps.

But let’s not only stick to your partner’s or spouse’s secret messages. One other way that gives away their lousy habits is by checking their online documents.

People pushing a thing between them sometimes become naughty with media and may exchange files to build their romance. Little do they know that it can be their undoing. And despite it being incredibly challenging to access these online files, seizing one is only enough.

You may access their Facebook or WhatsApp and check through their phone’s gallery to find out whether or not they’re cheating. Pretty sure they won’t find any excuse for any media that raises suspicion.

4. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video History

Did you know that Netflix can add to your little detective work trying to expose a cheating partner? Amazon Video Prime too.

But I’m not talking about the typical “Netflix Cheating” slang, where spouses watch shows in the absence of each other. I’m all about actual cheating. Infidelity, to be precise.

I understand how baffling that can be, or perhaps, awing. But here’s how:

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video leave trails of history for every activity on their platforms. Your partner may “cheat on you” in a few movies. But it becomes incredibly suspicious if they make it a habit.

I’m not saying “Netflix Cheating” or anything similar to Amazon Video Prime isn’t a thing. But it can offer clues to the questions you’re dying to ask your partner.

Netflix and Amazon Video Prime resolve browsing histories that keep track of activity, and your partner may suddenly be into movies and shows you fail to watch together. Could it be that your spouse watches these steamy shows with someone else in your absence?

Please be your judge.

5. Browsing History

We all know internet searches leave a trail of breadcrumbs; can it be possible it could reveal your partner’s cheating?

Well, I’m sure of it.

Cheating spouses don’t hang around the house with their new “Partners.” They’d instead find somewhere to rack up all the fun without leaving any clues behind. These places are usually far away or, if daring enough, in your city!

You could check their phones or computers once you seize them. However, I advise you to do that subtly and not open to making them realize it. Once they find out you’re snooping behind their back, they’d never leave anything for you to see in the future.

If you’re lucky to find a stack of browser history, check them for any suspicious activity. If your partner or spouse’s searches indicate the intent to find hotels or anywhere they can hang around with their mysterious partners, they could be cheating.

Some search items could be about finding the prices or location of the sweetest joints they can be with the people they’re cheating with. Others could be about finding the ratings and service quality. The most daring ones could hook up on dating sites and fail to delete their histories.

But here’s the kicker.

Your partner may decide to hide things from you, including their history. That’s mainly expected since their “Cheater’s Instincts” may kick in, keeping them on alert about getting discovered.

Therefore, they might clear their browsing histories to avoid suspicion if you snoop around their phones. In that case, it can be incredibly challenging to tell whether or not they’re cheating.

But my take is that your spouse’s decision to delete their browsing history is evidence enough to tell you that something fishy is going on. So please don’t be surprised if you find this statement true when you find out later.

6. Autocomplete for Apps and Sites

I’m not always a desperate paranoid guy, and I’m not saying you should be. We’re all trying to catch our cheating partners, which implies leveraging every available means, right?

Then, how about trying the autocomplete feature for the apps they use (Especially messaging apps) and search engines like Google or Bing? Trust me; it’s the most straightforward way of finding out.

Here’s how you do it.

Try opening their frequently used browser or messaging app application. On the search bar or typing board, key in a word you think they can use to communicate with the other person.

Perhaps, “Last” could be the perfect start. And if every autosuggest word chains to complete a sentence like “Last night was great,” and you’re sure you’ve never said anything like that, then maybe they said that to someone else.

Could it be the guys out in town last night he told you about, the girly outing, or maybe a long-lost friend they were catching up with? Or could it be possible that your spouse or partner is cheating? You be the judge.

7. GPS Location History

Long live technology for making it pretty straightforward to find the exact locations everyone has been to.

It’s now a breeze knowing where your partner has been all day when you were not together. And GPS location history can tell it all.

It’s super easy!

You can click on “Previous Destinations” on the Google maps app or the menu option on the Navigation System. It’ll display all information about your spouse’s whereabouts to help you determine whether or not they’ve been to strange places they haven’t told you about.

However, you might want to ensure that this feature stays consistently on record of the locations and destinations your partner might have been to. If they aren’t visible to the Geographical Positioning System, there’s no way you can find anything helpful.

If you want to know more about find a cheater’s location read my guide.

8. Airbnb and Similar Site

Airbnb has been a revelation to travelers and campers, or the digital nomads finding their way around touring the world. This entity has become one of the most practical tools to burst cheating partners.

I’d call it “Affaibnb,” or perhaps, anything similar can do.

People can be willing to offer rooms for rent to earn some cash. Much to their obliviousness, they never know that they’re hosting cheating partners. But who cares if they get something out of it? That’s only your loss, I’d say.

