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Catch Someone Cheating on Instagram in a Few Quick Clicks

Worried your partner might be using their Instagram to cheat on you? I put a guide together to help you get to the truth and discover any cheating on Instagram. Using my steps, you can spot the clear signs of infidelity and get introduced to a powerful app that will give you all the evidence you could ever want if someone is cheating on you.

Catch Someone Cheating on Instagram

It is not uncommon for even long-standing couples to have issues with infidelity. You are not crazy for wanting confirmation they are faithful.

To learn if your partner is cheating using Instagram, below you will find a full guide to help.

But it gets even better.

I will walk you through easy and proven techniques (updated to 2022) that will help you get the answers you need. It’s all legitimate.

First, I think I should tell you who I am. After all, why just trust that I am the person skilled and proficient enough to help you catch a cheater on Instagram?

I am extending my hand for a virtual handshake (who know what might happen haha.)

I am Frankie Caruso, a nerdy Italian raised on spaghetti, pizza, and all social media platforms.

This article discusses the best methods and apps for monitoring mobile phones and their respective social media accounts – like Instagram, for example.

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Before beginning, understand that this guide is separated into two parts:

1 – You learn the 10 common signs someone is cheating.
2 – You will dive into the information you need to catch a cheater.

Ready to begin? Let’s not waste more time!

Part One: 10 Signs Your Partner Could Be Cheating Using Instagram and Other Social Media

Before you seek out someone cheating on Instagram, you should consider what one actually looks like.

What is cheating?

Personally, I describe this as anything destroying trust with your partner, regardless of the platform do you use to do it, it is still considered cheating.

Anything that is intimate sexually or emotionally with someone else is another form of cheating.

Interacting with someone of the opposite sex on Instagram does not necessarily mean that your partner is being unfaithful.

While I describe several signs of cheating below, you should not be excessively worried if you see one of these signs in your relationship. I urge caution, but do not immediately leap to assuming your partner is stepping out.

With that said, let’s take a look at signs.

1. Posting Many Pics of Just Themselves

Someone who is comfortable being unfaithful is ready to show pictures of how attractive they are to others. With ours photographs including you, this might suggest the relationship does not exist or is not something they are all that interested in protecting.

It can be difficult victims of adultery to accept, but you should start investigating by checking through social media accounts for signals like this.

Perhaps they used to post pictures of your outings together, anniversaries, your pets, children, and others, but now they have almost exclusively switched to pictures of them alone appearing to attract attention to their page, this is worth being a little concerned over.

2. They Spend More Time on Instagram and Often During Weird Hours

It should be taken as a warning sign if the amount of time your partner spends on Instagram increases significantly. With this spike in usage, you should focus on checking to see if they have logged into Instagram DM in the middle of the night or at strange times of the day.

If you do recognize activity happening at what would be off-hours, this is a clear indicator that something suspicious is going on. You cannot necessarily prove someone is cheating this way, but you can put yourself on high-alert for some of these other signals to sync up as well.

Want to know if a person is active on Instagram?

Check the last time they were active. If you want to see the precise time they were active, their account settings must be set to display their activity status to their friends.

If they have disabled this information from their profile, you will not be able to see their accurate activity status as described above.

Understand these rules?

Excellent – we can move forward.

If you want to see this online status and activity from a smartphone or tablet, open up your Instagram app.

From the home screen, tap on the airplane icon and you will be redirected to your direct messages inbox for the application.

Look through these threads to your last conversation to note when the person was last active. This information will appear next to their profile picture in the list.

check activity status instagram

Let’s say we are friends on Instagram, and I have not been on the app in a week. Next to my profile picture, it will say that my last login was a week ago.

If someone you follow is following you back, you can see a green dot next to their profile icon from Instagram when they are currently active on the service. This applies even if you have no active thread open with them.

3. They Are Keeping Their Phone Silenced

If they are mostly using their phone to have their secret communications with a lover, they will try to prevent you recognizing this every way possible. With an influx of calls and texts, they must find a way to avoid alerting you.

