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Looking for a sad WhatsApp status to express your feelings? Here a collection of quotes, saying and images that are perfect for you.sad quotes images whatsapp

You can be sad about love, friendship, bad events and, unfortunately, for many other reasons like the loss of someone special (if that is the case, have a look at Prayer quotes for WhatsApp). Sadness is that kind of feeling we don’t wish upon even our worst enemy.

It happens that a depressing moment catches us unprepared and remains for either a short or long period. That’s the reason we have created this page with an original and unique collection of sad WhatsApp status; to help you express the inner pain in the best way possible. It’s a series of famous quotes and not-so-famous ones, aphorisms and thoughts about sadness to be used as statuses for your social networking accounts.

Sometimes, expressing your sadness to the world is a small step to lighten the weight and feel a bit better.

Below are original sad WhatsApp statuses, not the usual phrases that are out there. Just copy the text and paste it where you want. At the bottom of the page, you also find sad images with quotes to be sent via WhatsApp or shared on social media. To send them, you have to first save the image on your camera roll and then send it as a normal picture via WhatsApp.

Sad Statuses

1. Even in the deepest darkness, sooner or later, will dawn light.

2. If it was just sadness I already feel relieved.

3. In this world, one cannot be deeply sensitive without being sad very often. (E. Fromm)

4. I close my eyes slowly, hoping not to feel the pain.

5. It hurts, and you don’t know it. Life is often cruel.

6. Loneliness is listening to the wind and not being able to tell anyone. (J. Morrison)

7. You can’t always be happy. Life is a swing, always in motion.

8. Today I am sad, and I wait for tomorrow… do not disturb.

9. A tear comes down, I close my eyes, I don’t say a word.

10. When you are happy you enjoy the music. But when you’re sad you understand the lyrics. (Anonymous)

11. Tears are words that need to be written. (Paulo Coelho)

12. Feeling small and alone in an infinite universe.

13. Why all the love comes to me when I am sad, and feel you are far away… (P. Neruda)

14. Sometimes, leaving someone behind is harder than hating them.

15. He turns his entire his life upside down. First he was sad and depressed. Now he is depressed and sad. (R. L. Frost)

Sad Images

sad image

sad image

sad image

sad image

sad image

sad image

sad image

sad image

sad image

sad image

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