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How to delete a WhatsApp contact permanently


There are several reasons why we could decide to delete a contact on WhatsApp: you may be dealing with unknown contact, you may be bothered by someone with awkward messages, or you might suspect that a friend is spying on you through the application, etc. In any case, all we want is to remove that contact from WhatsApp forever, so they can no longer see when we are online, our profile picture, our status or call us. We want to get rid of them permanently. Continue Reading…


Does WhatsApp cost money?


WhatsApp is free or paid? How much does it cost? How do you pay? The net has spread a significant amount of false news about WhatsApp fees. Let’s see if you have to pay and in which case. Continue Reading…


How to pay for WhatsApp


Are you getting confused with WhatsApp payments? Have you been unsuccessful in your attempt to renew your WhatsApp subscription? Do you want to know how to pay for WhatsApp quickly? Here is a guide to pay WhatsApp in few steps. Continue Reading…