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Clearing WhatsApp Data Storage in a Couple of Taps

In this article, I aim to show you how you can easily clear your storage usage on WhatsApp using either an iPhone or an Android device.

Clearing WhatsApp Data Storage

Hey everyone! Frankie here again with another guide. This one is going to help you clear that WhatsApp data storage in just a few quick taps.

You might not even know it, but there is a feature on WhatsApp that allows another to see the person that you exchange messages and media with the most.

Now, you might be thinking:

What’s so wrong with that, Frankie? My phone is always with me anyway.

I would like you to imagine what might happen if, by mistake, it should fall into the wrong hands. Someone like your significant other might very well discover your recent surge in message activity with someone else.

That would be terrible. At best you have strong discussions that lead to fights and excuses – but it could end up much worse if you are not quick on your feet.

This is an article that is going to teach you how to delete the storage of data from WhatsApp on both iPhone and Android.

Let’s get that phone out and get ready to walk yourself through these simple steps to follow.

Clear WhatsApp Data Storage with an iPhone

If you are using an iOS device, here is what you need to do:

  1. Open up WhatsApp
  2. Navigate to Settings > Data and Storage Usage and then tap Storage Usage
  3. View the contacts and the groups that appear here. The first on this list are the contacts that you communicate with the most.
  4. Click on the conversation with a contact that you wish to clear.
  5. Choose Manage > Clear

As you can see, it is easy for anyone to get to this information and determine who you chat with the most. This list will even divulge hidden chats – more specifically archived chats.


Frankie’s Take:

You should never archive a chat if you have something compromising to keep hidden. The only way that you can ensure our protection from suggestive content is to delete it completely. Click on ‘Clear’ and you can entirely erase all remnants of the chat.

Clear WhatsApp Data Storage with Android

If you are using an Android device, here is what you can do:

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Click the More Options icon (3 vertical dots in the top right), then choose Settings
  3. Here you can see a list of both contacts and groups. Ones listed at the top are your most frequent contacts.
  4. Choose the conversation that you wish to clear and tap on it.
  5. Choose Free Up Space in the bottom right

Much like the iPhone, it is very easy to see who you are chatting with most of the time.

Just imagine for a minute the kind of damage this information could do if you had something people shouldn’t see.

You might not be surprised to learn that in situations like divorce, extramarital affairs are proven with WhatsApp conversations and this very storage usage.


Frankie’s Take:

Remember that there are programs which you can easily find to spy on phones. mSpy is one of these (and I talk about this program in this article). I think that you should perhaps take a minute or two to read through my post explaining the Perfect Strangers Method: How to Cheat on WhatsApp without Getting Caught.


Now that you have read through this article, you can understand that you need to be careful to wipe the evidence of certain conversations from your phone if you do not wish for them to get discovered.

Privacy is important, and you must learn the steps to safeguarding it as much as possible – even if you are doing less than moral things like cheating.

This article has helped you to:

  • Delete storage usage data on WhatsApp using both iPhone and Android
  • Detailed that this data can showcase archived conversations as well
  • Divulged that archived is not truly hidden – deleting conversations is the only safe choice.

Maximize Your Security Level for Your WhatsApp Account

Cleaning up your data storage on the app is only one of the ways that you can ensure the privacy and protection of your smartphone.

Here are some other options:

That’s all I have for you. If you have more questions or comments, feel free to post them down below and I will get back with you.

As always, a hug,

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