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Accessing Personal WhatsApp from Another Phone (iOS or Android)

The intent of this article is to explain how you can access your personal WhatsApp from a different device to continue staying in touch with your friends and family. You can do this with either an Android or an iOS device.

How to access WhatsApp from Another Phone

You might be among the forgetful majority that can leave their home and forget to grab their cell phone or other necessities.

You would think that it would be nearly impossible to keep up with the incoming WhatsApp messages when you no longer have your device handy.

I began to consider a few days ago how someone might keep up to date with the changes to their account when they do not have their typical device. How would you access WhatsApp from a different device?

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You likely think that regardless of having your phone or not, you should always have access to your WhatsApp conversations. I agree with you.

If you are someone who expects this, you have come to the right place for the right information. Currently, the guide is still free, so you have entered at the right time as well.

Using this guide, I will teach you two (in addition to a special bonus) of the best methods to log into WhatsApp using another’s phone.

No matter what type of device you are using, I have the details that can help you gain the information you seek.

Let’s not delay further, and just spend some time with me to learn what you need to know about accessing your account using someone else’s phone.


Frankie’s Take:

Below, I intend to introduce you to three separate methods for checking messages on WhatsApp using another device. Each of them has its own drawbacks and advantages, so be sure you read the guide completely to determine what’s best for you.

Preliminary Information

I think it is important to note a specific point before we get into the meat and potatoes of accessing WhatsApp from a second phone.

As of right now, WhatsApp does not allow simultaneous access to the same account from different devices.

If you even attempt to set up a second copy of WhatsApp on another device, you will receive a warning message that this is not possible.

Instead, you get the indication that you must log out of your account on the phone you were originally using with the same number you are attempting to access the service with now.

This is to prevent what you are attempting to do by reading this article, use your WhatsApp account across multiple devices.

To achieve the workaround, you will need to use a system that can ‘replicate’ the original app installed on your phone.

The most common approach is with services like WhatsApp Web which allow you to use WhatsApp through your browser. You are connected to the browser and linked with the original phone instead of running independent apps.

It is possible that some third-party services can ‘replicate’ WhatsApp notifications to more than one device at the same time.

The upcoming portions of the guide describe the methods to use each of these methods on either an Android or iPhone device.

Another consideration that can make this process more complicated is that you cannot have a guest sign-in or operate two separate WhatsApp accounts on the same device, even if they have two different numbers.

But what does that mean for you?

Essentially, it means that if a family member or friend lets you use their phone to access WhatsApp, you cannot. He would need to log out.

This is not always the case if you know how to work around this hurdle. I will describe this process in greater detail later in the guide.


Frankie’s Take:

Unfortunately, it can be challenging to access WhatsApp from another device if you have some patience though, you can accomplish it. Read on for more information.

2 (+1 BONUS) Proven Ways to Use WhatsApp on Another Phone

Because you now understand general conditions on how to accomplish this, you are likely very ready to get started. Let me explain the various methods of accessing WhatsApp using another mobile phone or device.

With this information, you can stay connected to your contacts regardless if you keep your normal phone on hand or not. Ready to get started?

The guide is going to give you two very unique and separate methods of gathering needed information by accessing your account using another device. These include:

  • WhatsApp Web (what you would use to access WhatsApp from a PC)
  • Third-Party App to Duplicate WhatsApp Notifications
  • BONUS: Fully Duplicate WhatsApp on Another Device

Let’s get started.

#1 Method: WhatsApp Web

I would first recommend linking WhatsApp to another phone through the WhatsApp Web service.

How to Use WhatsApp on Another Phone through WhatsApp Web

This specific program allows you to access your WhatsApp information through a browser which temporarily replicates the app from your smartphone.

I mentioned earlier that WhatsApp web is a replication of the same app you would download on your phone. This is not an independent application on its own, which is why it is suitable as a work around.

You must focus on ensuring that this messaging app is active and correctly configured with the traditional primary device, which must be powered on and connected to the internet.

In addition, you will need the original phone where the app is installed on your person for the setup process. This is only required for the initial linking of the two.

I haven’t lost you yet, have I? Good.

Let’s get started.

