How to find out who your best friends are on WhatsApp


After you have read this short article, you will get surprised about how through WhatsApp you can easily learn many things about yourself. In fact, now it’s possible to discover who your best friends are.


WhatsApp has recently rolled out a new feature that allows users to control the amount of consumed data (which is really useful if you have a data plan with limited traffic). But there’s more. With this option you can find some interesting information on the kind of use that we make of the application (one more reason to not leave the phone in the hands of the “curious”).

Find Out Who Your Best Friends Are On WhatsApp


I’m talking about the “storage usage” feature, which lets you know how many messages you have sent to a single contact. You can get this information with two simple clicks.

N.B. The update was released only for Android phones.


How to find out who your best friends are on WhatsApp

This powerful feature is hidden away within the apparently innocuous Storage Usage feature. Discovering exactly who your best friends are on WhatsApp is surprisingly easy. Just go to “settings” on the right of the app’s main toolbar and then select “storage usage” down at the bottom. You will see the total number of messages you have sent and received at the bottom, as well as the number in each conversation from high to low.

What does this mean? Well, whoever is at the top of the ranking is your best friend (or boyfriend/girlfriend), and you can even see the degree of friendship you have with your contacts.

Of course, all this depends on how you use WhatsApp, and it does not take into account the other instant messaging applications you use on your phone. Therefore, there may be no correlation between this information and the actual facts, but it gives you an idea of who your favorite “digital” friends are.

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