How to install WhatsApp on iPad


Do you want to install WhatsApp on your iPad? Are you looking for a method to download WhatsApp on iPad without jailbreaking? Here’s a definitive guide on how to download WhatsApp on an iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, and other tablets in few steps.

How many times have you thought to install WhatsApp on your iPad but you were told that it was not possible? False. WhatsApp works even on and iPad, or other tablets. You just need to know how to do it. Officially, the instant messaging app is not supported by iPads, but there is an alternative method to get around the problem.

Previously, jailbreaking was required to download WhatsApp on an iPad, and the procedure was abstruse and not within everybody’s grasp.

Fortunately, there is a fast and effective method to use WhatsApp on your iPad without jailbreaking it. Moreover, you can have WhatsApp on any kind of device (tablet, iPad, mobile phone) with this procedure.

How to install WhatsApp on Ipad

#1. How to install WhatsApp on iPad


Regarding iOS users, WhatsApp is officially available only for the iPhone. Apple’s Developers have never released a version for the iPad, which is why you need some trick to have it on your tablet.

The reason why WhatsApp is not available for the iPad is because the app requires a phone number. Apple’s tablets support only data sim card that lets you access the web but not the phone network. In the future, Apple may decide to make the instant messaging app for iPad available via an address email, but currently there is no official news. Until that moment, we can exploit an alternative method, even if we are not expert developers or geeks.


8 Steps to follow to install WhatsApp on iPad without Jailbreak:

The following procedure works on any iPad model: iPad retina, iPad Air and mini. Here are the 8 simple steps:

1. Backup WhatsApp chats on your iPhone (Settings>Chat Settings>Chat Backup) and uninstall WhatsApp from your Apple phone.

2. Download WhatsApp.IPA from iTunes. On Windows OS, go to Users>Username>My Music>iTunes>iTunes Media>Mobile Applications. If you are using an Apple Mac, go to Music> iTunes> iTunes Media> Mobile Applications.

3. Download iFunBox application (click here to download it). It lets you connect your iPad to the computer as if it were a simple USB flash drive (that is what makes jailbreak useless). After downloading, close iTunes, connect your iPad to the computer, and open iFunBox. Tap “Install” and select the WhatsApp.IPA file that you downloaded in Step 2.

4. Take the iPhone that you used in Step 1 and install WhatsApp again. While installing, it’s important to deny access to your contacts. Don’t forget it!

5. Close the app and connect your iPhone to the computer.

6. Now, open iFunBox and save to your desktop the “Library” and “Documents” folders. To find them, follow the path Applications>Users>WhatsApp.

7. Disconnect your iPhone and connect your iPad without closing iFunBox. Copy/Paste the folders that you saved on your desktop (“Library” and “Documents”) into the “WhatsApp” folder on your iPad.

8. Restart your iPad and open WhatsApp. When you are asked to change your phone number, click “No.”

If you correctly carried out all steps, WhatsApp will work properly on your iPad, allowing you to send messages, videos and photos as a normal iPhone.


#1.1 How to hide last seen on WhatsApp on iPad

Even on an iPad you can hide WhatsApp last seen. Many users want to maximize the privacy level removing the last seenwith the aim of not let other people to see when they connected to WhatsApp last time. The method to do it for an iPad or iPad mini is the same we use on the iPhone. Open WhatsApp, and go to Settings>Account>privacy>Last Seen and switch to Nobody.
#1.2 Details and Restrictions

  • You cannot update WhatsApp directly on your iPad. If you want the latest version, once the app on your iPhone has been updated, carry out all steps of the procedure to install Whatsapp on your iPad again.
  • If you try to update the application directly from your iPad, an error will occur, and you will be asked to enter your Apple ID again.
  • If you want to synchronize your iPad with iTunes, it’s important to disable automatic updates otherwise WhatsApp will be deleted.
  • If you install WhatsApp through this method, you will be able to use it only on one device.


#2. How to install WhatsApp on iPad using an Android Phone

Above, we have seen how to download and install WhatsApp on an iPad using an Apple iPhone. If I have an Android phone, how can I install it on an iPad? We received many requests regarding how to do it, so we updated this guide by adding an easy and fast procedure for Android users.

To get WhatsApp on an iPad without an iPhone, you have to use WhatsApp web – the version for the computer.

Theoretically, the procedure works on any kind of Android phone (even on Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1, Nokia S60, Nokia S40 Single SIM EVO, BlackBerry and BB10) and tablet (Android, Apple and others). Practically, it’s better to install it just on a High Quality tablet. The more the quality of the tablet is, the more chances you have to see WhatsApp work properly. Let’s see how to do it.

P.S. The following steps make reference to the iPad, but the process works on any other kind of tablet.

P.S.S.  In the guide, we have used an Android phone, but the process also works with Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1, Nokia S60, Nokia S40 Single SIM EVO, BlackBerry and BB10.


#2.1 WhatsApp on iPad using WhatsApp web

  1. Download Google Chrome on the iPad
  2. Open the official WhatsApp Web page: whatsapp web
  3. Open WhatsApp and go to Menu>WhatsApp Web
  4. Scan the QR code on the tablet with your phone

Now, you can start using WhatsApp on an iPad or any other tablet. The way it works is the same as when using WhatsApp Web on a PC. The only drawback that we noticed is the notifications. You just get vibration alerts but nothing pops up on the display. Apart from that, everything works properly. Remember that on WhatsApp sending messages, photos or videos is free, although there is the subscription cost of the application.

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