Sending secret messages with WhatsApp: the definitive guide


Though the Kibo app you can send secret messages on WhatsApp and hide chats and messages that we don’t want anyone to see. Below is the step-by-step guide for doing this.

Are you afraid that someone may be able to see your chats on WhatsApp? Do you often leave your phone unattended and are worried that someone may spy on the WhatsApp notifications that pop-up on the screen of your phone? Don’t worry – thanks to a new free application this problem is solved. Now you can send secret messages on WhatsApp, and hide your conversations that contain private information.

How to send secret messages on WhatsApp via Kibo

This is possible thanks to Kibo, an app for smartphones designed precisely to hide important messages from the sight of prying eyes. The application is nothing more than a keyboard that allows you to create a secret chat on WhatsApp and also on other instant messaging services (Facebook, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc.). Through this simple “trick”, you will be able to replace your real sent messages with preset phrases, preventing someone else from knowing your business.

“Kibo solves the problem of the privacy of the exchanged messages containing secret or private information,” stated the creators of the application. “People commonly believe that no one can intercept their private messages; however, their messages are often seen by friends, colleagues and passers-by. Therefore, we aim at providing a means for sending and receiving messages that no one can see but the sender and the recipient.”

Basically – and here is the real revolution brought by the app – Kibo is a keyboard that allows you to hide real messages behind fake ones (specially created) and to disguise the notifications on the screen of your phone (even with the keyboard locked) to bring never-seen-before levels of security. Obviously, don’t overlook the basic settings for privacy on WhatsApp, but this new option undoubtedly makes a major contribution.

How to send secret messages on WhatsApp via Kibo

secret messages on WhatsApp

The first step is to download the application from the official store. At the moment the application is only available for iPhone and can be downloaded from this page in the Apple Store, but it will soon be released for Android users (you will be able to download the Android version here as soon as it is released).

After you download the application you need to add the new Kibo keyboard to your phone:

  • Go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard
  • Tap Keyboards -> Add New Keyboard
  • Select Kibo (it should appear at the top among the third-party keyboards)
  • Select Keyboard EN

Now the new keyboard should appear on WhatsApp.

To start sending hidden messages:

1. Open WhatsApp and type the message you want to hide using the Kibo’s keyboard, and then click on the Lock button next to the Space button (as shown in the photo below in point 1).

kibo keyboard for hidden whatsapp message

2. Once you’ve clicked on Lock, the message you have typed is replaced with another “innocent” message that will hide it (you can change the text to your liking).

3. After that you can send the message by tapping Send. By doing so, the fake message will be seen by others, and the concealed one only by the recipient and you.

To read the hidden message:

Copy the message to the clipboard of your phone. Double tap or long tap on the visible message. If there is any hidden part inside, it will be shown in a pop-up view inside of the Kibo keyboard.

Now you don’t have anything to worry about! Even if your smartphone falls into the wrong hands, all messages will be hidden under apparently “innocent” phrases.

Be aware that:

  • The recipients must have the Kibo application installed on their phone to be able to read the hidden messages. If your contacts don’t have Kibo installed, you can send them the link to download the application directly from the app or from the Kibo keyboard.
  • At present, the app allows for the sending and receiving of hidden messages on WhatsApp with one user at a time (the same limit exists even with other messaging app like Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, VK, Hangouts, wechat, Telegram, etc.).

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    Hello..i hope u can explain. When using WA on the web, if u have a person qued/ highlighted, there is a banner that shows the persons name and If you are avtive or someone else is messaging u, the banner shows that highlighted persons last seen. The last seen portion disappears after about 10 mins of no activity on anyones part and only the name remains. This happens without fail each time there is activity on the account. Now the bigggg question. There are times when the banner shows a time stamp of highlighted person, even when the WA user isnt showing online and when no one is obvious in sending a message to the owner. It just appears and then disappears. I was thinking the causes may be…1 secret messages are being transpired but dont show up on the chat log. 2. A WA phone call is taking place by the owner and another user but it doesnt show up on the chat log. 3. Another app like FB or Instagram is being used on the phone and somehow activates the Banner with last seen while, still showing all parties inactive. What do u think of all three options. If not those then what is activating the banner as if the owner is online but instead only showing last seen? Is there a way to send messages without it showing on the web chat log? And, is there a way the owner can see if they have an incoming call when using the web only and cell is in another room?