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How to Catch Facebook Cheaters in a Few Simple Steps

Concerned that your partner might be using Facebook to cheat on you? Worried they are having secret conversations with a lover on Messenger? Thanks to this guide that I put together, you can catch cheating on Facebook. Learn to spot the signals of infidelity and about the best app that you can use to find out all you need to know about those cheating on you.

How to catch a Facebook Cheater

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. Allow me to introduce myself: I am Frankie Caruso, an expert in messaging apps and an enthusiast of hacking techniques.

If you would like to know my story, I will share my bio link with you.

Within today’s guide, you are going to get lots of helpful information about determining when your spouse is cheating on your through Facebook and whom the lover is.

We also see some of the signals that can indicate something might be amiss with your relationship so you can get suspicious at the appropriate times and not miss clear red flags.

Also, I will tell you about software that allows you to easily access a ‘victim’s’ Facebook profile and read their Messenger conversations – even the secret ones.

I know you are looking forward to learning about all of it. Before I begin though, let me tell you something important. Nowadays, a majority of relationships begin and continue virtually with either a smartphone or a PC.

Meeting new people is much easier than before, and because of this, there is a glaring possibility of ‘falling into temptation.’ I suggest that you read an article that I wrote about the apps most used by cheaters to be unfaithful.

Cheating on social networks, such as the most globally used option (Facebook), is more and more common with each passing day. Many men and women use these sites as a way to make new ‘friends’…

Friendships, however, can quickly become something else.

For this reason, we often find ourselves dealing with the fallout and the story born behind a device scree. If you do not act quickly, this could compromise your future as a couple.

Fortunately, if you approach the situation cleverly, catching a wife or husband cheating on Facebook can happen.


Frankie’s Take:

It is impossible to use Facebook without leaving a trail of your actions behind in some regard. There is no need to learn how to be the world’s greatest hacker to unlock these secrets. If you want to know how to do it, all you need to do right now is keep reading ahead.

Signs of Cheating on Facebook

Alright, enough talking – let’s get right to the heart of the matter.

What are some of the cues that you can use to find out if he/she is cheating on you through Facebook?

I have put together 9 red flags that can help to show you when something is likely wrong. When you recognize these situations, you should correct the issue as soon as possible.

1. They Change Their Password Unexpectedly

If you are married/living together and have a shared computer, it is normal that you enter Facebook and it loads up the profile of your partner instead if they were the last logged on.

It is normal for healthy couples to have this level of openness.

So, what happens in these situations when you all of the sudden can no longer access your partner’s profile as you once could? The password that you knew up to that very moment and could have easily used as inexplicably changed. What do you do?

I am sorry to have to tell you this, but if you find yourself with someone that has much to hide, what he/she is hiding is likely a new relationship forming.


Frankie’s Take:

Changing your login credentials is something that cheaters typically do to prevent you discovering their lies and infidelity.

2. Spends More Time on Facebook Than Ever at Unusual Hours

Determining the usage of your partner on this app should be one of the signals that something might not be right.

Identifying a dramatic upswing in usage can lead you to check if you partner logs on to Facebook in the middle of the night or at other strange times of the day/night.

Obviously, this observation is not enough to point a dedicated finger to suggest that this person is cheating, but it should be a powerful signal to recognize.

Before explaining how you can check the online status of a user (displaying a green dot), I want to tell you that, if your partner has activated specific privacy settings, it could appear offline when they are actually using the app. I would suggest that you read my tutorial about how to remain offline when using Messenger.

Got it cleared up? Good – we can keep going.

To check a user’s online status on a smartphone or tablet, run the Messenger app. On the home screen, tap on the “People” tab and then “Active” to see a list of users currently online and using the service. This lists anyone who is available at any hour of the day.

As I mentioned before, online users are marked with a green dot. If you press on the name of one of these active users, you should see the term “Active Now” beneath their name.


Frankie’s Take:

If you do not want to wake up in the middle of the night and risk getting caught collecting evidence, I would suggest waking up before your spouse to check their last access to the Messenger app. In most cases, a partner will wait until you are asleep to contact their fling.

3. Does Not Share Photos with Both of You

Recently attended a wedding or event with your spouse where you took several pictures, but your partner is only sharing a small selection of them – namely the ones where you are not together? Even more alarming, has his profile picture gone from an image of you two together to one that is him alone?

Is there something he doesn’t want to show? Perhaps the other woman/man in the triangle doesn’t know that the cheater is married.

Pay attention – this signal is really a severe warning sign.

4. Only Posts Photos of Himself/Herself

Another thing that you should consider is when your spouse’s Facebook profile features nothing but photos of them by themselves.