First, you must grab the phone you want to generate the second copy of WhatsApp on and launch your internet browser.

Browsers will vary, but this will ultimately be the app like Google Chrome or Safari depending on your device.

Next, you must connect to the official website. This can be done by typing in the web address, web.whatsapp.com, and requesting a desktop site. After you log in, you will see a page prompting you to download the app.

Don’t fret. This is what is supposed to happen.

To resolve this, you must launch the desktop version of the WhatsApp Web site. Better explained, you need to open the version you would use on a PC.

The steps are slightly different if you are using Google Chrome or Safari.

Google Chrome: 

Once you load the website, you can click on the (⋮) button in the upper right corner to select the Desktop Website option in the menu that appears.

Chrome request desktop site


Make sure that the page entirely loads and then click on the Aa button to the left of the address bar and choose Request Desktop Website from panel that opens.

For those still using iOS 15 or older, you will have a different step to press and hold the arrow to reload the page (found in the address bar) and to choose Request Desktop Website from the available menu.

request desktop website on safari

If you have done everything as you should, you will see a configuration page for WhatsApp Web, which will contain a QR Code.

With this step completed, you can take your primary smartphone (with WhatsApp installed) and open up the popular messaging app.


For those using Android phones, access active chats by tapping the (⋮) button at the top right of the screen. You should then select Linked Devices from the menu and click on the Link Device button.


When using an iPhone, start by tapping on the Settings tab when in WhatsApp (bottom right) and then choose Linked Devices. When you have made these selections, you will have the option to choose Scan QR Code.

Don’t stop now! You almost have it.

You will be prompted to point your camera from the primary phone you use to access WhatsApp at the now visible QR Code on the other screen. When you have scanned this and the information is shared between devices.

That is all you need to do.

TIP: Remember, if you need to, it is possible to zoom in/out on the screen with a pinching motion inwards or zoom out by pushing two fingers away from each other while touching the screen.

Did you change your mind? Do you want to disconnect WhatsApp Web?

If you ever have second thoughts, it is always possible to disconnect WhatsApp Web from this second device when you feel like it.

There are only a few steps to this process that need to be completed with the original primary phone to accomplish it.


First, you will need to open the app on your phone and click on the (⋮) button at the top of the screen. You can then choose Linked Devices from the menu that pops up.

Tap on the entry for device you want to log out. In the pop-up, tap Log out.


Similarly, you must launch the WhatsApp app and head to Settings on the bottom right. Choose Linked Devices from available options.

You will be given the option to Disconnect from All Devices which removes all pairings with all secondary devices – you will confirm this approach by clicking the Log Out option.

Need to know more about WhatsApp Web and how to make the most of it? I have a specific guide available dedicated exclusively to this topic.

Trick: A quick access to WhatsApp Web

If you would like to quicken access to WhatsApp Web once you are paired, you just need to make a shortcut. There is a fast and efficient way to do this on either of the primary browsers these devices might be using:

Chrome – When you get connected to WhatsApp Web, click on the () button in the top right corner of the screen. Choose the option to Add to Home Screen when the menu appears. You can add a custom name for this entry and then confirm your decision to move this to the home screen by choosing Add.

Safari – Once you get paired up and connected to WhatsApp Web, you can click on the share icon (square with arrow inside). The menu that opens will have an option listed as Add to Home. After choosing a name and other details, you can confirm to add this shortcut to the phone’s home screen.


Frankie’s Take:

When you find that you do not need the second device to access your account anymore away from home, make sure that you take the steps to log out of the connection. If you are using a friend or family member’s phone and fail to logout of WhatsApp, they will have access to your messages and chats.

#2 Method: Join

Yet another effective option to accessing the messages sent to your WhatsApp account without your phone is the third-party app Join.

Accessing Personal WhatsApp from Another Phone with Join App

The app works by using cloud synchronization to allow you to view and manage the status of certain configured devices.

To put this simply, using Join allows a notification to spread out onto multiple connected devices simultaneously.

When you use this feature, you will be able to see new WhatsApp notifications on another device, and in many cases, respond directly to these incoming messages.

This is also a replication of sorts for the app, so you will need to make sure that the primary phone that has the original WhatsApp account is active and available to set up the Join app the first time.

