How to make voice calls on WhatsApp


Here is an easy guide making voice calls on WhatsApp on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

whatsapp voice calls

Since the acquisition of WhatsApp by Zuckerberg’s Facebook, there have been some notable changes to try and improve the experience. WhatsApp is now positioning itself as a service quite similar to Viber and Skype. The first step of doing this is the introduction of WhatsApp calling features. WhatsApp developed the voice call feature that relies on the internet connection as opposed to your cell plan. Even though your cell plan will not incur any cost, there will be additional data charges for using the WhatsApp calling feature.

Considering WhatsApp is a cross-platform application, there are certain variations on how the application looks as well as the process of how to make voice calls.

WhatsApp Voice Calls On Android

WhatsApp Voice Calls AndroidWhenever one wants to make WhatsApp voice calls on Android, there are a few steps that need to be followed to ensure that this is activated.

First, the user needs to ensure that the WhatsApp application is the most recent version. This is done by either updating on the Google PlayStore or by downloading a new version of WhatsApp. Versions that have this feature will have three tabs. The calls, chats and contacts tabs.

The next step is ensuring that the intended people you want to call are saved in the WhatsApp contacts. WhatsApp only allows calls to other people on the WhatsApp contact list. One can check by going to the contacts tab and scrolling for the person that you want to call.

Once you get the person, click on the person, and this will take you to the person’s profile. You will see the chat history. At the top, there will be two tabs with a phone icon and the other with an attachment icon. If you hit the call button, you will be able to make a voice call.

Another option is going to the chat icon and clicking on the profile picture of a person. The profile will pop up, and you will have the option of sending a message or calling the person. Clicking on the calling option will activate a voice call.

Additionally, in the WhatsApp home page, there is a phone tab at the very top, just above the calls, chats and contacts tabs. This is next to the search button. Clicking on this takes you to a list of people who you can call using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Voice Calls on Windows Phone

WhatsApp Voice Calls Windows PhoneFrom the perspective of a developer, the Windows Phone platform is quite different from the Android and iOS platforms. Therefore, applications are quite different. This is how you can make WhatsApp voice calls on Windows phones.

Clicking on an updated WhatsApp shows four tabs at the top: Chats, Calls, Favorites and All. In Chats, one can click on the profile picture, and this will take you to the profile of the person. Scrolling down beyond the groups in common and encryption, you get to the phone number of the person. There is the option of sending a message or calling.

The other option is clicking on the calls tab. This will give a list of the calls that have been made or received. Just clicking on the call icon will call the person you want to call if there has been a previous call history.

Finally, clicking on the favorites tab takes you to a list of the most common contacts that you interact with on WhatsApp. Clicking on one of them takes you to a one-on-one chat area with a call icon just next to the attachment icon. Clicking on this makes a voice call on Windows Phone.

WhatsApp Voice Calls On iPhone

WhatsApp Voice Calls iPhoneiPhone is also quite different from Android, and the process of making calls is slightly different. There is still a need for a download of the latest version of WhatsApp but in most cases, an automatic download will do this on your behalf.

An updated WhatsApp on iOS has two tabs at the bottom of the screen that provide voice call functionality. The recent button has the call list, but there is no option to call. However, it can give an outline of the most recent missed and received calls.

To make a voice call, you simply go to the contact list and select the person hat you want to talk to. This will take you to a profile that has a phone icon. Clicking on the phone icon will make a voice call to the person. Another option is going to the chat tab. Clicking on the profile picture will provide you with the option of calling the person. Even when chatting one-on-one there is an option of calling the person.

It is worth noting that having the latest version of WhatsApp makes it easier to make voice calls on WhatsApp. A simple update on either Google Play or the iPhone App Store will activate the WhatsApp calling feature.

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