How to use Google Translate’s newest feature with WhatsApp


Whatsapp is an app used by millions around the world but doesn’t have a native way for you to talk to those people if they don’t speak the same language as you. Google Translate to the rescue! Here is the easiest way to translate WhatsApp messages using Google Translate.

google translator whatsapp

Google recently released a video tutorial showcasing Translator’s newest feature “Tap to Translate,” which integrates with third-party apps, including WhatsApp.

So how do you start translating WhatsApp messages you ask?

Just follow to simple steps:

  1. Select the text you would like to translate and tap “Copy”
  2. Then tap on the “Google Translate” button

Just like the message is translated.

Thanks to this new feature you no longer need to copy and paste from WhatsApp to Google Translate then back again. If you login don’t see the “Tap to Translate” button doesn’t appear, you can enable it in Google Translator’s settings and activate the “Tap to Translate” option.

At the time of writing this article “Tap to Translate” was only available for Android devices, the feature is coming soon for iOS devices.


How to watch a WhatsApp video without downloading it


Thanks to WhatsApp’s new streaming option, it is no longer required to download videos in order to watch them. This is a huge help when it comes to saving memory on an Android or iOS phone that runs the app.

whatsapp video without dowloading

WhatsApp is fully aware that video content is the future of online communication, and has decided to ride the wave that social networks are surfing with the integration if audiovisual content.

Due to it not being possible to download every video on the WhatsApp program due to limited storage space on a phone, the app makers have started to test streaming functions so that users can watch videos without needing to download them. This will make it possible to stream live, and the ability to save and download videos is still available.

Wondering how to stream instead of download? All that is needed is for the WhatsApp to install the latest version, and then to click on a video to select the stream option. If this is not available on the phone, users are asked to wait a few days and try again.

The new streaming feature will be available on all phones. WhatsApp Web (the PC and Mac version) will also be including the streaming feature.

Although WhatsApp has been behind the times lately, when unleashing new functions, they have showed signs of life. In October, a video call feature was added, which had been highly requested by users for quite some time.


WhatsApp Tracker – Your Reliable Way to Know the Truth


whatsapp tracker

You will hardly find a person who has never heard about WhatsApp. After all, we live in a world of electronics, smartphones, and online communication where social networking websites and instant messengers are an integral part of most people’s lives.

However, along with the numerous benefits we get from the technology development, there are also lots of dangers it brings to us. That is exactly why you need a reliable WhatsApp tracker able to uncover all of the secrets hidden from your eyes!

WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging app that provides its users with the opportunity to easily share text messages and multimedia content, including photos, images, videos, and audio files, for free. Being available for both, Android and iOS devices, it is now used by people of all ages throughout the world that makes it one of the first apps to monitor in case you want to know the truth about another person.

Thus, a powerful WhatsApp tracker gives you the ability to:

  • Protect your minor kid from cyber bullying, sexting, and other online dangers;
  • Prevent your employees from corporate data leaking;
  • Find out whether your spouse is cheating on you or not, etc.

What’s more, the best monitoring software allows you not only to track WhatsApp messages, calls, and multimedia files sent or received via this messenger but also to spy on a variety of other social networking and instant messaging apps, including Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, Skype, Instagram, Tinder, and LINE, not to mention that it offers a full set of other useful tracking features. Interested?

WhatsApp tracker: Calls, SMS, WhatsApp, Location Tracking, and More – All in One Bottle

While most monitoring applications provide only basic functions, mSpy has 25+ advanced features and, what is also very important, the best customer support ever. This innovative software is not in vain considered the most reliable and functional one compared to similar apps existing today. For example, once installed on the target device, this WhatsApp tracker additionally allows its users to:

  • Manage calls and block those from unwanted numbers;secret agent
  • Track SMS and MMS;
  • Read emails;
  • Monitor the Internet use;
  • Block inappropriate websites and online content;
  • Access address book and calendar;
  • Control programs and applications;
  • View stored photos, videos, etc.

Moreover, if you have ever wondered about the possibility of WhatsApp location tracking, you know that it is not that easy! The fact is that unlike Viber, WhatsApp doesn’t provide its users with the ability to track another person’s current location. However, mSpy does! With the help of this software, you can not only monitor someone’s calls, messages, and online activity but also track their current whereabouts on a detailed map. Therefore, forget about the problem of WhatsApp location tracking, as now you have a smart solution to it!

Can I Track WhatsApp Messages Remotely?

