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What is MessagingAppLab?

MessagingAppLab is not just a web platform designed for all WhatsApp fans, but a great laboratory where all features are examined thoroughly by experts, and new secrets and tricks are brought to light. On MessagingAppLab you can find guides, tutorials, news, images and more about the fantastic universe of WhatsApp.

The idea comes from three high-skilled experts of digital communication with much experience in the most important companies in the field. The goal? To disclose all WhatsApp secrets and tricks while providing valuable support for every problem or difficulty users may encounter.

Well, do you know of a better place than a laboratory where the best WhatsApp scientists work together? The microscopes have been well calibrated and the test-tubes are in place. The WhatsApp world seems to have no boundaries, and we are ready to explore every corner (although I don’t think corners exist in an infinite space, but we’ll leave these details to physics experts).


From passion to solution

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MessagingAppLab come from the great passion and curiosity of its founders. The website offers concrete solutions to the most common problems that users might deal with. In fact, the question “How to…on WhatsApp” is one of the most recurring themes.

Besides, WhatsApp is evolving fast, and chasing after it is not an easy task. That’s the reason why we are here, to help you keep yourself updated while providing all the best tricks to make your friends amazed. Everybody uses WhatsApp, but nobody really exploits its potential. Be the one who will!



What will you find here?

To sum up, here is what you will find on MessagingAppLab:

News. The latest news about the most used instant messaging app in the world.

Multimedia. Video and pictures to share with your friends.

Guides. All you need to know about WhatsApp’s features.

Tricks. We even provide small gimmicks that will astound your friends.




About us

Learn more about the three experts that will help you learn WhatsApp like the back of your hand: Nick, Manol, and Frankie.



WhatsApp Comm. Expert



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WCE (WhatsApp Communication Expert) of MessagingAppLab.

WCE (WhatsApp Communication Nick Expert) of WhatsApp Lab.



He’s been studying the abstruse and fascinating digital communication world since the first modern instant messaging platforms came into existence, such as ICQ and AOL in the mid-1990s. He immediately realized that those news means of communication would change the way people interacted with each other, and so he began to perform his first experiments. As the years went by, he became a practitioner in the digital communication field, and in personal brand building through the modern means of communication. In 2009, WhatsApp came to light and Nick perceived its potential. Like a kid with a new toy, he began to play and test every new feature day by day, while studying the social dynamics that resulted from the interactions of users. On MessagingAppLab, Nick will provide open-mouthed content to share with your friends via WhatsApp.




WGE (WhatsApp Guides Expert) of MessagingAppLab.

 Menol WGE (WhatsApp Guides Expert) of WhatsApp Lab


Manol discovered WhatsApp when it was free of charge, and since that moment he’s been following every single step of its astonishing evolution. Since he is a practitioner of digital communication, he was entranced by the latent potential of the instant messaging app, and – in a view of his experience as teacher and writer – he decided to make the complex world of WhatsApp easily understood by everyone. Manol is a born guide, and through his profound knowledge and experience you will get the best guides and manuals, even regarding the most unclear and uncommon WhatsApp features. Just let him guide you and WhatsApp will have no secrets.





WTE (WhatsApp Technology Expert) of MessagingAppLab.

Frenki WTE (WhatsApp Technology Expert) of WhatsApp Lab


Frankie is the one everybody would call a “geek”. He has been passionate about technology since he was a kid. He’s been studying IT related to the internet and social media for more than 10 years. Like Menol and Nick, he was ecstatic about WhatsApp from the beginning, and – like every nerd all over the world – performed several experiments on its features. He is carrying out his trials on Android, iOS and Windows phones to lay WhatsApp bare on every operating system. On MessagingAppLab, Frankie will solve any problem or bug you face with the app. Besides this he will regularly inform you about new app updates and provide some tricks that will astonish you.




Have you got a problem with WhatsApp? Are you facing a problem with the app? Not sure how to use some features?

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No problem! We are here to help you! Email info@whatsapplab.com or contact a WhatsApp Expert. We will reply as soon as we can, and maybe we will write a new post based on your request!

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