At this time, Join is still an app available for free in the Google Play Store.

Like all apps, there is a degree of premium available to provide other features, but for its intended purpose here, the free version will do. It is only available for Android devices.

Sound like something that could suit your need?

How to use Join by joaoapps

Let’s figure out how this can work for you when you need some secondary solutions to get your WhatsApp fix.

First and foremost, you can’t do anything until you get the Join app from the Google Play Store and install it to BOTH devices.

When you have done this, you are able to configure them separately in either order.

With it downloaded, launch the Join app and choose to Sign in with Google – you will then need to accept terms and conditions to use the app – and confirm that you read it by choosing that you Agree.

You will then be asked to choose what Google account must access the Join app (you need to use this same account for both of your configured devices).

When you are finally logged in, you can choose to Allow, which permits Join to access your profile and its connected content.

It is possible to Skip (bottom left) and bypass the setup tutorial. When requested, you need only tap the Allow button again to allow Join to access the phone’s multimedia content and the device’s location.

Complete this phase of the setup process by clicking on Shared > Devices icons and when asked, choose NO about adding new devices to join.

Once you have completed these steps for each of the devices, return to the original primary phone and get into the Join app’s main menu.

When launched, select the ☰ button in the top right of the screen and enter the Settings menu as one of the options available.

From here, you will be able to reach the Notifications section. You will be able to choose Access to Notification, and move the designated toggle to ON and choose Allow.

When you have completed these steps, hit the back button and move Send Notifications’ toggle to ON as well. This will allow Join to share these notifications to connected devices.

When you complete this process, you can then search out the Notified Devices area and select the connected device you also registered with the same Google login information.

Next, go to App Notifications to ensure that WhatsApp is selected as an app that shares its notifications with Join. Click OK to confirm any changes made.

That’s all you needed to do!

You can now see the WhatsApp notifications going to your primary device on this secondary mobile phone you connected via Join.

Interestingly enough, you are able to reply to these messages as well with the Reply Direct button that comes with banner notifications from WhatsApp. If you tap anywhere else on this banner or bar, you will get taken to a screen telling you that you should download WhatsApp instead, so be choosy about where you press.

Got all that?


Frankie’s Take:

Join is rapidly becoming a preferred app for this type of service, as it can do many different functions while maintaining a coveted free price tag. You will find there is a bit of learning necessary, but it can rapidly become a handy tool to the right person.

#BONUS METHOD: Duplicating WhatsApp on a Second Phone

By now you realize that you cannot be so lucky as to download WhatsApp twice on the same device.

What that means is that you cannot log into a WhatsApp account on a secondary device that already has a WhatsApp account connected and configured to it. It is only feasible through replication.

Several devices made by Samsung, Google Pixel or Xiaomi devices feature a native function to duplicate any app already installed. This includes messengers like WhatsApp.

If you do not have one of these types of phones, what will you have to do?

Simply put, you will have to go about it the old-fashioned way with a third-party app workaround. An app for this purpose would need to replicate your phone number.

Simple, you use a third-party app that will allow you to duplicate WhatsApp and set it with your phone number.

There are plenty of apps that can get this job done, but the one I recommend is called Parallel Space, it works on both Android and iOS.

All you will need to do is to install this app on the second phone and follow easy steps to get it set up.


Frankie’s Take:

Remember that if you login to WhatsApp using your phone number on the secondary device, the primary will be logged out of WhatsApp.


As I begin the conclusion of all that was learned today, remember that WhatsApp is among the most used apps for cheating on your partner, and therefore, one of the apps most likely to be spied on by a suspicious spouse.

If you already read my detailed article about how to spy on WhatsApp, you know what I am talking about.

The bottom line is, if you duplicate your WhatsApp account, the information is now twice as likely to be viewed by a nosey individual. Just be careful about how your information is shared.

That should be enough to get you started with this process.

If you still have concerns or questions, you can leave me a comment in the provided box and I will get back with you as soon as I can.

Let me also direct you to the helpful content you will find on my YouTube channel. You will find multiple videos about the messaging apps you are using every day. Let me know you are out there by taking a minute to like us on Facebook too.


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