Yes, you can do it from any computer or device with the Internet connection! Furthermore, you will get remote access to the target phone within just several minutes! The mSpy WhatsApp tracker is very easy to use, and it doesn’t require any special knowledge or professional technical skills to be installed. Anyway, if you still have some questions about the installation process, you can always contact our 24/7 customer support service. In this way, to track WhatsApp messages of another person has never been easier! Try for yourself!



How to cheat on a test at school


Here I will reveal an infallible and easy way to cheat on a test without getting caught. If you don’t have time to catch up and you want to pass your next exam, you must read every single word of this article.

how to cheat on test

Didn’t study for your next exam? Are you desperately looking for a way to cheat on a test at school without getting caught by your teacher? Do you want to know what the top exam cheating trick is? Well, it would be wiser to invite you to study night and day until you are on a par with your classmates, but I know you don’t have enough time to catch up, and for this reason I’ll offer you a last chance to save your life.

Often, a bad grade on a test means failing class, and I don’t want you to become depressed while you see your classmates achieve highly. Now, make yourself comfortable and read the whole article very carefully. You are about to say goodbye to all your fears of not passing written tests.

And I’m not talking about the old ways to cheat at school that even my grandma knows, such as by using pieces of paper hidden in your backpack or under your bottom. Teachers have become more and more aware of these tricks, and the risk of being caught when using them is right around the corner.

I’m talking about a modern way whereby students cheat in exams using technology.

Ready? Let’s start.

Exam cheating equipment:

Let’s see the 2 easy steps to follow to cheat on your test.

The 2 steps to follow the cheat on your test

  • Take a picture of your test with a smartwatch. Before walking in the classroom, go to cheat at schoolWhatsApp through your smartwatch and keep the chat screen with your accomplice opened. Then, try to take a seat in a hidden place far away from your teacher’s scrutinizing eyes, and with a sneaky move, take a picture of your test with your smartwatch by clicking on the “take a picture” button within the chat screen. Your friend will receive a photograph of your test, he will carry out the assignment and he will send it back to you via WhatsApp.
  • Wait for the solved test. Once your partner in crime has solved the assignment, he can do 2 things: text you the answers by WhatsApp or send back the picture of the paper they used to solve the exam. In the case of a math test or essay, he will definitely need to send you back a photograph too. Conversely, if it’s a multiple choice test it might be convenient to use text messages.

arm with watch

The best smartwatch model to cheat in tests with

Have you ever heard of smartwatches? I bet you have. If don’t own one, some of your classmates or friends do. However, just to shake off any doubt, I’ll briefly tell you what they are.

A smartwatch (or smart watch) is a watch whose functionalities go beyond simple time-keeping. While early models were able to perform only basic operations, such as calculations, translations, and games, the most modern smartwatches are real wearable computers. They perform functions similar to the new generation of smartphones, such as:

  • Playing music
  • Calling
  • Sending and receiving mail
  • Managing your schedule
  • Real-time weather info
  • Monitoring sports performance
  • Take photos and video (if the smartwatch has a built-in camera)
  • Monitoring children (if they wear a smartwatch too)
  • Monitoring heart rate and blood pressure
  • Using apps installed on a smartphone

What you need to cheat on tests at school or college is a smartwatch that simply has a built-in camera and the chance to install WhatsApp. I recommend the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 for Android and iPhone (through the app Android Wear) as it’s really good value for money.

Camera and WhatsApp apart, these models resemble normal watches and your teacher will never suspect anything. Besides, the 2.0-megapixel auto focus camera will easily let you take a picture of your written exam and send it to your savior friend. The official price is $299 but you can find it on for only $219.

This technological jewel is everything you need to get better grades on tests. Imagine the face of your parents when they will see how good you are doing at school. Or the stunned expression painted on your classmate’s face who would have never expected you to get such a great result on your test.

For the record, this method has been suggested by our frequent reader. I’ll copy & pasted what we received word for word to thank our friend:

Hey Nick,

How’s it going? Thanks heaps for your awesome tips about how to improve my grades! My ass has been totally saved because I used your WhatsApp guides and I wanna show other students who are having problems how my grades have improved over the last year by cheating!

I got another F a year ago on a math test, I had already had four so this sucked. My classmates thought it was a huge joke when I was crowned a slacker and loser by my teacher. He made a point of saying “Congratulations Mr Ruini! Your fifth consecutive F. You are now known as the Kind of Slackers” I felt real bad and decided right there that I was gonna improve my grades.

testimonialI needed to find a way to cruise through my tests or at least a foolproof way to of cheating. I surfed the net for hours and then saw a forum aimed at students. There was a user who had a comment claiming that they had passed all their tests at school by using Samsung Galaxy Gear 2.