However much of Airbnb makes cheating easy, it’s not the company’s original intention to promote. Your cheating spouse is on their own, and you can find out they cheated through their log history.

If your partner has been out of town and doesn’t mention any Airbnb hosting, you may search for it. If you find it, there is an incredible chance they spent their time with another person.

I mean, why wouldn’t they hide it? Perhaps they have something they feel so uncomfortable talking to you about.

9. Vehicle Concierge Services

Your vehicle concierge services can plant a tracker on your family vehicle. That helps determine your car’s location at any time.

It’s more or less like the phone’s GPS, only that more intelligent and savvy companies do it for you.

I, however, feel that it could be much for only finding a cheating spouse’s location, but I must admit that it helps. Vehicle concierge services are usually helpful when finding lost vehicles and helping with hardcore emergencies.

But wouldn’t it be helpful to use their expertise to find out if your spouse has been to strange places they haven’t informed you about?

I think it’s worth the salt.

10. Check Battery Usage

Your partner could suddenly be into social media and glued to their phone more. I don’t take that as a surprise since that’s what technology has done to people. But, it sometimes has to raise suspicion of a cheating partner.

There’s no doubt that your partner may have found someone else who gives them what they’ve been looking for, such that they spend a significant chunk of their time on their phone.

Usually, that should drain their batteries pretty significantly, which should be a sign they spend a lot of time in. to help burst your cheating partner, you can check their phone battery usage. Try focusing on how much time they spend on each app, especially the messaging apps.

If there’s put so much time into the apps you suspect they might use to communicate with anyone; you have a cheater on your hands.

11. Location History in Google Maps

Your spouse’s phone location is good enough to let you know about a cheating partner. Google maps reserves a history of every place your partner might have been, giving you clues on whether or not they’re cheating.

The good thing about Google Maps is that it seamlessly integrates with tracking apps and software. You can easily find out where your partner has been without touching their phone. That’s pretty convenient.

Some affiliate applications can even tell where your spouse is in real-time, making it pretty easy to make your little detective work. That’s a technique PIs use to investigate cheating partners, so it works.

Try making Google your best friend; trust me, you’ll quickly put your insecurities to bed.

12. Dual SIM

Cheating partners have tags that quickly sell them out, which include various communication means besides the conventional ones.

One way to tell that your partner is cheating is their obsession with having a second SIM that you don’t know about.

But I’d put a disclaimer on that; not everyone with a second SIM is promiscuous. It could be a separate SIM for other essential business calls, aiming to draw a line between family and work.

Perhaps it’s even convenient for them to have a dual SIM phone due to better data or call plans.

My point is, please don’t be too harsh and rushed in your judgment. It’d save you from the guilt of falsely accusing a faithful partner of cheating. If possible, keep a keen eye to identify any possible cheating instance, and pounce on it once sure.


Frankie’s Take:

I like to believe that some federal and state laws dictate privacy boundaries. Therefore, always be sure you’re within the law while doing your due diligence. Breaching personal privacy, even for your spouse, can land you in hot soup should things go south for both of you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I keep coming across questions on my social media and other interactive platforms, with people mostly asking about their cheating partners. So, here are some of the most frequently asked questions I’ll answer in the section below.

Is My Partner Cheating, Or Am I Only Paranoid?

Suspecting your partner is cheating isn’t paranoia but a concern for speculating that they’re being unfaithful. It’s not always wrong to think that your partner isn’t to be trusted anymore, especially if they give you clear indications that they do.

How Do Cheaters Behave?

Cheaters usually change in a heartbeat, and their behavior may become suddenly odd. If your partner is cultivating a new affair, it’s typical that they become jumpy and incredibly conscious of what to talk to you about. They might also be more private with their phones

How Do You Outsmart Cheaters?

Cheaters can be clever, but it doesn’t mean you can’t beat them at their game. To catch a cheater unaware, try asking pointed questions, change your plans without notifying them or try going where they don’t expect you.

What Is Emotional Cheating, And Is It a Thing?

Emotional cheating involves emotionally engaging other people while romantically tied to your partner. You don’t need to be more physically intimate with the other person, but attaching feelings and being attracted to them defines it.


Let’s call it a wrap for today!

I hope you’re now more aware of the digital clues to a cheating spouse, and you’ll be clear about whether or not your partner is faithful.

But while at it, please ensure that your due diligence falls within the law to avoid breaching your spouse’s privacy; you never know what they can do if things go south.

Suppose you have a few nagging questions; please do so in the comment section below.

But before we sign off, you can learn more about the most famous cheating apps for the (Im) perfect affair and the best 2022’s cell phone trackers you can use.

As always, a hug,

Frankie Caruso.

PS – You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel for more how-to guides and tutorials.

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