Photos in all kinds of poses at various venues and times is a clear cue that your partner is trying to attract someone, and that someone is not you.

Why can’t that someone be you?

If it was meant for you, you would have received pictures directly, or images would be just as prevalent on the profile featuring the two of you together.

Tread carefully.

5. Enabling Privacy on Specific Posts

When you still can access their Facebook profile, you should be mindful of posts on the wall that have specific privacy settings attached that prevent groups of people from viewing the content.

Check the privacy on all of the posts. If there is ‘all’, ‘friends’, or ‘friends of friends’ in the privacy setting, that should be normal enough behavior.

Encountering content with a lock on them only visible to your partner, or worse yet, just made invisible to you, is a sign something substantially negative is taking place.


Frankie’s Take:

Above all else, pay attention to what these posts are about. Is it about love? Sex? Are they romantic in nature? In this case, there is no time to waste – you must act right away.

6. Has Several Friends/Acquaintances of the Opposite Sex

You might want to consider this with a little bit of caution. As useful as this can be at times to identify cheating happening on Facebook, misplaced allegations can leave you alienated from your spouse.

Typically, if your partner begins to show a greater interest in the opposite sex they do so through joining groups designed to introduce them to single women or to those that want to find ‘special friendships.’

Once you join any of these groups, you can easily begin getting regular requests for friendships of a compromising nature from those of the opposite sex.

If you have a chance, you should investigate the friends and followers list of your spouse. If you have several images of a provocative nature in these contacts? Are her contacts full of handsome men showing off their money and flashy lives?


Frankie’s Take:

I would give you this advice: be mindful about this red flag, as they might explain it away as work colleagues or old friends from before you got together. Unless you are sure something is happening, you should not raise suspicions that you are investigating their behaviors.

7. Many Comments and Likes from Men/Women

This indicator is relative to the last one. If you notice that your spouse is getting an influx of likes and comments from people that you do not know, this could be a warning sign.

Even if it is just one persistent commentor, this is something that should catch your attention.

If you are getting alarmed by these actions, often the best approach is to bluntly ask about what the situation is.

8. Closes Their Profile to Create Another

Has your partner up and decided to remove their profile and account only to create another one?

This is a clear sign of change and you should tread this situation carefully.

You should ensure that you recognize who they befriend and pay attention if these contacts are the same from their previous account.

You might find that there are a few legitimate reasons that this could happen, especially if Facebook makes it impossible not to by closing accounts on account of suspicious movements or someone’s security being at risk. The safest thing to do in these situations is often to create a new account.

If this is the case, the same friends and contacts should make up the list of followers on this new profile.

Before you get suspicious, make sure that it did not happen without their involvement. If you notice clear differences in friends and followers, or other clear suspicious actions, investigate the situation.

9. Doesn’t Accept Sharing on Her Page

This last clue on the list is one of the most important to determining if infidelity and unfaithfulness is happening on Facebook.

Try sharing a photo of the two of you together in her diary. Are you able to? Do you notice that there is all of a sudden no option to share this content?

Maybe you CAN share it, but it does not appear on her wall when you are done.

This delay shows you that when you share a photo or post on someone’s wall, they must permit this to happen.

If this describes your partner, and they must control the content passing through their Facebook account, there are often attempting to hide their relationship with you to everyone else or hiding their affair from you.

It is likelier than you might think.

Find Out Who is Cheating with mSpy: The Best App to Catch a Cheater in 2022

So far, I have shown you some of the warning signs that indicate something in your relationship is amiss. Some are clear to recognize, while others are less so. These signs are not clear and concise to indicate cheating on Facebook and Messenger, nor do they divulge the other man/woman in the mix.

Hack Messenger with mSpy Software

I am going to show you the real bomb! 

Meet mSpy: spy software that can track the actions of the target phone on Facebook. More importantly, the software reads Messenger conversations – even the secret ones. All of this is possible without the threat of getting discovered because there is no trace of the installation on your spouse’s phone or PC.

mSpy Hacking Facebook Messenger

Let me tell you how it works:

This spyware is among the most heavily used in the world. Designed for parents to track the actions of their children’s devices to reduce the direct dangers of the internet, i.e. sexting, cyberbullying, and others.

No one is going to stop you from using it for less ‘noble’ purposes like spying on the partner that you assume has been cheating on you.

It works on iPhone and Android devices, with an affordable $40/month price tag.

Before I get into how you can install it, you have to make understand something: access to these apps require a jailbroken iPhone (no root need for Android devices).