I sent a message asking for more info about this cheating system that seemed to be a winner. I bought a smartwatch on and it was real cheap. It was so easy to use too. I sent a picture of the tests with the camera on the smartwatch and send it to my sister who has almost graduated. She send me back the answers via WhatsApp and I get them on my smartwatch.

It’s an awesome watch because it looks like a regular one. The teacher wouldn’t have a clue what it was and it is perfect for any student who needs to improve their grades at school.

Thanks again Nick, I think that you should write a guide so that other students can be helped in the same way that I was.

Have a great day,


You have already wasted a lot of time playing video games and lazing around with your friends, so don’t procrastinate any longer – save your school year now!


The 100 Best Italian Quotes


Do you want to make an impression on someone? Looking for a catchy Italian quote to share on WhatsApp or other social networks like Facebook or Twitter? Or maybe you are looking for a short inspirational Italian tattoo quotes ideas. Here’s a collection of the 100 best Italian quotes and sayings with english translation.

best italian quotes

Have you been searching for the best Italian quotes? Would you like to impress someone with quotes in Italian? If you answered yes to either question, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to cover a huge collection of Italian quotes and sayings that can be used for any occasion.

I assure you that these quotes are free of errors, and they can be used during any situation. You can post them on your Facebook page or WhatsApps status. You can even use anyone of them as a tattoo. I have taken out the time to place them into ten different categories. This will make it easy for them to sort them out.

100 great quotes in Italian with meanings

1. Famous Italian Quotes

  1. La vita è una combinazione di pasta e magia. Federico Fellini – Life is a combination of pasta and magic.
  2. Una stanza senza libri è come un corpo senz’anima. Cicerone – A room without good books is like a body without a soul.
  3. Chi sa fare la musica la fa, chi la sa fare meno la insegna, chi la sa fare ancora meno la organizza, chi la sa fare così così la critica. Luciano Pavarotti – Music is created by those who are familiar with it. It is taught by those who don’t know it. Those with a poor knowledge of music are well-known for organizing it (music events). Those without knowledge of music, simply criticize.
  4. Io ritengo di essere geneticamente, istintivamente un innovatore. Silvio Berlusconi – My genetics and instincts make me an innovator.
  5. Dato che esistono oratori balbuzienti, umoristi tristi, parrucchieri calvi, potrebbero anche esistere politici onesti. Dario Fo – We have bald hair dressers, terrible comedians, and stuttering speakers in this world. There is enough room for honest politicians.
  6. L’esperienza è il solo insegnante in cui possiamo confidare. Leonardo Da Vinci – Experience is the only teacher we can rely upon.
  7. È un segno di mediocrità quando dimostri la tua gratitudine con moderazione. Roberto Benigni – Showing your gratitude in moderation is a sign of mediocrity.
  8. Se i soldi non fanno la felicità, figuriamoci la miseria. Antonio De Curtis – If money does not bring you happiness, just imagine what poverty can do to you.
  9. Un uomo che sta troppo poco con la famiglia non sarà mai un vero uomo. Don Corleone – A real man will always find a way to spend quality time with his family.
  10. Sono il migliore, è vero. Io però penso ancora a migliorare. Quando credi di essere perfetto vuol dire che sei finito. Valentino Rossi – It’s true, I am the best! I am never satisfied. I am always looking for ways to improve myself. You are done when you believe you are perfect.

2. Italian Love Quotes

  1. Ho capito che la paura rende soli. E io finora, grazie a te non lo sono mai stata. Luciano Ligabue – I learned that fear makes us lonely. I thank you for staying by my side.
  2. Loro non lo sanno che noi due ci possiamo parlare senza aprire bocca. Luciano Ligabue – They are not aware that we can communicate without saying a word.
  3. Ti diranno che il vento è il respiro di una donna. Lucio Battisti – They will tell you that the wind is a woman’s breath.
  4. Nessuno di noi decide chi e quando amare, è l’amore che sceglie le sue vittime. Francesco Caruso – No one decided who and when to love. Love chooses its victims.
  5. Se potessi darti quello che meriti avresti già per te l’universo. Modà – If I could give you what you deserve, you would have the universe.
  6. La storia ci insegna non c’è mai fine all’orrore. La vita ci insegna che vale solo l’amore. Jovanotti – History teaches us there is no end to the horror. Life teaches us there is worth in loving someone.
  7. Turbini e tempeste io cavalcherò, volerò tra i fulmini per riaverti Gianna Nannini – I will travel on whirlwinds and through storms to get you back.
  8. Mi sa davvero che sei tu la volta che non sbaglio più – Eros Ramazzotti – I’m sure you are my chance to avoid making mistakes.
  9. Non ci può essere amore se non si è se stessi con tutte le proprie forze. Italo Calvino – There can’t be love if you fail to use all your strength to be yourself.
  10. Se potessi almeno fotografare questa notte d’amore… Francesco Caruso – If I could only photograph this night filled with love.

