What is MessagingAppLab?

The MessagingAppLab is not just an information center about the messaging applications that millions of people use every day.

This platform is a laboratory where the greatest new features for WhatsApp, iMessage, Messenger, Snapchat and more are closely examined. Additionally, our experts offer unique insight, secrets and tips to make better use of your time.

Here on MessagingAppLab you will find the latest tutorials, rumors, tips, guides and news related to any messaging app you might currently be using.

The core of this team is two highly skilled experts who are well versed in digital communications and all have experience with major companies in this virtual realm.

The goal is to give you the best WhatsApp (and other popular messaging applications) biggest secrets and tricks to overcome any problem or situation you might have.

So why should you be visiting our humble lab you might ask? Together, the messaging app scientists are pulling together all of their resources and calibrating our equipment for the same end result.

The new horizon shows limitless possibilities for messaging apps across the board, and our team plans to reach the farthest corners of what any app can do (if corners even exist in limitless, infinite space that is).

Our Passions Demanded Answers

Our MessangingLabApp focuses on the curiosity and drive of its founding members.

They have tasked themselves with finding the solution to messaging apps’ most common problems.

That is why most of the content you will find here centers on How To articles for WhatsApp and other major messengers.

In case you haven’t noticed, messaging applications are evolving all the time.

With near constant updates across the board and new features to learn about with each version, this platform can introduce you to the best new features and tricks to wow your friends.

While everyone might use WhatsApp or another messenger application, few understand the full gravity of what they can do. Be someone who needs to know all of the possibilities.

What You Can Learn Here

News: Offering the latest information, news and rumors about the top messaging platforms.

Media: A gallery of pictures and videos that you can share with the world.

Walkthroughs and Guides: The best features and guides to reaching the full potential of WhatsApp and other primary messaging applications.

Tips and Tricks​: The latest secrets and tricks to perform vexing tasks more easily, or to do common things more efficiently.

Meet the Team

Nick Barcellona

Nick Barcellona

Communication Expert of MessagingAppLab

Nick has been fascinated with digital communication in instant messaging formats since the very first platforms for it came onto the scene. This study dates back to the mid-1990s with software developed by ICQ and AOL. It did not take long for Nick to discover that this kind of communication was the wave of the future, and that understanding the software and later applications to their fullest would only bea benefit. That is what drove his initial experiments into how things work and how these messengers could be better understood. Since the WhatsApp release in 2009, Nick has been taking experimentation and testing to another level on a daily basis, studying not just the limitations of the app but also the social implications of the messenger for the world. On MessagingAppLab, Nick will be the voice of content to improve your use of all major messaging applications in existence.

Frankie Caruso

Frankie Caruso

Technology Expert of MessagingAppLab

Ever since he was a kid, Frankie has always fallen into the “geek” persona as he has been fascinated with technology. This led to studies in IT relative to both the internet and social media platforms for the past 10 years. Much like Nick, Frankie was impressed with WhatsApp when it came out and quickly went through several experiments trying out each new feature available at the time. His testing has led him through messaging applications across all operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows. His expertise is to help resolve bugs and glitches you experience with the applications, but he is also the source for updates, tricks and tips to better use each application to the fullest.

Contact us

Drop us a line at [email protected] or contact one of the experts here. We will be sure to reply quickly to resolve the issue, and possibly even make an entire content post related to your problem on the site!