Both of these operations are meant to “crack” your phone’s operating system to allow the installation to take place. If you are not familiar with this process, or what mSpy offers, you can rely on the mAssistance operator to guide you through each step.

NB – Some features, like reading WhatsApp conversations, emails, iMessage messages, and SMS do not require your phone to be rooted or jailbroken.

Once installed, the system is very easy to use. You just need to access the phone for a few seconds to connect the software initially. I have written a guide to walk you through installing mSpy on a phone in under three minutes. Inside this guide, you also find a discount for the software just for the readers of the blog.

Don’t have a good way of getting your partner’s cellphone?

I suggest that you watch this short video for several strategies that are foolproof to get the phone in your hand for as long as you might need it.

Back to it.

Here is what mSpy can monitor:

  • Messenger Chats
  • Facebook Secret Correspondence
  • Social Network Profiles (WhatsApp, Tinder, Instagram)
  • SMS or iMessage
  • Call Log
  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Email
  • And Many More Features!

Frankie’s Take:

mSpy is one of the most powerful tools in existence to catch cheaters. If should be used with some care, however, as accessing cellphones and social profiles without someone’s consent is a crime in many countries, including the USA, England, and many European countries.

FAQ About Catching Facebook Cheaters

I have been asked hundreds of questions on my Facebook page and privately about this topic.

So, I decided to choose among the most frequently asked of these to help to remove any doubts.

🔵 I suspect my partner may be cheating through Messenger’s secret chat. Is there a way I can read these?

The answer is both yes and no. Relax, I am not bipolar (much.)

Let me explain: You know that secret Facebook conversations have a timer that destroys messages within seconds of getting read. Once the messages are gone, it is impossible to retrieve them again.

The only way that you can read conversations that have already happened is through software like mSpy.

🔵 Are there alternatives to mSpy I can use if I think my spouse is cheating?

There are several ways and apps designed to track Facebook profiles and read Messenger chats. Just a quick Google search can bring up several options. Flexispy and Spyic are a couple of these options.

I recommend mSpy, however. I am not the only one endorsing this product. For nearly three years, it has been the most widely used spy app in the world.

🔵 I can’t (in any way) find out if my partner is cheating on Facebook. Are there other ways I can catch them?

Yes, you have options. If your partner has managed to eliminate any trace of infidelity from Facebook, you can start by tracking their movements with a GPS track app or spy on their WhatsApp conversations to see if you find any compromising information.


You have reached the end of this guide. I hope that the information that you have received here can help you to gather the hard evidence and get the answers you seek. With the application of these approaches, you can determine if your partner has been cheating on you using Facebook and Messenger.

You should know that I am happy to help you however I can.

Before we say goodbye for the final time, I would like to give you a quick summary regarding what is said in this guide to ensure that you make sure nothing has escaped your notice as you read through.

I have thrown out nine signals that you should be on the lookout for to help you notice early on if your partner might be using apps like Facebook and Messenger to cheat on you.

  1. Sudden change of their password.
  2. Spends time on Facebook at odd hours or the middle of the night.
  3. Does not share photos with both of you.
  4. Adds content exclusively without you being in the pictures.
  5. Sets up privacy for certain posts so that everyone cannot see them.
  6. Has many friends (many of which that are new) of the opposite sex
  7. Receives comments and likes on posts from the same man/woman
  8. Closes their profile to open a new one or maintains two profiles
  9. Does not accept your shared content into his/her diary

Besides these cues encouraging you to study their behavior and better monitor their routines, you need to be very discerning. You have to look for changes in behavior, not the same kind of attention you have always gotten or expected to get from the time that you first got married.

To help you, I have prepared a guide in which I showcase the 10 signals that can tell you when your wife is cheating on you and one about signs your husband might be cheating too!

These signals do not always give you the clearest picture of infidelity, but they can certainly indicate when something is not right about the relationship. To clear your doubts entirely and give you the evidence you need to prove/disprove the cheating, you need effective software like mSpy.

This program can access their Facebook profile, spy on their every movement, and allow you to read conversations from Messenger.

Your cheating partner cannot stand a chance against this powerful program.

That’s all I have for today.

If you have further questions or concerns, or wish to share your experiences (which can often be a considerable help to others dealing with the same unfortunate circumstances) feel free to comment on this post. I will be sure to answer you where necessary as soon as I am able.

A big hug,


PS – Usually, I would believe that most cheaters are not only using a single social media account to communicate, but multiple channels (WhatsApp, Instagram, and more) to continue their affairs. I suggest that you read my guides on finding out if your partner is cheating on you using WhatsApp or Instagram.

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