3. Italian Quotes about Family

  1. La famiglia è lo scudo per i problemi della vita. Emanuele Amodeo – Family is the shield for problems in life.
  2. Se la famiglia va, va anche la nazione e va il mondo intero in cui viviamo. Giovanni Paolo II – If families move forward, the country and the world would follow suit.
  3. La famiglia è il centro del nostro universo. Francesco Caruso – Family is the center of our universe.
  4. Quando Dio è il padrone di casa, allora nasce la famiglia. Don Bosco – When God is the master of the house, family will always prosper.
  5. La ferita causata da un fratello fa più male di quella inferta da un nemico. Giorgio Belvedere – The wound caused by my brother, does more harm than one inflicted by my enemy.
  6. La famiglia matura con il dialogo. Antonio Anello – Through dialogue, family grows wiser.
  7. La famiglia è la patria del cuore. Giuseppe Mazzini – The family is the homeland of the heart.
  8. Un padre mantiene sette figli, ma sette figli non mantengono un padre. Nicola Barcellona – A father can support seven children, but seven children cannot support a father.
  9. Un uomo può dirsi veramente ricco se i suoi figli corrono tra le sue braccia anche se le sue mani sono vuote. Nicola Barcellona – An empty-handed man can be considered rich if his children run into his arms.
  10. La famiglia è uno stato che riceve autorità dalla noia, dalle convenienze e dalla paura di morire soli in casa. Leo Longanesi – The family is a state that receives authority from boredom, interests, and the fear of dying alone in the house.

4. Italian Tattoo Quotes

  1. Fai il bene e dimenticalo, fai il male e pensaci. Italian saying – Do well and forget. Do badly and think about it.
  2. Solo chi non fa niente non commette errori. Giorgio Belvedere – One who does nothing makes no mistakes.
  3. Chi racconta i propri segreti si fa servo degli altri. Sicilian saying – One who tells their secrets becomes a slave.
  4. Solo l’uomo colto è libero. Epitetto – Only the educated man is free.
  5. Chi mangia fa briciole. Sicilian saying – Who eats makes the crumbs.
  6. Le persone si scelgono perchè si somigliano. Italian Saying – People choose their similar.
  7.  Da oggi io vivrò fino in fondo. J Ax – From today, I will live to the end.
  8. La tua invidia è la mia forza. Luca Montes – Your envy is my strength.
  9. Bisogna perdersi per ritrovarsi. Francesco Caruso – You have to get lost to find yourself.
  10. Il passato lo rimpiange chi non ha futuro. Giovanni Romano – The past is not clear for those who do not see a future.

5. Italian Food Quotes

  1. Per essere felici basta unire la pizza e il mare. Marco Pescebello – To be happy is to combine pizza and the sea.
  2. Regalatemi mazzi di spaghetti. Eleonora Bianca – Give me beautiful bouquets of spaghetti.
  3. Gli italiani hanno solo due cose in testa: l’altra sono gli spaghetti. Emanuele Amodeo – Italians only have two things in mind. One is spaghetti.
  4. La pizza è l’unico triangolo amoroso che vorrei. Massimo Montes – A slice of pizza is the only love triangle that I would love to be in.
  5. Tutto quel che non si mangia, fa bene alla salute. Guido Ceronetti – All that you do not eat is healthy.
  6. Fatti una pizza con pomodoro e mozzarella e vedrai che il mondo poi ti sorriderà. Pino Daniele – Make a pizza with tomato and mozzarella, and then you will see that the world will smile at you.
  7. L’amore senza baci è come la pizza senza formaggio. Giorgio Gullotti – Love without kisses is like pizza without cheese.
  8. La cosa più importante in una relazione è che a entrambi piaccia la pizza e la pasta, altrimenti non funzionerà mai. Ciccio Puccio – The most important being in a relationship is stacked all like pasta and pizza, otherwise it will not work.
  9. La corruzione comincia con un piatto di pasta. Indro Montanelli – Corruption always begins with a plate of pasta.
  10. Non si è mai strozzato un cane con le tagliatelle. Enrico Brignano – A dog has never been strangled with tagliatelle.