You should be a little leery if your spouse’s phone suddenly doesn’t make noise anymore when this is not typical behavior of theirs. Proceed with caution and do not ignore this.

Choosing to silence your phone around your loved one is a clear indicator that there is something to hide. You should especially be concerned if they never leave their phone accessible or unattended.

4. They Get Many Comments from Men/Women

If you notice that your partner is getting a lot of attention and comments from people you do not recognize or know, this could indicate trouble for your relationship. Even a single repeating commenter across multiple posts should be a warning sign that something doesn’t seem right.

I would suggest asking them about the situation if you are alarmed to see this unusual influx of attention.

5. Removing Your Tags and Ignoring Your Posts

It is important not to ignore signs like your partner ignoring your comments on a post or removing tags from photos. This is a red flag that screams trouble.

If they are going through this effort to disregard you and distance themselves from images that might portray your lifestyle or relationship, they are making themselves appear single on Instagram. This is very often a sign of cheating. You should react to this.

6. They Are Always Adding New Attractive ‘Friends’

Are you noticing that your partner seems to find more and more attractive and good-looking friends? It’s important to be aware of situations like these as this could indicate a new path of cheating.

It seems likely in this situation they are looking for extramarital activity through Instagram. Anyone in a relationship but continually adding people to their friend list that the two of you do not collectively know, it could indicate activity happening without your knowledge. Overall, the action is a bit shifty.

Let’s just put it like it is, they are not adding these people to their profile to discuss quantum physics and other complicated sciences. They are violating the rules of your marriage most likely.

7. They Are Too Busy to Hang Out Anymore

Have you noticed that your partner keeps canceling plans with you? Suddenly, are you not getting invited to places where you used to hang out together? This could be a red flag that you should not ignore.

Having a date canceled every now and then it’s fine, but it should not be something that happens regularly.

If your partner is making excuses as to why they cannot spend time with you, and you start to feel like you are no longer valued by them, this could be and indicator they are cheating.

As the saying goes, if they aren’t spending their time with you, who are they spending their time with? It is also a possibility that they are trying to keep you away, so you do not catch them in the act of cheating on you.

If you begin to take note of their disinterest to spend time with you, there could be more secrets involved than you realize.

8. New Habits for Fashion or Dieting

You can expect that when you are in a mutually trusting relationship, things operate normally. Some will have hobbies and interests that are not the same as yours, but they do not completely change who they are all at once.

Routines become a way of life.

You expect they are going to go to work, spend time with certain family and friends, and continue with the same hobbies they have always had. You could be alarmed if your partner begins showing very peculiar new interests, wears different styles of clothes than ever before, or starts cutting their hobbies from their life.

This dramatic behavior change might be attributed to someone pressuring them to be different or fit into a certain mold and idea they have. This can include sporting new fashions that seem unlike them. This is often a sign a secret is being kept from you.

Another look at this is changing who you are to suit a new partner rather than to be the appealing mate they have been to you over the years. Still another reason for this change in appearance and personality might have something to do with altering their identity if they are stepping out with someone you know.

9. Their Password Suddenly Changes

Married or long-term couples sharing a living space often have a desktop that both parties use. Is normal to enter Facebook and have it still logged in to your partner’s account if they were the last to use the PC.

It can be a sign of being a normal couple to have that kind of openness with one another.

So, when you all of a sudden do not have the access you once did or the password that you have always known is no longer valid, something should scream that it is amiss. What should you do about this?

If you are with someone that has something to hide worth keeping you away from their social media platforms and conversations, there is definitely something you are not supposed to see happening.

10. They Start Behaving Strangely

Has your partner started to behave differently than they normally do? This could be a sign of someone keeping secrets. If you notice a sudden change in the way they speak with people and how they handle specific situations, or even a new tenseness, this could be a red flag of warning.

Often behavior spikes and extremes go along with one’s attempt to hide misbehavior from their significant other.

You can start to pick up on signs of strange behavior if they are spending more time away from the house or with friends that you do not know that well. Strange behavior that does not seem to have a rational explanation often doesn’t.