6. Funny Italian Quotes

  1. Era un uomo così antipatico che dopo la sua morte i parenti chiesero il bis. Antonio De Curtis – He was a man so despised that after his death, the relatives demanded an encore.
  2. La gente vede, sente e parla. Purtroppo però vede male, sente poco e parla troppo. Roberto Benigni –People see, hear, and speak. Unfortunately, they see badly, hear little, and talk too much.
  3. La sofferenza in amore è un vuoto a perdere: nessuno ci può guadagnare, tranne i cantautori che ci fanno le canzoni. Massimo Troisi – Suffering from love is pointless. No one can earn except the songwriters that create songs.
  4. I cretini non sono mai eleganti. Giorgio Armani – Idiots are never elegant.
  5. Bertinotti dice di amare tanto i poveri: li ama così tanto che li vuole raddoppiare. Silvio Berlusconi –Bertinotti (Left Party Leader) says he loves poor people. He loves them so much, he wants to double them.
  6. Meglio rompere una promessa di matrimonio che un servizio di piatti dopo sposati. Vittorio De Sica – After you get married, it is better for you to break a promise of marriage than a stack of dishes.
  7. Se il Muro di Berlino fosse stato costruito dagli italiani, sarebbe caduto naturalmente. Roberto Benigni – If the Berlin wall was built by the Italians, naturally it would have fallen.
  8. Gli uomini sono esseri mitologici. Mezzi uomini e mezzi pirla. Luciana Littizzetto – Men have always been met the mythological beings. Half man and half idiot.
  9. Se dietro un grande uomo c’è una grande donna, dietro una grande donna c’è una grande colf. Luciana Littizzetto – Behind every great man is a great woman. Behind a great woman is a housemaid.
  10. Non sto urlando. Sono Italiano. Anonymous – I’m not yelling. I’m Italian.

7. Italian Girl Quotes

  1. I motori sono come le donne, bisogna saperli toccare nelle parti più sensibili. Enzo Ferrari – Engines are just like women. You should be able to touch the most sensitive parts.
  2. Il sex appeal è composto per il cinquanta per cento da ciò che uno ha, per l’altro cinquanta per cento da ciò che gli altri pensano uno abbia. Sofia Loren – The sex appeal is made by that 50% of what you have, the other 50% relates to what others think you have.
  3. Ogni donna può figurare al meglio se sta bene dentro la propria pelle. Non c’entrano i vestiti ed il trucco, ma come si brilla. Sofia Loren – Every woman can look better if they feel good about themselves. It is not about clothes or makeup, but how they shine.
  4. Le donne non sanno cosa vogliono ma sanno benissimo come ottenerlo. Nicola Barcellona – Women don’t always know what they want, but they sure know how to get it.
  5. Uomo. Se vuoi sapere che cosa pensa una donna, prova a immaginare un browser con 3014 finestre aperte. Emanuele Amodeo – If you would like to know what a woman thinks, try to imagine a browser with 2000 windows open.
  6. Se dio non avesse fatto la donna, non avrebbe fatto il fiore. Antonio Giordano – If God hadn’t made women, he wouldn’t have made beautiful flowers.
  7. L’essere amata è per la donna è un bisogno superiore a quello di amare. Giorgio Gullotti – For women, being loved is a need that is greater than loving someone.
  8. Le donne, come i sogni, non sono mai come tu le vorresti. Luigi Pirandello – Women, like dreams, are never what you would like them to be.
  9. Essere donna è così affascinante. È un’avventura che richiede un tale coraggio, una sfida, che non finisce mai. Oriana Fallaci – Being a woman is a fascinating experience. It requires courage and will.
  10. Una donna innamorata è capace di tutto. Esattamente come una che non lo è. Roberto Gervaso – A woman in love can accomplish anything. Exactly as one who is not.