You should proceed with caution when you suspect your partner might be harboring a destructive secret. If they perceive you are accusing them, and even if you are right, they might in turn shut you out even more than before.


Frankie’s Take:

I have put together a comprehensive guide regarding the ten signs that show if your wife (or girlfriend) is cheating on you. Another list I have shows when your husband (or boyfriend) might be going outside of your relationship.

Snooping on Your Partner’s Instagram to Catch Them in the Act

The first place you should look if you think your partner is cheating on you is their phone.

Sure, you might feel a bit like the police, or even like a bad person, but this is more common than you might think. Many spouses and inquisitive partners have taken to their significant others’ DMs to make sure their relationship was strong.

With their device, you will be able to see if they are using installed dating apps as well.

I actually have several clever reasons that you might need to hold onto your partner’s phone for a short time.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Pretend you are Ordering Food

You have a few minutes to do a fast sweep of specific apps if you are quick with the rest of the ordering process.

It is usually pretty easy to see what someone is trying to keep from you when you have access to their device. You can stall the ordering to wait for them to use the restroom or get occupied doing something else so you have a minute to quickly navigate through Instagram DMs and other areas of the device where you think they have something to hide.

This is not the best time to crack them with whatever truth you think you found, but it can help you gather some intel like names and nature of relationships to proceed forward.

2. Figure Out Their Password

Find some reason to get them to turn off their phone and then you can watch the passcode entered when they turn it back on.

The next time your partner is in the shower or sleeping, you can access the device and check all the information that you need to see. Note where it was on the side table to return it to the same place. Check the app that was last opened so you can close the messages app and make sure this app is reopened as they left it so they are none the wiser.

3. Consider a Spy App

You can track your partner’s phone with a third-party app if you do not have the kind of access you hoped for.

At one point in life, spying on someone’s phone took an immense amount of technical expertise and proficiency, especially to also access social media apps and read conversations.

Today, spy apps have made this a fast, simple, and reliable process.

It is simple now to hack into someone’s device and see how they are using their apps without having hardly any technical skills at all.

Apps are plentiful on the marketplace, but many of these I believe are scams that mislead the downloader. You should be wary of apps that you will find in the phone marketplaces offering deep dives into devices.

If you actually want to get the information you are hoping to find without the headache, such as monitoring someone’s Instagram messages without them knowing, mSpy is best for several reasons:

  • It has a high value/money ratio.
  • It is an effective tool.
  • It is easy for everyone to use.

spy on Instagram using mSpy

Those that use mSpy can tell you how sophisticated the program is, but how much effort was put into making it universally easy to use. Monitor conversations of all types across multiple apps with this innovative technology, including private Instagram correspondence.

Visit mSpy Website

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: It is worth nothing that spying on someone’s Instagram without their consent is illegal. I have added this information here to demonstrate the effective methods one could use to gather information. Any unlawful actions resulting from this provided information are your sole responsibility.


Frankie’s Take:

Installation is simple and only takes a few minutes. You do not need technological prowess to complete the job. I have written A Step-by-Step Guide to mSpy – the Best Cell Phone Tracker App, a guide that will teach you about the installation and where you can find a discount voucher that can save readers of my blog money on affording the software.


I do not think cheating is ever okay. If your partner is changing themselves and working to keep secrets from you, chances are, they are having an affair.

You deserve to know the truth if you are the victim of infidelity. Use some of the warning signs above to see if they apply to your relationship. If your spouse or partner exhibits some of these red flags, you might be wary they are hiding something devastating from you.

Some behaviors might not be alarming on their own, but if you notice a big change in the behavior of your partner all at once without any real explanation, you should consider the possibility that they are keeping a secret.

You should often trust your gut when it comes to sniffing out the adultery in a relationship. If you think someone is cheating on you, there is often a reason that you feel that way.

As I noted, mSpy is the best cell phone tracking app on the market that can help you discover everything about if your partner is cheating. Want to know more? Check out a guide I wrote all about How to Spy on Instagram.

Good luck,

Frankie Caruso

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