8. Italian Life Quotes

  1. Non fare mai del bene se non sei preparato all’ingratitudine. Enzo Ferrari – Never do the right thing if you are not braced for ingratitude.
  2. Sogno di abbracciare un amico vero, che non voglia vendicarsi su di me di un suo momento amaro. Lucio Battisti – I dream to hug a true friend. One who does not want revenge for his bitter moment.
  3. Mormora, la gente mormora, falla tacere praticando l’allegria. Jovanotti – People always grumble. Silence them with happiness.
  4. Questo è il bello dell’anarchia di Internet. Chiunque ha diritto di manifestare la propria irrilevanza. Umberto Eco – That’s the true beauty of Internet anarchy. Everyone has the right manifest their insignificance.
  5. Liberi però senza vie d’uscita. J-AX – Free, but with no way out.
  6. La gente cerca la pace a costo di fare la guerra. Emanuele Amodeo – People seek peace at the cost of starting a war.
  7. La televisione dà la cultura a chi non ce l’ha e la toglie a chi ce l’ha. Umberto Eco – Television gives culture to those who don’t have it, and takes it away from those who have it.
  8. Anche una guerra santa è una guerra. Per questo forse non dovrebbero esserci guerre sante. Umberto Eco – Even a holy war is a war. Perhaps this is the reason why there should not be any holy wars.
  9. Non si regala l’anima a chi non è disposto a regalare la sua. Oriana Fallaci – Don’t give your soul to anyone who is not willing to give you theirs.
  10. La televisione è l’unico sonnifero che si somministra attraverso gli occhi. Vittorio De Sica – Television is the only sleeping pill is given through the eyes.

9. Italian Mafia Quotes

  1. La cultura della morte non appartiene solamente alla mafia: tutta la Sicilia ne è impregnata. Giovanni Falcone – The culture of death doesn’t belong only to the mafia. The entire Sicily island is impregnated.
  2. Entrare a far parte della mafia equivale a convertirsi a una religione. Non si cessa mai di essere preti. Né mafiosi. Giovanni Falcone – Joining the mafia is like converting to a religion. It never ceases to be a priest or a mobster.
  3. Senza soldi e rispetto sei il nulla mischiato col niente. Totò Riina – Without money and respect you are nothing mixed with nil.
  4. Io non ho paura della legge qui lo stato sono io. Totò Riina – I am not afraid of the law. Here, the state is me.
  5. La macchina blindata? Una bara più costosa delle altre. Bernardo Provenzano – The armored car? It is an expensive coffin.
  6. Certe cose, prima se fanno, e poi se dicono. Salvatore Lo Piccolo – Certain things should be done before talking about them.
  7. Il lupo disonesto pensa degli altri ciò che potrebbe fare lui. Sicilian saying – The dishonest wolf thinks of others when it comes to creating a strategy.
  8. Una pistola non è sufficiente per essere uomini. Ci vogliono le palle. Matteo Messina Denaro – Having a gun does not make you a man. It takes balls.
  9. Fategli sapere che il suo sangue non invecchierà. Totò Riina – Lets him know that his blood will not age.
  10. Lo Stato se vuole campare deve trattare con me. Bernardo Provenzano – If the state wants to live, it must deal with me.

10. Italian Inspiration Quotes

  1. La paura è umana, ma combattetela con il coraggio. Paolo Borsellino – Having fear is being human, but you can conquer it with courage.
  2. Nel silenzio anche un sorriso può fare rumore. Lucio battisti – In silence, even a smile can make a noise.
  3. Non si può descrivere la passione, la si può solo vivere. Enzo Ferrari – You can’t describe the passion, you can only live it.
  4. Il corpo non importa, ciò che conta è la mente. Rita Levi Montalcini – The body does not matter, only the mind.
  5. Se la felicità non esiste, cos’è dunque la vita? Giacomo Leopardi – If happiness doesn’t exist, then what is life?
  6. Non ho mai incontrato un uomo così ignorante dal quale non abbia potuto imparare qualcosa. Galileo Galilei – I never met a man who was so ignorant from whom I couldn’t learn something valuable.
  7. Roma non è una città come le altre. È un grande museo, un salotto da attraversare in punta di piedi. Alberto Sordi – Rome is a unique city. It is a great museum, and a living room to cross on tiptoe.
  8. L’eleganza non è farsi notare, ma farsi ricordare. Giorgio Armani – Elegance is not to be seen, but to be remembered by many.
  9. Non si ottiene nulla senza applicazione e senza sacrifici. Silvio Berlusconi – You do not get anything in life without applying yourself and making sacrifices.
  10. Un brigante onesto è un mio ideale. Giuseppe Garibaldi – An honest robber is my ideal.